teams participated

A total of 18 teams participated in the tournament.

20 water polo teams participated in the tournament.

All 12 MAC teams participated in the tournament.

countries participated

In this event, 66 countries participated.

A record number of 6,000 delegates from 134 countries participated.

Several countries participated.

participated in several

As a child, he participated in several plays.

She has participated in several dance and song contests.

As a celebrity, he has participated in several game shows.

actively participated   (積極的に参加した)

He actively participated in 1965 war with Pakistan.

Chile actively participated in Operation Condor.

He actively participated in the fight for independence.

participated in many

He participated in many events in Madhubani.

In same time, he participated in many big projects in the world.

He participated in many exhibitions.

participated in numerous

Truhill also participated in numerous Air Races.

Stenberger participated in numerous excavations throughout his career.

He has since participated in numerous athletic competitions for amputees.

participated in various

After that, she participated in various films of Lau.

During these years she has participated in various plays.

The school has participated in various mooting competitions.

then participated

Jackson and the 5th then participated in the 1862 Peninsula Campaign.

He then participated in the papal conclave of 1559 that elected Pope Pius IV.

Del Pilar then participated in the Battle of Calumpit alongside General Luna.

team participated   (チームが参加しました)

The team participated in competitions irregularly.

She and her team participated at The Alina Festival.

The team participated in its first draft the next day.

participated in all

Since then, Albania have participated in all games.

Its members participated in all the main meetings".

After this, both teams participated in all later Olympic Games.

people participated

Around 17000 people participated in the marathon.

In 2011, almost 2200 people participated in the event.

About 150 people participated in the parade on 4 June.

later participated

He later participated in "" and "Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa".

He later participated in "" in 2016.

He later participated in the Barcelona concept and took out a patent for design.

having participated

On 12 April 2005, David Toska confessed to having participated in the robbery, but denied shooting Klungland.

Diederich studied in England in the early postwar years after having participated in World War II in the Pacific.

Newey is an avid sports car collector and driver, having participated in the Le Mans Legend races for a few years.

first participated

He first participated in 2005 and finished second.

Andorra first participated at the Olympic Games in 1976.

Saboya first participated in the compact cassette "A menina e a TV" by Miéle at the age of eight.

not participated

He has not participated in any event since March 2016.

Since 1992, she has not participated in tournaments classified by the FIDE.

Mikloško did not participated in 2010 parliament election and retired from politics.

club participated

The club participated 8 times in the national level.

In 2018, the club participated in the Girabola.

The club participated L.League from 1991.

participated in every

Original founder Augustus Post participated in every Glidden Tour until his death in 1952.

Thessaloniki Lions have also participated in every beach rugby tournament organised by Kavala Titans and AO Kavala.

The Islands have participated in every Summer Paralympics since then, but have never participated in the Winter Paralympics.

regiment participated

In 1863, the regiment participated in the Battle of Kelly's Ford.

Accordingly, the regiment participated to the final combats of the conflict.

1956 −1962: A detachment of the regiment participated in operations in Algeria.

participated actively

He also participated actively in budget discussions.

Xuxa participated actively in the trials.

He participated actively in the 1738 and 1740 "sejm"s (parliaments).

nations participated

Sixteen foreign nations participated in the event.

Athletes from 6 nations participated in the event.

21 dancing couples from 16 nations participated.

participated in both

Baddega appears to have participated in both of Krishna's campaigns against Bhima.

Later in the year, the 6th participated in both the Mine Run and Bristoe campaigns.

He personally participated in both the Battle of Maroun al-Ras and the Battle of Bint Jbeil.

squadron participated

Late in April the squadron participated in a practice mission to Turner Air Force Base.

The squadron participated in the Falklands War, later responsible for trials of the Sea King helicopter.

In the summer of 1956, the squadron participated in Operation Sixteen Ton during its two weeks of active duty training.

ship participated

The ship participated in multiple battles during the Anglo-Spanish War of 1654–60, and the Second and Third Anglo-Dutch Wars.

The ship participated in a number of NATO exercises from 1949 through 1954 and often worked with her British counterpart during this time.

From April through the end of June, his ship participated in the drawn-out series of operations against Plum Point Bend, Fort Pillow, and Memphis.

never participated

Later in life he was allowed to return to Chile, but he never participated in politics again.

Wirdheim has been third driver in practice sessions for Jaguar Racing, but has never participated in a race.

Kosovo has never participated but is currently applying to become a member of the EBU and therefore debut in the contest.

students participated

150 students participated in 2015.

Nevertheless, not all eligible students participated in the scheme.

Over 1,000 students participated in the program's presentations and submarine tours.

team that participated   (参加したチーム)

He was part of the under-17 team that participated in the 2004 Algarve Tournament.

He was a member of the national basketball team that participated in the 1972 Summer Olympics.

He was a part of the Iran national under-23 football team that participated at the 2006 Asian Games.

clubs participated

Five clubs participated in the second division that year.

A total of seven clubs participated.

Sixteen clubs participated in this season of Japan Football League.

when he participated   (彼が参加したとき)

And when he participated, he only voted "for" the proposals.

Julián's career debut was in 1955 when he participated in Mexico's renowned "Opera Nacional".

Virk was awarded Mr. Pakistan World 2012 when he participated in the only male model competition for Pakistan in the world.

division participated

The division participated in Operation Flashpoint in 1945.

On 10 May 1940 the division participated in the invasion of France.

The division participated in creating the large pocket around Smolensk, cutting the Smolensk–Moscow road.

participated in more

He also participated in more than 20 ministerial Meetings of European Affairs on Communicating Europe.

Furset was orchestra leader and composer of "Trøndelag Teater" and participated in more than thirty of the ensembles tours.

Since the team's creation in 1888, the Tar Heels have participated in more than 1,100 officially sanctioned games, including 30 bowl games.

athletes participated

Around 330 athletes participated in 16 events.

Forty-seven elite athletes participated in the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Over 880 athletes participated in the 13 ethnosports in the latest(3rd) edition.

members participated

Its members participated in all the main meetings".

SAVE members participated in local non-violence marches and the Carolina Carrousel Parade.

Four members participated in a women's tournament organized during the Chess tournament at Hastings in 1895.

participated in international

Šterić participated in international competitions, winning several contracts.

Since then the Faroes have participated in international football competitions.

He participated in international workshops and trainings adding a twist to his career.

previously participated   (以前に参加した)

Carolla has previously participated in the race in 2010 and 2003.

The four previously participated in the Dixie Classic from 1949–1960.

Riverview previously participated in a twinning program with Bokoro Primary School; Ha Bokoro, Lesotho.

subsequently participated

All those teams subsequently participated in bowl games.

He subsequently participated in the Council of Trent 1545-47.

He subsequently participated in the 1895 Japanese invasion of Taiwan.

band participated

In May 23 the band participated in Festival Vivo X El Rock5.

On May 19, 2013 the band participated in the Vans Warped Tour.

In March 2016 the band participated in Chicago's St. Patrick's Day parade.

group participated

In 2007, the group participated for a second time on Walmart Soundcheck.

On June 2, 2007, the group participated in Melodi Grand Prix Junior 2008 with their song "Oro, Jaska, Beana."

The group participated in the delivery of humanitarian aid, working in conjunction with the American Red Cross in times of disaster or crisis.