runs parallel   (平行に走る)

Interstate 5 runs parallel to the hills on the east.

It runs parallel to east Chao Phraya river all the route.

running parallel   (並列実行)

The airfield consisted of a single runway, running parallel to Wirui Beach.

East of town, the highway turns north running parallel to the AuTrain River Basin.

Interstate 280 lies just north of Downtown, running parallel to New Jersey Transit rail operations.

roughly parallel   (ほぼ平行)

Running roughly parallel to Lunedale to the south is Baldersdale.

Running roughly parallel to Baldersdale to the north is Lunedale.

It flows westward for its entire course, roughly parallel to the North Fork.

parallel universe   (パラレルユニバース)

This parallel universe came to be known as "Artelius".

Gaines concludes that he has slipped into a parallel universe.

Most of the story is set in the parallel universe affected by this history.

run parallel   (平行して走る)

The suspension cables run parallel, in the plane of the arches.

All gels are divided into lanes that run parallel through the gel.

These two ranges run parallel to each other in east-west direction.

parallel lines   (平行線)

Fifth position should form two parallel lines with your feet.

Pen and ink drawings often use hatching – groups of parallel lines.

The research was proceeding along parallel lines across the Atlantic.

parallel north   (平行な北)

The border was then dropped about 50 miles to the 36th parallel north.

Its totality figures at least part of the year south of the 25th parallel north.

The −5 all-time low is uniquely mild for European locations on the 59th parallel north.

parallel between   (間に平行)

Some authors draw a parallel between Berkeley and Edmund Husserl.

This is the most explicit parallel between Harry Perkins and Tony Benn.

Several authors have drawn a parallel between FGM and cosmetic procedures.

parallel to each   (それぞれに平行)

These two ranges run parallel to each other in east-west direction.

The Zamiaceae have more than one central vein, and they are parallel to each other.

The two lines ran parallel to each other from Krauchenwies station through the royal park.

parallel bars   (平行棒)

The first is a straddled Healy twirl on parallel bars.

Liukin won the silver medal in the all-around and on the parallel bars.

Pete, wearing nothing on his upper body, shows off for Saadia, giving her a private demonstration of his skills on the parallel bars.

ran parallel   (平行して走った)

In 1966, the border with Jordan ran parallel to Shmuel HaNavi Street.

The river Derwent ran parallel to City Road and formed one of the boundaries.

The old road ran parallel and approximately 30 kilometres south of the present road.

parallel world   (パラレルワールド)

They are like windows into a parallel world.

However, unlike many games, each route in the game is a parallel world.

This allows them both to go to a parallel world where magic is ordinary to all.

parallel computing   (並列計算)

This area of research is known as parallel computing.

It can be especially problematic in parallel computing.

Security and parallel computing were cited among the future research targets.

almost parallel   (ほぼ平行)

It forks into Old Queen's Road which runs almost parallel with it for some part.

A lateral twist involves the man slightly tipping the lady to twist almost parallel to the ground.

The river flows due north, almost parallel with the Great Northern Highway and discharges into the Panton River.

parallel processing   (並列処理)

Graphs of this sort occur in the theory of parallel processing in computers.

Pivotal's Greenplum database product uses massively parallel processing (MPP) techniques.

The first version, VP1, was the basis of its parallel processing multimedia OS and platform, TAOS.

parallel universes   (パラレルユニバース)

At that exact moment, their parallel universes intersected and altered the course of the "future" forever.

"Helter Skelter" was a storyline by Garth Ennis, featuring an invasion of Mega-City One by an alliance of villains from parallel universes.

For example, Victor J. Stenger remarks that Murray Gell-Mann's published work explicitly rejects the existence of simultaneous parallel universes.

massively parallel   (超並列)

Pivotal's Greenplum database product uses massively parallel processing (MPP) techniques.

PARATEC is designed primarily for a massively parallel computing platform, and can run on serial machines.

The full structure with positions of all reconstructed atoms has also been confirmed by massively parallel computation.

parallel south   (平行南)

It is the only land mass on the 59th parallel south.

6th parallel south The 6th parallel south is a circle of latitude that is 6 degrees south of the Earth's equatorial plane.