national parks   (国立公園)

There are five major national parks near the town.

There are four national parks in the Czech Republic.

Many national parks champion wildlife viewing as a key activity.

state parks   (州立公園)

There are state parks in 58 of Florida's 67 counties.

It is one of Pennsylvania's newest state parks.

The following state parks are within of Erie Bluffs State Park:

theme parks   (テーマパーク)

A similar stunt show exists in two Disney theme parks.

He has also promoted The Walt Disney Company theme parks.

(Universal licensed the characters for use in its theme parks.)

public parks   (公共の公園)

It is one of the largest public parks in Istanbul.

In the vicinity are temples, museums, and public parks.

), public parks and cycling infrastructure.

amusement parks   (遊園地)

Copenhagen has the two oldest amusement parks in the world.

Buccaneer Bay Buccaneer Bay is a name for many water and amusement parks, such as:

Halloween Haunt Halloween Haunt may refer to several Halloween events at Cedar Fair amusement parks:

car parks

Another criticism has been the lack of car parks.

Revenue from car parks assists in the upkeep of the area.

Both of these car parks are free to use.

parks and gardens   (公園と庭園)

Florence also contains various parks and gardens.

It is widely grown in parks and gardens in temperate regions.

Darwin has extensive parks and gardens.

city parks

TxCC has done projects in national, state, and city parks.

Green became a driving force in the SACS efforts of saving city parks.

8), and two large Moreton Bay fig trees located in city parks (VHL Nos.

industrial parks

Several industrial parks have been built with a focus on textiles.

The route is heavily commercialized with numerous office and industrial parks.

As a result, most pools have been converted into residential zones, roads, and industrial parks.

several parks

There are several parks, leisure and protected areas in and around Bonn.

There are several parks opened by corporation and those are maintained properly.

Public green spaces are located along Gera river and in several parks like the ', the ' and the ".

other parks   (他の公園)

There are various other parks and reserves throughout the suburb.

Smaller events are mounted in other parks around the city and in neighbouring Gatineau, Quebec.

In the present, Strand's team finds signs of hosts from other parks having crossed into Westworld.

parks and recreation

However, a variety of sports are offered at parks and recreation.

She also worked as a supervisor of the Glendale parks and recreation department.

The park is named after Loyce E. Harpe, who was the county's first parks and recreation director.

many parks

Copenhagen is a green city with many parks, both large and small.

There are many parks and reserves.

The city has many parks, and promotes greenery and the environment.

business parks   (ビジネスパーク)

Scenes were shot in semi-developed housing estates and corporate business parks.

There are several small and medium-sized business parks in the area offering a range of business premises.

At the larger end of the spectrum are business parks, virtual offices, technology parks and science parks.

parks include

Other parks include: al-Jahiz, al-Sibbki, al-Tijara, al-Wahda, etc..

Neighborhood parks include Kennedy Community Garden and Fernhill Park.

All eight parks include campgrounds, and all but Kansa View host boat ramps.

parks department   (公園部)

The parks department has $6.1 million, and the Davenport Public Library has a $3.8 million budget.

To protect the park the parks department cut the locks with a blowtorch and installed an official public park placard.

The parks department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the nine parks that are owned by the District.

urban parks

The urban parks alone cover 10% of the city ().

The eastern chipmunk lives in deciduous wooded areas and urban parks throughout the eastern United States and southern Canada.

He contributed to policy statements on urban parks as well as contributed to the planning process of the National Park Service.

water parks

Today it is one of the state's most important water parks.

In 2013, new Wet'n'Wild water parks were built by Village Roadshow Theme Parks in Las Vegas and Sydney.

The park is part of Village Roadshow Theme Parks' Wet'n'Wild chain of water parks located across the world.

provincial parks

The regional district contains more than 60 provincial parks.

See List of provincial parks of Thompson-Nicola Regional District.

British Columbia's provincial parks system is the second largest parks system in Canada, the largest being Canada's National Parks system).