İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

parliamentary election   (parlamento seçimi)

Kovács did not run in the 2014 parliamentary election.

It boycotted the Egyptian parliamentary election, 2015.

He lost his mandate in the 2014 parliamentary election.

parliamentary elections   (parlamento seçimleri)

List of candidates for 2018 Slovene parliamentary elections:

As a result, early parliamentary elections were held in July.

The last parliamentary elections were held on 30 September 2013.

parliamentary constituency   (parlamenter seçim bölgesi)

Warden is in the parliamentary constituency of Hexham.

Lambley is in the parliamentary constituency of Hexham.

Horsley is in the parliamentary constituency of Hexham.

parliamentary group   (parlamento grubu)

She is a member of the SRC parliamentary group.

Dardan Sejdiu was the head of the parliamentary group.

Nogo left the Dveri parliamentary group on 23 April 2019.

parliamentary seat   (parlamento koltuğu)

He did not get many votes and also lost his parliamentary seat.

He lost his parliamentary seat in the 2010 parliamentary election.

Dewar spent much of the 1970s looking for another parliamentary seat.

parliamentary election held   (parlamento seçimleri yapıldı)

It was the sole Catalan parliamentary election held during the Second Spanish Republic (1931-1939).

After the parliamentary election held on 31 March 2005, the party remained without parliamentary representation.

In the parliamentary election held on 30 June 2002, the party won 3.4% of the popular vote and 3 out of 114 seats.

parliamentary seats   (parlamento koltukları)

FRELIMO will hold 160 of the parliamentary seats, RENAMO 90.

The party got five parliamentary seats.

The party got six parliamentary seats.

parliamentary system   (Parlamenter Sistem)

A sovereign state, Croatia is a republic governed under a parliamentary system.

Canada's parliamentary system empowers political parties and their party leaders.

Jovanović was influenced by John Stuart Mill and the British parliamentary system.

parliamentary majority   (parlamento çoğunluğu)

Since 2005, a single party has achieved a parliamentary majority.

The parliamentary majority was divided about the law to restrict the dismissals.

The snap election saw the AKP regain its absolute parliamentary majority with 317 of 550 seats.

parliamentary committee   (parlamento komitesi)

In 2006, a parliamentary committee in Zimbabwe called for an opening up of the broadcast media.

After receiving legal advice Ernst & Young declined to appear before a parliamentary committee.

While amnesties were recommended by a parliamentary committee, these were not adopted by the government.

parliamentary representation   (parlamenter temsil)

The party has no parliamentary representation.

DPLF lost its parliamentary representation in the 2004 elections.

Labour gained 14 seats, increasing its parliamentary representation to 45 seats.

parliamentary candidate

Sturla (the person) became a parliamentary candidate for Dawn in 2016.

In August 1842 he was parliamentary candidate for Nottingham, in a by-election.

Chamlong decided to resign as governor and become a PDP parliamentary candidate.

parliamentary session   (parlamento oturumu)

The parliamentary session was closed at 9:45 pm.

In total he met during 1 day of parliamentary session.

In total he met during 6 days of parliamentary session.

parliamentary democracy   (Parlamenter demokrasi)

The territory operates as a parliamentary democracy.

A popular uprising restored parliamentary democracy in 1991.

The new country became a parliamentary democracy under a 1972 constitution.

parliamentary party   (parlamento partisi)

Welter joined the KVP parliamentary party.

Deepak Bohara was also elected parliamentary party leader.

This results in a split within the parliamentary party and the party board.

parliamentary term   (parlamento dönemi)

Henderson was recreated for the and existed for one parliamentary term.

He worked in the Economic Committee during the 1994–98 parliamentary term.

In his first parliamentary term, he worked in the Committee on European Integration.

parliamentary constituencies   (parlamento seçmenleri)

There are 57 parliamentary constituencies in Botswana.

Proportional representation is used in all parliamentary constituencies.

Thus parliamentary constituencies were derived from the ancient boroughs.

parliamentary leader

He was parliamentary leader of the wider Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA).

She is the parliamentary leader of The Left Party (Die Linke) in the State parliament.

As parliamentary leader, the Leader organises the business of the party in Parliament.

parliamentary career

Nonetheless Long's parliamentary career was far from finished.

His brief parliamentary career had never been more than a sideline.

Several other unsuccessful attempts at a parliamentary career followed.

parliamentary secretary

Singh became a parliamentary secretary in early 2008.

In 1973, he was named parliamentary secretary to Jack Messer.

He was a parliamentary secretary in the first two terms of the Carr Labor government.

parliamentary debate

Then came the parliamentary debate.

The house could submit a motion for parliamentary debate for a vote of no-confidence.

Once the presentation was over, the parliamentary debate began and continued until the following day.

parliamentary borough

This constituency was the parliamentary borough of Tralee in County Kerry.

Newton (UK Parliament constituency) Newton was a parliamentary borough in the county of Lancashire, in England.

In 1553 it became a parliamentary borough, electing two Members of Parliament to the unreformed House of Commons.

parliamentary groups

It was a coalition government formed by two parliamentary groups: the Republicans and Dashnaktsutyun.

The table below shows the status of the parliamentary groups in the chamber at the time of dissolution.

first parliamentary

The first parliamentary offices moved into the building in 1979.

That same year the first parliamentary and presidential elections were held.

In his first parliamentary term, he worked in the Committee on European Integration.

new parliamentary

In 2016, he joined for newly-formed People's Party and also won at the new parliamentary election.

If no candidate reaches a majority vote before that date, a new parliamentary election will be held.

A new parliamentary regime emerged from the civil war; it was the government of Fronda aristocrática.

parliamentary committees   (parlamento komiteleri)

He continued his work in both parliamentary committees in the next term.

The association is represented in parliamentary committees on issues pertaining to the pharmaceutical profession.

He served on a wide range of parliamentary committees and chaired several, including the Scrutiny of Bills Committee.

parliamentary procedure   (parlamento prosedürü)

Knowing his grasp of parliamentary procedure, Arthur James Balfour hired him to be a strategist in opposition.

"Aye" is also a common word in parliamentary procedure, where the phrase "the ayes have it" means that a motion has passed.

He supported Communist China and took a keen interest in Northern Ireland, the brewers' monopoly and parliamentary procedure.

parliamentary assistant

He worked as a parliamentary assistant to Jean-Pierre Cot.

In 1994, she became the parliamentary assistant of Pierre Lequiller.

His wife was employed as his parliamentary assistant from 2007 to 2013.

parliamentary immunity   (parlamento dokunulmazlığı)

His parliamentary immunity was lifted by the Ukrainian parliament on 11 July 2017.

The court requests the lifting of immunity since he was serving as a Congressman and thus had parliamentary immunity.

It proposed an end to parliamentary immunity, greater judicial powers to tackle Mafia, and a parliament with fewer lawmakers.

parliamentary reform   (parlamento reformu)

Other areas of study included parliamentary reform and the teaching of political science in universities in Britain.

He voted silently for parliamentary reform, 25 Apr 3 June, and spoke in its favour at the Westminster anniversary reform dinner, 23 May 1822.

During his term, he was a watchdog on a broad range of issues including resource management, labour relations, advanced education, and parliamentary reform.

parliamentary government   (Parlamenter hükümet)

The tenure of a parliamentary government is five years.

In 1991, parliamentary government system was restored in Bangladesh.

The parliamentary government today continues a similar coexistence with the Emperor as have various shoguns, regents, warlords, guardians, etc.

parliamentary privilege   (parlamento ayrıcalığı)

It raised many important issues in the British constitution, particularly concerning parliamentary privilege and "gagging orders".

The protections afforded by parliamentary privilege are essential to parliament and its committees to be able to operate effectively.

However, some of Ramsay's colleagues argued that as he was a Member of Parliament his detention was a breach of parliamentary privilege.

parliamentary approval   (parlamento onayı)

Following parliamentary approval in 2007, construction began in early 2008.

Again, parliamentary approval was restricted, being confined to the line to Helsby and a branch to Winsford.

Along with approval for the Fassifern and Crows Nest branches in 1880 came parliamentary approval for this branch.

parliamentary friendship

He is a member of the parliamentary friendship groups with Belarus and Kazakhstan.

She is a member of the parliamentary friendship groups with Belarus, Greece, Kazakhstan, and Spain.

In addition to her committee assignments, she is a member of the parliamentary friendship groups with Jordan, Armenia and South Sudan.

parliamentary faction   (parlamento hizip)

Tyahnybok was elected leader of the party's parliamentary faction.

He was spokesperson and deputy parliamentary faction leader from February 2000 to January 2002.

The first national election, that of 1907, yielded Europe's largest social democratic parliamentary faction.

parliamentary vote   (parlamento oylaması)

On 2 December 2013, a parliamentary vote of confidence was held against Shirdon.

Few of his colleagues agreed with him, even those dismayed by the parliamentary vote.

A parliamentary vote of confidence was later held against Shirdon on 2 December 2013.

parliamentary inquiry

A parliamentary inquiry presented its report in November 2007.

In addition, he led a parliamentary inquiry into cost overruns in the construction of the Elbphilharmonie from 2010.

As a result, a parliamentary inquiry was commissioned, and the Independent Commission Against Corruption announced an investigation.

parliamentary opposition

From this point onwards the measure ran into parliamentary opposition, manifested in the House of Commons.

Hambro's actions were defended by the Norwegian parliamentary opposition, including the Conservative Party.

In turn, ERC regained much of the strength it had loss in the 2010 election and became the main parliamentary opposition party for the first time.

parliamentary commission

In 2018, he led an inquiry parliamentary commission about French police.

He was expelled from his fellowship by the parliamentary commission (Wilson, Hist.

He also called for the Charest government to create a parliamentary commission on economic crime.