Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

not particularly   (no particularmente)

I can say it because I'm not particularly religious.

the material is not particularly combustible."

The CGNA was not particularly profitable.

particularly important   (particularmente importante)

This school was particularly important in Japan.

This is particularly important in highly endemic areas.

This is particularly important in commercial applications.

particularly when   (particularmente cuando)

It works particularly when we pay our troops well.

This resulted in very long life, particularly when used in dirty environments.

Colony shape may occasionally be flat-topped discs, particularly when younger.

particularly during   (particularmente durante)

The monastery suffered particularly during the Eighty Years' War.

Almost all brass bands in Britain perform regularly, particularly during the summer months.

Miller was often in the public eye, particularly during the late 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s.

particularly well   (particularmente bien)

They did not perform particularly well in service; no.

It is particularly well known for its production of wine.

Migration of butterflies and moths is particularly well known.

particularly known   (particularmente conocido)

He is particularly known for his ivory sculptures.

She is particularly known for her work on phosphorus.

She was particularly known for her charity activities.

particularly popular   (particularmente popular)

Gloucester Cathedral has been particularly popular.

A particularly popular dance was the fox-trot.

Yang rou chuan or lamb kebabs, is particularly popular.

particularly strong   (particularmente fuerte)

This referendum had a particularly strong "Yes" vote.

It is particularly strong in the former Eastern Bloc.

Recruitment was particularly strong in heavy industries.

particularly interested   (particularmente interesado)

Krajewska was particularly interested in osteomalacia.

He is particularly interested in helping the people of Nepal.

He was particularly interested in the cause and treatment of cancer.

particularly useful   (particularmente util)

He is particularly useful with his left foot.

Phosphonimines with the formula RP=NSiMe are particularly useful.

Neither of these advantages, however, proved particularly useful.

particularly among   (particularmente entre)

It grows in mountainous areas, particularly among damp rocks.

Unemployment is a serious problem, particularly among younger workers.

The band was popular in the United Kingdom, particularly among skinheads.

particularly successful   (particularmente exitoso)

The film was particularly successful in large cities.

It was particularly successful in Connecticut.

Datsun was particularly successful on the British market.

particularly notable   (particularmente notable)

It is particularly notable as the vector of Bolivian hemorrhagic fever.

Of those remaining, only a few can be considered to be particularly notable.

The company's on and off relation with German Schuco Modell is particularly notable.

particularly noted   (particularmente notado)

It was particularly noted for its ornate woodwork.

He was particularly noted for his skill as a bowler.

He is particularly noted for his settings of Jacint Verdaguer.

particularly associated   (particularmente asociado)

It is particularly associated with Cornwall.

She was particularly associated with the heroines of Donizetti.

They are particularly associated with Chesterfield, in Derbyshire.

particularly common   (particularmente común)

It is particularly common in French and Italian recipes.

Pork is particularly common as an ingredient in sausages.

It is particularly common in the Midwest.

particularly   (- particularmente)

Reliable sources – particularly for the 15th and 16th century – are very rare.

Britain was an attractive target for Rome because of its material wealth – particularly mines and slaves.

He became internationally known – particularly in the art world – for his works on Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele.

particularly difficult   (particularmente difícil)

This makes them particularly difficult to find and study.

However, this libretto proved particularly difficult to set.

Modifying the quarter seam can be particularly difficult to detect or prove.

particularly high   (particularmente alto)

The risk is particularly high following detoxification.

Fishing pressure is particularly high during the winter.

At first the series was not held in particularly high esteem.

particularly active   (particularmente activo)

He was particularly active from 1896 to 1914.

During May Turkish snipers were particularly active in Monash Valley.

The Benelux is particularly active in the field of intellectual property.

became particularly   (se volvió particularmente)

She became particularly skilled at composing pithy, intense solos.

The Western League, founded in 1893, became particularly aggressive.

The platform became particularly popular for gaming and programming demos.

particularly through   (particularmente a través de)

This action is taken particularly through the application of the Proceeds of Crime Act, 1996.

ATP is required for the maintenance of electrolyte balance, particularly through the Na/K ATPase.

The issue of "dark money" has received attention particularly through the large donations from wealthy donors.

particularly good   (particularmente bueno)

The close up view of Wolf Crags is particularly good.

Kim was a good student, particularly good at English.

The air intake survives, and is in particularly good condition.

particularly effective   (particularmente efectivo)

Shrimp is a particularly effective bait to use.

They are particularly effective in treating atypical depression.

Such policy option could be particularly effective at the zero lower bound.

particularly vulnerable   (particularmente vulnerable)

Limestone cliffs are particularly vulnerable to this kind of erosion.

Children of low income families are a particularly vulnerable population in Peru.

Individuals detained by the military are particularly vulnerable to sexual harassment.

particularly because   (particularmente porque)

70% ethanol is the most effective concentration, particularly because of osmotic pressure.

The textures and lighting were cited as high points, particularly because of the gameplay role of shadows.

The change to remove his image generated controversy, particularly because 2007 was the 150th anniversary of Elgar's birth.

particularly around   (particularmente alrededor)

Many earthquakes occur in this area particularly around New Britain.

Machinery production was concentrated in the north, particularly around Banja Luka.

The city has numerous shopping districts, particularly around Grafton Street and Henry Street.

particularly close   (particularmente cerca)

Berthold retained particularly close links with Anna Stiegler.

He was particularly close to sister Michelle throughout his life.

He was particularly close to his mother, who died at 42 from cancer.

particularly large   (particularmente grande)

The claws of the hind legs are particularly large.

"Drosera" 'Giant' is a particularly large form of the "var.

Spain, Italy, Mexico, and Canada have particularly large Cuban communities.

particularly significant   (particularmente significativo)

This phenomenon is particularly significant in the Sierra.

This is particularly significant problem among the Tzeltals and Tzotzils.

The site is particularly significant as it is the only remaining one in the region.

more particularly   (más particularmente)

Copinger continued to write on legal subjects, more particularly on conveyancing.

Japanese Buddhist priests of aristocratic or imperial lineage were more particularly identified as .

the synods, but more particularly of pope and bishops, addressed to the faithful in the form of letters.

particularly true   (particularmente cierto)

This is particularly true with "Chlorophylle".

This is particularly true of Central Milton Keynes US-a.

This is particularly true of horses, such that it can be fatal.

particularly concerned   (particularmente preocupado)

She was particularly concerned about Bin al Shibh's mental health.

Clean IT is particularly concerned with possible terrorist attacks.

The divines were particularly concerned with those they labeled antinomians.

particularly praised   (particularmente elogiado)

The novel was particularly praised for its language.

Director Marhoul was particularly praised.

Molly Barnewitz of Comicsverse particularly praised Rook’s characterization.

particularly hard   (particularmente duro)

She had a particularly hard race in the Oaks and did not compete again.

The Wiyot people, who lived around Humboldt Bay, were particularly hard hit.

Hotels were hit particularly hard but a recovery occurred the following year.

particularly well known   (particularmente bien conocido)

It is particularly well known for its production of wine.

Migration of butterflies and moths is particularly well known.

It used to be particularly well known for its processions during lent.

particularly interesting   (particularmente interesante)

In terms of its climate Tenerife is particularly interesting.

This makes it particularly interesting Barrax from the point of view of Remote Sensing.

Emmerson Hall, built in 1913, is particularly interesting for the variety of building stones used.

particularly influential   (particularmente influyente)

"The Chronicles of Narnia" has been particularly influential.

The work of Lancelot 'Capability' Brown was particularly influential.

Works with libretti by Michel-Jean Sedaine were particularly influential.

particularly critical   (particularmente crítico)

He was particularly critical of Mary Shelley, the Godwin family, and Leigh Hunt.

He stated "the flight of the intelligentsia has reached a particularly critical phase."

Reviews were particularly critical of the confusing narrative and the standard of acting.

particularly in relation   (particularmente en relación)

In Hasting's plan Indians were to be governed by Indian principles, particularly in relation to the law.

This period also witnessed significant changes to women's property rights, particularly in relation to their marital status.

He was also re-elected in 1997, and helped to reform family law, particularly in relation to alimony, and the 35-hour working week.

particularly evident   (particularmente evidente)

It is particularly evident in middle class families.

This is particularly evident in the tracks "Cellistica" and "Spielglocken".

This difference is particularly evident in the university educated segment of the population.

particularly along   (particularmente a lo largo)

The low wall is worn in a few places, particularly along the northeastern rim.

The upper surface is green and shiny, while the undersurface is partly hairy, particularly along the midrib.

The Gulf of Aden has been described as "a treacherous stretch for ships, particularly along the Somali coast".

particularly between   (particularmente entre)

They rely on these foods particularly between January and April, when fruit is not abundant.

Like adult beetles, the larvae are varied in appearance, particularly between beetle families.

Variation in plumage also allows for the identification of birds, particularly between species.

particularly with regard   (particularmente con respecto)

The Walloons’ lifestyle was also ahead of Sweden’s, particularly with regard to hygiene.

It has also been criticised on IT-related issues, particularly with regard to Microsoft.

In this column additional information is supplied, particularly with regard to the operators and seasonal services.

particularly prominent   (particularmente prominente)

Kala are particularly prominent in the lintels of the temple.

The character Donald Duck was particularly prominent in Chile.

This aspect was particularly prominent in the Matrix Quest sub-plot.

particularly due   (particularmente debido)

This is particularly due to the costs of ice time and coaching.

Both gained international fame, particularly due to sonic quality recordings.

Momo is heartbroken at first, particularly due to not knowing that it is part of Sae's schemes.

particularly regarding   (particularmente con respecto)

However, there were key differences, particularly regarding the powers of the monarch.

The game is set in a fantasy world with medieval Japanese themes, particularly regarding Shinto.

In some respects, Thabit is critical of the ideas of Plato and Aristotle, particularly regarding motion.

particularly fond   (particularmente aficionado)

He was particularly fond of newspaper advertising.

Hadrian was also particularly fond of the Greeks.

Elgar remained particularly fond of the work.

particularly suited   (particularmente adecuado)

Phosphor bronze is particularly suited to precision-grade bearings and springs.

The display is regular size and is not particularly suited to people with low vision.

Their small size made them particularly suited to shunting on the Barry Island Breakwater.

particularly suitable   (particularmente adecuado)

"C. africana" is particularly suitable as a live hedge.

This site was particularly suitable for several reasons.

Such units are particularly suitable to processing high flow rates with low head difference.

particularly severe   (particularmente severo)

The problem is particularly severe in China and India.

The outbreak in 2012 was particularly severe.

A particularly severe crisis in 1907 led Congress to enact the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.

particularly impressed   (particularmente impresionado)

He was particularly impressed by the works of Friedrich Engels.

At the class, she observed two performers who particularly impressed her with their skills.

"Motography" gave the film a positive review, being particularly impressed with the cinematography.

particularly within   (particularmente dentro)

", which has entered the popular lexicon, particularly within the house.

Farion is also strongly against the Moscow Patriarchate, particularly within Ukraine.

Their pharynges also help them to suck onto the tissues within the body, particularly within the bile ducts.

particularly fine   (particularmente bien)

The Torah Ark is particularly fine.

The dry ashlar of Inca architecture in Cusco and Machu Picchu is particularly fine and famous.

The branch platform has an additional awning at the Sydney end, which is considered particularly fine.

most particularly   (más particularmente)

Deuterium is the most particularly valuable resource because it seconds as fuel for ships.

They has also cut down other trees to do this, most particularly "Aleppo Pines" "Pinus halepensis".

Pubs were also used as venues, most particularly in the East End, with a concentration of such venues in the district of Shoreditch.

particularly susceptible   (particularmente susceptible)

Locals were particularly susceptible to infectious diseases including HIV.

The amount of the food substance required to provoke a reaction in a particularly susceptible individual can be quite small.

The Tal-Virtù Church suffered considerable damage, it was situated at a high altitude which was particularly susceptible to earthquakes.

particularly relevant   (particularmente relevante)

The stories are particularly relevant to East Tennessee and Western North Carolina.

One particularly relevant and popular arena in which groupthink is rarely studied is sports.

As with Noh, jo-ha-kyū is a fundamental principle, which is particularly relevant for movement.

particularly famous   (particularmente famoso)

Rincón is particularly famous for this reason.

Tolstoy loved gambling and became particularly famous for this during his years in Moscow.

The area of the Jai Vilas palace is 1,240,771 square feet and it is particularly famous for its large Durbar Hall.

particularly noteworthy   (particularmente notable)

The three games Alabama lost were also particularly noteworthy.

The compiler was particularly noteworthy, as could be expected given Multiflow's technology.

Early manufacturers in the UK included: This last manufacturer is particularly noteworthy here.

particularly affected   (particularmente afectado)

Allen was particularly affected by the murder of President Kennedy in 1963.

Archaeological studies of domestic sites have been particularly affected by ongoing feminist work.

Significantly, farmers in developing countries are particularly affected by prohibitions on seed saving.

particularly dangerous   (particularmente peligroso)

A particularly dangerous stretch was known as the Elbow.

The 1970s were particularly dangerous times for icon painters.

particularly rich   (particularmente rico)

Christmas Eve is particularly rich in traditions.

A particularly rich genus in the river basin is the potamid "Sinopotamon".

The grounds of the house were particularly rich in ferns, mosses, liverworts, and lichens.

not a particularly   (no es particularmente)

Ionizing radiation is not a particularly strong mutagen.

In this way, wind energy is not a particularly reliable source of energy.

the year was not a particularly successful one, finishing tenth in the independents cup, and twenty-second overall.

particularly influenced   (particularmente influenciado)

The teacher who particularly influenced him was Georg Benedikt Winer.

She was particularly influenced by singer Begum Akhtar and Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan.

His work was particularly influenced by artistic styles such as Cubism and Surrealism.

considered particularly   (considerado particularmente)

Some rivers considered particularly sacred include the Ganges, Jhelum and Kaveri.

That cultural diversity is an aspect of this club that is considered particularly unique.

The branch platform has an additional awning at the Sydney end, which is considered particularly fine.

particularly against   (particularmente contra)

It was directed particularly against the tribes in the American Southeast.

With Boca, he scored many goals, particularly against arch-rivals River Plate.

He batted low in the order, and tried to score quickly, particularly against fast bowling.

particularly attractive   (particularmente atractivo)

Japan was particularly attractive because of its culture.

This was particularly attractive as it would lay the foundations for the establishment of an English monarchy.

The widespread distribution of PC systems and the violence in "Doom" made deathmatching particularly attractive.

particularly sensitive   (particularmente sensible)

This type of construction is particularly sensitive to earthquakes.

Compact fluorescent lamps are particularly sensitive to switching cycles.

Pre-clinical studies suggest that T-cells are particularly sensitive to nelarabine.

particularly valuable   (particularmente valioso)

Deuterium is the most particularly valuable resource because it seconds as fuel for ships.

Bede's treatment of the 5th century history of Great Britain is not particularly valuable as a source.

Her ascertainments about the first Hungarian laws and legends from the age of Árpád are particularly valuable.

known particularly   (conocido particularmente)

330–400), is known particularly for his commentary on the Liezi.

Carter is widely known particularly as the coach of tennis champion Roger Federer.

He is known particularly for his 1939 anthology "The Golden Peacock" of Yiddish poetry, and his 1957 biography of Israel Zangwill.

particularly prevalent   (particularmente frecuente)

It is particularly prevalent east of Boonah.

This usage is particularly prevalent with electronic memory devices (e.g.

Use of mini marker discs is particularly prevalent in formal competitive play.

particularly bad   (particularmente malo)

They suffered a particularly bad setback in the 1990s.

This is particularly bad if the standard deviation is small relative to the mean.

A particularly bad shot, or one that only hits the backboard, is jocularly called a brick.

particularly heavy   (particularmente pesado)

1, it suffered particularly heavy losses.

1, suffered particularly heavy losses.

A plague broke out in the area 1617 and took a particularly heavy toll with the Naumkeag people.

particularly impressive   (particularmente impresionante)

Billups, was particularly impressive this particular season.

Leandersson is particularly impressive as the conflicted young vampire who wants nothing more than to be an ordinary girl again".

Gunnery on "Galveston" was particularly impressive under Leigh, winning the Naval Gunnery Trophy every year under Leigh's command.

particularly following   (particularmente siguiendo)

The Royal Navy blockaded the islands from time to time, particularly following the Invasion of Normandy in June 1944.

The Royal Navy blockaded the islands from time to time, particularly following the liberation of mainland Normandy in 1944.

A growing peace movement arose in the Afghanistan during 2018, particularly following a peace march which the Afghan media dubbed the "Helmand Peace Convoy".

particularly noticeable   (particularmente notable)

It is particularly noticeable in the limbs, which stick out straight.

The loss of detail in distant objects may be particularly noticeable with extreme enlargements.

This process was particularly noticeable in the erection of edifices along Cieszkowskiego Street.

proved particularly   (demostrado particularmente)

However, this libretto proved particularly difficult to set.

Neither of these advantages, however, proved particularly useful.

FU III proved particularly obstructive, but relations with the Gestapo and Abwehr.

particularly enjoyed   (particularmente disfrutado)

He particularly enjoyed the support of Polish Lutherans.

He particularly enjoyed working with wood and images of wood.

Christie attended many social functions and particularly enjoyed watching polo.

particularly the case   (particularmente el caso)

This is particularly the case in eastern Canada, apart from French-speaking Quebec.

This is particularly the case for a smaller target requiring only a few fire units.

This is particularly the case in eastern Wallonia and areas along the French border.