Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

political parties   (partidos politicos)

INC, CPM, BJP etc are the major political parties.

Gradually, political parties used it to gain mileage.

Fifteen political parties are represented in Congress.

both parties

This contract requires the consent of both parties.

The justices will closely question both parties.

It was the second and final marriage for both parties.

other parties   (otros partidos)

Independents won 13 seats and other parties won 53.

Occasionally, other parties run candidates in elections.

opposition parties   (partidos de oposición)

Most opposition parties chose to boycott these elections.

The main issue for the opposition parties was electoral reform.

Like many other opposition parties, the MGCC boycotted the election.

third parties

SAM also offers line maintenance to third parties.

I do not speak to the public through third parties."

Equifax advertises and sells some data to third parties.

all parties

However, all parties were banned by Soglo in December 1965.

It was also rejected by all parties.

Decisions should give full reasons and a copy sent to all parties.

popular parties

The next two most popular parties were the SPS (15.7%), the FDP (11.3%).

The two most popular parties in Spain have different views on the subject.

The next three most popular parties were the CVP (26%), the FDP (9.5%) and the SP (9%).

most popular parties   (fiestas más populares)

The next two most popular parties were the SPS (15.7%), the FDP (11.3%).

The two most popular parties in Spain have different views on the subject.

The next three most popular parties were the CVP (26%), the FDP (9.5%) and the SP (9%).

major parties   (fiestas principales)

Both major parties lavished Diệm with praise.

It is customary for the major parties to name candidates.

It was supported by the coalition government and all major parties.

between the parties

There was no necessity for an agreement between the parties.

Incidents of violence between the parties then increased dramatically.

There had been a misunderstanding and cultural conflict between the parties.

interested parties

The views of any interested parties were sought.

The IB also audits the funds on behalf of all other interested parties.

Various interested parties also have views on the privatisation of British Rail.

parties involved

In this way, Ānanda had pleased all the parties involved.

for example parties involved will make a commission out of the transaction.

Contracts implied in fact are ones that the parties involved presumably intended.

major political parties   (principales partidos políticos)

INC, CPM, BJP etc are the major political parties.

TRS, BJP, INC are the major political parties in this area.

DMK, AIADMK, PMK are the major political parties in this area.

parties agreed

Both parties agreed to this, in an effort to keep costs down.

Both the parties agreed on 4 points.

Given the post-war shortages, both parties agreed not to publish it.

private parties   (fiestas privadas)

The Senator Theatre also has two skyboxes for private parties.

The company also catered private parties outside collegiate circles.

With the end of hostilities, she was decommissioned and sold to private parties.

parties such

Several third parties such as Samsung and API also produced OEM motherboards such as the API UP1000 and UP2000.

There may also be restrictions based on covenants established by private parties such as the real estate developer.

Conversely, there is strong anti-Islamist sentiment from secular parties such as the RCD and the Algerian Workers Party.

main parties   (fiestas principales)

All main parties' election manifestos promised a children's referendum.

The change was criticised by the smaller parties, but supported by the two main parties.

From the Oireachtas, the three main parties —Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, the Labour Party— joined.

minor parties

There are more than 20 minor parties.

On 14 October 2009, 20 minor parties backed Simango's candidacy.

Between other minor parties, the Radical Party obtained its first seat.

communist parties   (partidos comunistas)

Rishi Kattel Rishi Kattel ऋषि कट्टेल is the leader of one of the communist parties in Nepal.

The communist parties were also merged into the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) of Lithuania and Belorussia.

This system was later introduced in communist parties abroad through the Communist International (Comintern).

smaller parties

These included nominees of smaller parties and independents.

There are two main rival parties and a number of smaller parties.

The remaining seats were won by independents or by smaller parties.

different parties

Five different parties political parties merged to become the Conference Party.

The conflicts between the different parties escalated into public smear and accusations of crimes in media.

One of the main ways of targeting these groups was to arouse suspicion between the different parties and causes.

all political parties

4 there among all political parties.

Closer ties with ASEAN are supported by all political parties in East Timor.

Soon after coming to power, Yaméogo banned all political parties other than the UDV.

following parties

The government was composed by the following parties:

various parties

The EFF was criticized for ignoring this by various parties.

Disagreements sprang up among various parties and the project was shelved.

From Carisbrooke, Charles continued to try to bargain with the various parties.

other political parties   (otros partidos politicos)

This proposal is resisted by all the other political parties.

More than 30 other political parties participated in the election.

Members and leaders of other political parties are able to join while still operating with their respective factions.

small parties

Outside the breeding season the birds may be gregarious and forage in small parties.

The sitting rooms were lavish rooms that allowed for receiving small parties of guests.

According to Ekindi, this represented discrimination against small parties and was illegal.

birthday parties   (fiestas de cumpleaños)

The hall held many important events such as birthday parties and related ceremonies.

The social enterprises (birthday parties and small pet boarding) charge the relevant fees.

Balloons and sugar for cakes for birthday parties were partially or completely unavailable.

socialist parties

His government faced strong opposition from the Reform Party and the newly-formed socialist parties.

In his opinion, the socialist parties were harmless, because they would turn into middle classes in due time.

In the 1967 state assembly elections, all socialist parties were eliminated and the CPI lost opposition party status.

between parties

It also assumes the communication between parties is synchronous.

The nature of the agreement is that of a private contract between parties.

The earlier atrocities had made confidence or goodwill between parties impossible.

several parties

The Reese Community Center has played host to several parties, dinners, and receptions since.

After Luhti's arrest on tax fraud charges in mid-1989, several parties disputed the ownership of the team.

Defendants can hold reverse auctions and any of several parties can engage in collusive settlement discussions.

raiding parties

The raiding parties were to be provided by 1st Armoured Division.

Bypassing Balkh, they captured Guzgan's capital and sent out raiding parties.

Following favorable reports from the raiding parties, Montcalm and Vaudreuil decided to make the attempt.

nationalist parties

It was one of the most influential Russian radical nationalist parties of the time.

ETA also began to menace leaders of other parties besides rival Basque nationalist parties.

The oldest and largest of the Basque nationalist parties is the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV, EAJ).

main political parties   (principales partidos políticos)

It was also the weakest of the three main political parties.

The firm has connections to the two main political parties in the United States.

The main political parties are Communist Party of India (Marxist), INC, Kerala Congress.

dinner parties   (fiestas de cena)

She has become known for hosting salon-style dinner parties in San Francisco and New York.

He is lively, witty and charming, a great asset at dinner parties, and admired by nearly all.

Belmont threw lavish balls and dinner parties, receiving mixed reviews from New York's high society.

parties represented

During this Congress, there were two parties represented.

parties and federations

The electoral law allowed for parties and federations registered in the interior ministry, coalitions and groupings of electors to present lists of candidates.

state parties   (partidos estatales)

As of January 2018, the Convention has 78 state parties.

As of October 2018, the Protocol has 45 signatories and 24 state parties.

It entered into force on 1 February 2007 after it had been ratified by 30 state parties.

parties including

This involved allegations against a number of parties including the merchant bank Fay Richwhite.

This meeting was attended by representatives of Rhodesian-era parties including CAZ, UANC, ZANU-Ndonga and ZUM.

The design of the new cathedral was debated by parties including the Romanian Senate and the Mayor of Bucharest.

democratic parties   (partidos democráticos)

The LSD fiercely criticised the other democratic parties during the campaign.

The party emphasizes the values of many social democratic parties, except on religious issues.

The democratic parties lost the local elections in Cologne in March 1933 to the Nazi Party and other right wing parties.

house parties

So, we played house parties and VFW halls.

The title song is about house parties the band used to go to at their friend, "Boothy's" house.

During the later part of the 19th century Wilbraham Egerton, 1st Earl Egerton, hosted large house parties in the hall.

conservative parties

Two conservative parties captured a combined 23 percent of the vote.

Throughout its existence, the province was a stronghold of the conservative parties.

There are a number of conservative parties in Switzerland's parliament, the Federal Assembly.

other interested parties   (otras partes interesadas)

The IB also audits the funds on behalf of all other interested parties.

They rejected the track, thus leaving the band free to negotiate with other interested parties.

The organization holds regular meetings (at their dedicated site, the NESFA Clubhouse) of and for members and other interested parties.

involved parties

Ensuring compliance of involved parties is a challenge.

The key element that makes such situations "Mexican standoffs" is the equality of power exercised among the involved parties.

The child cannot be the age of fifteen or older, unless again it is custom or the usage is applicable to the involved parties.

all the parties

In this way, Ānanda had pleased all the parties involved.

Nevertheless, Manfredi's exuberance concerned all the parties to the dispute.

What is important at this time is that all the parties must stop the violence.

switched parties

In 1992 he switched parties to become a Republican.

In September 2009, Assemblyman Fred Thiele switched parties from the Republican Party to the Independence Party.

21 seats switched parties in the November elections, giving the Democrats a net gain of 15 seats from the Republicans.

warring parties

Subsequent UN-sponsored cease-fires followed, and the warring parties mostly entrenched.

On 9 March, an agreement for 48 hour ceasefire has been reached between warring parties.

Zolote-4 (Patrizansky) and Zolote-3 (Stakhanovets) became situated in the "gray zone" between the warring parties.

liberal parties

After the elections, Banac advocated a merger of all liberal parties in Croatia.

After the Nazi seizure of power, both liberal parties agreed to the Enabling Act of 1933 and subsequently dissolved themselves.

During the political upheavals of 1989/1990 in the GDR new liberal parties emerged, like the FDP East Germany or the German Forum Party.

parties during

The LSD fiercely criticised the other democratic parties during the campaign.

Predrag Bulatović led the coalition of pro-unionist parties during the referendum campaign.

An Express term is stated by the parties during negotiation or written in a contractual document.

all parties involved

In best practice, an author should try to include information from all parties involved, or affected by the topic.

During a conference call, he stated it was the 'biggest fight in the world and beneficial for all parties involved.

Usually they have the effect of increasing the perceived unity of all parties involved, which include the broadcasters and audience.

national parties   (partidos nacionales)

The GUE/NGL is a confederal group who is composed of MEPs from national parties.

Members joined the two national parties, with LDS leaders striving to direct equal numbers toward each party.

Four of the seven national parties boycotted the poll, alleging unequal conditions for the various contending groups.

different political parties

Gabay served under six consecutive ministers of different political parties (Zadok, Begin, Tamir, Nisim, Modaii, and Sarir).

The people of the village represent several different religions and different political parties; but are friendly and co operative.

Many Norwegian-Iranians have experienced successful political careers, in many different political parties, across the political spectrum.

new parties

A total of 46 LDP defectors formed two new parties.

One of the new parties was SODEP, which was founded by the followers of ex-CHP.

In 1983, the MGK decided to allow the formation of new parties with severe restrictions.

parties did

Political parties did not exist in the council.

The California and Orange County Democratic parties did not endorse anyone.

Unsuccessful nominees of the Green and Libertarian parties did seek the position.

both major parties   (los dos partidos principales)

This center strove to make the FDP coalition support both major parties.

Some candidates from both major parties are murdered, and all the candidates get jittery.

Fowler stated that both major parties have been enticed by the allure of political gains within the Jewish community.

parties concerned   (partes interesadas)

Such negotiations are left to the parties concerned and are performed outside ITU-T/ITU-R/ISO/IEC.

If they do so, the fact that communication has occurred must be disclosed to the parties concerned right away.

largest parties

The Congress party and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are the two largest parties in the state.

Only three votes separated the two largest parties, Cumann na nGaedheal and Fianna Fáil, and the government was very unstable.

Since 1993, the two largest parties were the center-left Czech Social Democratic Party (ČSSD) and right-wing Civic Democratic Party (ODS).

parties won

Independents won 13 seats and other parties won 53.

Smaller parties won the remaining 2 seats.