Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

partly because   (en parte porque)

This they couldn't do, partly because of the cost.

These are partly because of rural urban migration.

This is partly because Haeckel's drawings were very inaccurate.

partly due   (parcialmente debido a)

This was partly due to director Shindo's mobility problems.

Although it is partly due to the human factor, the road has

By 1975 profits had halved, partly due to the 1974 oil crisis.

least partly   (menos en parte)

However, it is evident that the issue is at least partly physiological in nature.

These factors act, at least partly, by altering the function of genes within cells.

The legend has no scientific merit and is at least partly documented to have been a hoax.

partly based   (parcialmente basado)

This article is partly based on Wikipedia's Italian version.

"This article is partly based on a translation from French Wikipedia."

"Caesar's Column" is partly based on Donnelly's commitment to agrarian Populism.

partly inspired   (parcialmente inspirado)

It is also partly inspired by the anime series Attack on Titan.

It was partly inspired by Brexit.

"Jabberwocky" may have been partly inspired by the legend of the Lambton Worm.

partly responsible   (parcialmente responsable)

API writers may also be at least partly responsible for authoring end-user product documentation.

Indians criticised their political leaders after the attacks, saying that their ineptness was partly responsible.

Mortally wounded, Kurt drags the two children out before dying, and admits he was partly responsible for Brian's death.

only partly   (solo en parte)

The new system was only partly implemented by 1809.

By 1809 the new system was only partly established.

Unfortunately the first part is only partly preserved.

partly funded

Development was partly funded by the European Commission.

Wincrantz was partly funded by Ivar Kreuger, an international financier.

This movie was partly funded by the then Tamil Nadu government headed by Karunanidhi.

partly through

This is regulated partly through control of secretion of hormones from the pituitary gland.

It has since then become more organised again, partly through exchange with Finnish clubs and enthusiasts.

He became interested in politics at university and joined the ALP, partly through his friendship with Don Dunstan.

based partly

It is a Classical rotunda based partly on the Roman Pantheon.

While based partly on Solomon's version of events, he refused to have his name used in the CBS film.

The editorial staff responsible for updates is based partly at the Library of Congress and partly at OCLC.

partly owned

The company is partly owned by Moral Compass Corporation.

It is partly owned by Tencent, which has a 20% stake in the company.

It is partly owned by relatives of former presidents Kenyatta and Moi.

partly destroyed

The Saalhof was partly destroyed in World War II and later rebuilt.

The residence was partly destroyed during the latter of these centuries.

In the mid 13th century, the city was invaded by the Mongols and was partly destroyed.

due partly

Kingfish Levinsky's earning power is due partly to an engaging slapstick manner in the ring, an engaging entourage...

This was due partly to the relative sparsity of mines and the amount of effort needed for extraction compared to the profit gained.

The 1939 production failed, financially, due partly to actors struggling in English and partly to the version being non-traditional.

partly in response   (en parte en respuesta)

D. W. Griffith made a film in 1916, called "Intolerance", partly in response to the criticism that "The Birth of a Nation" received.

Evolving further partly in response to the European Central Bank, the People's Bank of China had by 2000 become a modern central bank.

The Northern states of the United States abolished slavery, partly in response to the Declaration of Independence, between 1777 and 1804.

partly within

The principal town is Stranraer, which is partly within the parish.

They lie partly within Wrexham county borough and partly within Denbighshire.

partly covered

Sometimes wooden drums are partly covered with metal foil.

The slopes around it are still partly covered in vines and mulberry trees.

The statue shows the author embracing “Truth”, a naked woman partly covered by a diaphanous cloth.

wholly or partly

Being a Member of Parliament and representing a constituency which comprises wholly or partly the cantonment area i.e.

English Americans English Americans (also referred to as Anglo-Americans) are Americans whose ancestry originates wholly or partly in England.

When close enough to its prey, usually when it is within , it strikes, an action it can perform with its body wholly or partly out of the water.