member of parliament   (国会議員)

He remained a member of parliament until his death.

He has been a member of parliament since 2008.

He became a member of parliament for Plymouth in 1593.

members of parliament   (議員)

At least four members of parliament were arrested in July 2010.

The DCVP members of parliament joined the Sudeten German Party (SdP).

The Lower Austrian Parliament is composed of 56 members of parliament.

elected to parliament   (議会に選出)

He was elected to parliament in 2000, 2005 and 2009.

He was elected to parliament 6 times from Bhola.

In June 2008 he was once again elected to parliament.

federal parliament   (連邦議会)

The same thing should prevail in the federal parliament."

The federal parliament in 1901 was contested by each state Labour Party.

Labor won with its then largest-ever majority in the federal parliament.

national parliament   (国会)

The national parliament discussed this law in October 2011.

Prior to 2007, Bhutan had a unicameral national parliament known as the Tshogdu.

He sat, briefly, as a Communist of the Reichstag ("national parliament") in 1924/25.

state parliament   (州議会)

With the Anschluss in 1938, the state parliament was dissolved.

The new state parliament and government was sworn in on 13 June.

All other parties were given no chances to enter state parliament.

new parliament   (新議会)

The new parliament convened on 2 January 1924.

To come into effect, it must be ratified by the new parliament.

hung parliament   (ハングした議会)

A record 26 out of 29 constituencies returned a hung parliament.

The hung parliament led to the Tanaka government continuing in office.

However, due to the Playmander, the election resulted in a hung parliament.

act of parliament

In 1900 a further act of parliament gave the council the power to electrify its system.

In Canada, no act of parliament binds the monarch or his or her rights unless the act states that it does so.

He was appointed (1841) one of those superintending the repair of Blenheim Palace, under an act of parliament.

seats in parliament

It holds no seats in parliament at present.

The bloc did not pass the threshold to win any seats in parliament.

In order to get into power, parties need to get a total of 50% of the 121 seats in parliament – 61.

entered parliament

He was promoted to lieutenant in 1770, and entered parliament in 1775.

Paradis entered parliament as a backbench supporter of Jean Chrétien's government.

In 1802, he entered parliament as Tory member for Preston, having stood unsuccessfully in 1796.

parliament passed

On December 8, 2004, the parliament passed Law No.

In 2011, Israel's parliament passed a law requiring net neutrality in mobile broadband.

In 1917, the Norwegian parliament passed the first major standard for both Norwegian languages.

parliament building

Later the Gallery Baithak was used as the parliament building.

Two decades later, the current parliament building was erected.

The Bundeshaus in Bonn is the former parliament building of Germany.

seat in parliament

In the 2014 parliamentary elections, Lucas did not gain a seat in parliament.

In 1584 he took his seat in parliament for Melcombe in Dorset, and in 1586 for Taunton.

The party received 0.81% of votes in the 2004 general election, winning just one seat in parliament.

returned to parliament

Asquith returned to parliament in 1920 and resumed leadership.

In 2004, he returned to parliament.

He was again returned to parliament in the 2000 federal election.

regional parliament   (地方議会)

From 2002 until 2006 Korolevska was a deputy of the Luhansk regional parliament.

Following his investiture by the regional parliament on 17–18 May, he was sworn into office on 21 May 2018.

On 24 April 1932 Willy Sägebrecht was elected to membership of the Prussian regional parliament (""Landtag"").

first parliament

In 1610 the fourth session of James's first parliament met.

(ESCAP, United Nations Publication March 2007, "The first parliament of Asia" pp.

This title was used in the first parliament (1974–1977) and the first eighteen months of the second.

parliament voted

On 2 July 2019 parliament voted to extend its mandate by twelve months.

On 2 May 1991 the Croatian parliament voted to hold a referendum on independence.

The Scottish parliament voted on 6 January 1707, by 110 to 69 to adopt the Treaty of Union.

stand for parliament

He did not stand for parliament again.

There was doubt as to whether women were eligible to stand for parliament.

However in 1728 he lost his position as Lord of Trade and in 1734 decided not to stand for parliament.

parliament again

He did not stand for parliament again.

He never stood for parliament again but was promoted to Lord of the bedchamber to King George II in 1727.

Drake became a member of parliament again in 1584 for Bossiney on the forming of the 5th Parliament of Elizabeth I.

house of parliament

Each state nominates members to the Indian upper house of parliament, the Rajya Sabha.

Each state has popularly elected members in the Indian lower house of parliament, the Lok Sabha.

Both Karmal and Amin retained their seats in the lower house of parliament in the 1969 parliamentary election.

parliament constituency

It is located 15 km from Malappuram and is part of the Malappuram parliament constituency.

Gomoa Central (Ghana parliament constituency) Naana Eyiah is a member of parliament for the constituency.

Tain (Ghana parliament constituency) Tain is one of the constituencies represented in the Parliament of Ghana.

stood for parliament

To think that he had a daughter who told lies every time she stood for parliament".

He never stood for parliament again but was promoted to Lord of the bedchamber to King George II in 1727.

He first stood for parliament at a 1943 Queensland Legislative Assembly by-election in the seat of Oxley.

majority in parliament   (議会の過半数)

The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), in power since 1955, lost their majority in parliament.

Cabinets based on a group of parties that command a majority in parliament tend to be more stable and long-lived than minority cabinets.

The new ministry, under the leadership of Mirko Cvetković, had only a narrow majority in parliament and was dependent on support from the VMSZ.