İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

only partially   (sadece kısmen)

Mindanao at this time was only partially conquered.

Its Yaga dialect is only partially intelligible.

In this, Haldane was only partially successful.

least partially   (en azından kısmen)

Legs are entirely or at least partially yellow.

Additionally, verbs at least partially retain their old plural forms.

The 1983 Disney movie "Never Cry Wolf" was at least partially shot in Alaska.

partially due   (kısmen vadesi gelmiş)

This inactivity was partially due to the shortage of food.

Sunny is obsessed with sex, this is partially due to Sunny's environment.

This is partially due to the maxim that an offeror is the "master of his offer."

partially destroyed   (kısmen yok edildi)

Most of the remains had been partially destroyed.

It was later partially destroyed by fire in 1081.

It was partially destroyed by an earthquake in AD 614.

partially funded   (kısmen finanse edildi)

It was partially funded by the crowdfunding site PledgeMusic.

The project was partially funded by the Arts Council of England.

This work was partially funded by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

partially because   (kısmen çünkü)

This is partially because there is no life guard on duty.

This is partially because qualitative reasoning increases with age.

She resolved to combat this issue, partially because she feared the White Race was dying out.

partially completed

A good only partially completed during the manufacturing process is called "work in process".

Only partially completed, the fortress had to face Napoleon's invading army in the summer of 1812.

Lon Clwyd Lon Clwyd is the name of a partially completed cycle route running South from the North Wales coast.

partially or completely

Thus the lakes partially or completely dried up.

Greenland's mountain ranges are partially or completely buried by ice.

Balloons and sugar for cakes for birthday parties were partially or completely unavailable.

partially based

The character is partially based on Chaudhry's father.

The game is partially based on the "Men in Black II" movie.

It is claimed that the stories are partially based on true life stories.

partially inspired

This is partially inspired by Sibelius' 7th symphony.

This episode was partially inspired by Miller's comics.

Settle, was partially inspired by "Beavis and Butt-Head".

partially ordered

The following set is partially ordered by inclusion.

Order theory is the study of partially ordered sets, both finite and infinite.

located partially

These were constructed in a casting basin located partially on the line of the tunnel south of the river at Mahon.

It is located partially in Brookline in Norfolk County; partially in the city of Boston in Suffolk County, and partially in the city of Newton in Middlesex County.

It is located partially within the southeast corner of Wood Buffalo National Park, Canada's largest national park, and also spreads into the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, west and south of the historical community of Fort Chipewyan.

partially responsible   (kısmen sorumlu)

The sponsors would be partially responsible for their station's aesthetics.

It is partially responsible for the signing of the 1850 Robinson-Huron Treaty.

Stress of dealing with the recall effort was partially responsible for his decision.

partially restored

Since then, high-level relations were partially restored.

The ruins of the village mayor's house were partially restored in 1995.

Conservation efforts since the 1980s have partially restored the ecosystem.

partially successful

In this, Haldane was only partially successful.

This was only partially successful.

On the south bank, the American sortie against the British battery was partially successful.

partially covered

The body is partially covered by the fold of the lateral parapodia.

Many works were displayed without frames and partially covered by derogatory slogans.

partially demolished

The building stood partially demolished until 1983.

The building of the former brewery in 2003 was partially demolished.

The L-Tower was partially demolished after the war; some walls remain visible.

partially filled

The turntable pit has been partially filled in.

The recorder consists of a float in a sealed chamber partially filled with water.

On the other hand, metals have an electronic band structure containing partially filled electronic bands.

partially collapsed

Since then, it has deteriorated and is partially collapsed.

Its two storeys are damaged, with the upper level partially collapsed.

An apartment building in Suitland partially collapsed, displacing 300 residents.

partially owned

Vy Buss has several fully owned and some partially owned subsidiaries.

There are more than 20 wholly or partially owned subsidiaries in coal power, plastics, rubber products and other areas of chemical industry.

The plant is one of several in the area, situated near Pennsylvania deep mines and is basically a twin of the Keystone Generating Station, partially owned by PSEG Power.

partially ordered set

More generally, Chomp can be played on any partially ordered set with a least element.

Hausdorff's general products and powers of cardinalities had led him to the concept of partially ordered set.

The order complex of a partially ordered set consists of the chains (totally ordered subsets) of the partial order.

partially submerged

As of May 2012, the ferry had taken on water and was partially submerged.

The village of Kulub, near Garacad, was still partially submerged as of 6 January.

"Bothus lunatus" is well-camouflaged as it lies on the sandy seabed, often partially submerged in the sediment.

partially built

They were designed and partially built in England but assembled on site.

In 2010, a third locomotive partially built by Neville Smith and completed by Alan Keef.

In 1952, the two completed prototypes and the partially built third aircraft, PA152, were scrapped.

partially preserved

It is half-closed, with partially preserved arches and doorways.

In the interior, the old stucco molding has been partially preserved.

In "Húsdrápa", partially preserved in the Prose Edda, he is said to ride a boar to Baldr's funeral.

fully or partially

There are approximately 2,000 drugs listed on the national schedule that are either fully or partially subsidised.

An area which has a reduction in rainfall or an increase in temperature can make a river fully or partially dry out.

It is written in English very similar to the Early Modern English linguistic style of the King James Version of the Bible, and has since been fully or partially translated into 111 languages.

partially within

The town of Troutman is partially within Fallstown township.

The town of Harmony is partially within Eagle Mills Township.

They had power within the household and partially within court.

partially rebuilt

In 1884, the mill caught fire and had to be partially rebuilt.

It was partially rebuilt in 1911 and 1915, and renumbered 3717 in 1912.

The tower partially rebuilt and heightened by 1814, although the original stone was reused.

partially or fully

The hull was partially or fully decked.

(States may exclude partially or fully children born abroad).

The company has partially or fully financed the following player transfers: Note!

partially paralyzed   (kısmen felçli)

Because of this fall she was partially paralyzed.

This partially paralyzed him, leaving him unable to speak or walk.

In March 2017, Weller suffered a minor stroke that partially paralyzed his left side.

toes are partially   (ayak parmakları kısmen)

The feet are adapted to perching rather than walking, and the front toes are partially joined at the base.

The rear toes are partially webbed and the metatarsal tubercles (shovel like structures on the heel of the foot to assist with burrowing) are completely black.

partially joined

The feet are adapted to perching rather than walking, and the front toes are partially joined at the base.

partially buried

The partially buried, wrecked hulls of two other tanks may be seen at Titchwell Marsh in Norfolk, UK.

Its range appears to be limited to coastal waters off Tumbes in northern Peru, where it is found partially buried in sand or mud.

Her hull is partially buried in sand, featuring an intact bow and stern, but her midsection is broken and almost completely covered with sand.