İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

business partner   (iş ortağı)

Squire is married to her business partner Howard Panter.

In the mid-1860s, he became a business partner of Enoch J.

A business partner or alliance can be crucial for businesses.

became a partner   (ortak oldu)

He was aided by a local banker, who became a partner.

He became a partner in 1927 of Hentz, Adler & Shutze.

Dewar became a partner in Ross Harper Murphy, in 1975.

former partner   (eski eş)

Magnús also has a daughter with his former partner Halldóra Blöndall.

With former partner Meng Fei, she is the 2006 Chinese bronze medalist.

She and former partner Drew Meekins are the 2006 World Junior Champions.

senior partner   (Kıdemli Ortak)

He was a senior partner in the Worcester Old Bank.

Edward Walker-Arnott took over as senior partner in 1992.

He is a senior partner at the law firm Grey Casgrain, s.e.n.c.

managing partner   (yönetici Ortağı)

By 2010, he became Mazars managing partner for Morocco.

He is a managing partner of Ignited Spaces in Los Angeles.

He is a managing partner in an organic farm in Tillac, France.

new partner

Franzese agreed to frighten him and become the new partner.

Leftheris began competing with new partner Angelyn Nguyen in 2009.

Ignoring the warning, Lois takes Clark, her new partner, to Lexcorp.

team partner   (takım ortağı)

Eagle had chosen Action Jackson to be his tag team partner.

He became a baby face and the regular tag team partner of the Junkyard Dog.

Uno quickly found a tag team partner in Stupefied as the Super Smash Brothers.

tag team partner   (etiket ekibi ortağı)

Eagle had chosen Action Jackson to be his tag team partner.

He became a baby face and the regular tag team partner of the Junkyard Dog.

Uno quickly found a tag team partner in Stupefied as the Super Smash Brothers.

founding partner

Jack R. DeWitt, a founding partner, died in 2012.

He is a founding partner at Strike Entertainment.

Sippl is a founding partner in Sippl MacDonald Ventures.

trading partner   (takas partneri)

Germany is Slovakia's largest trading partner.

The European Union is Israel’s biggest trading partner.

Spain is Andorra's largest trading partner.

writing partner

He often works with writing partner Patrick Massett.

His frequent writing partner is Eugene Levy.

Osborne served as writing partner for the comedian Rob Schneider.

life partner   (hayat arkadaşı)

He was survived by life partner Lawrence Metzler.

His life partner Frank O'Keefe died in 2007.

Sodaro believed that Klein was Abusharif's roommate, not her life partner.

junior partner

Assistant Editor (and junior partner) Seth McM.

He was also backed by GERB’s junior partner, the Reformist Bloc.

In the fall of 1844, Lincoln was tired of being a junior partner.

law partner

Elizabeth was the sister of his law partner Henry Colter Cabell.

Ben dreams that Miles Bennett, his former law partner back in Chicago is in trouble.

In November 1863, Low ran for re-election, but his former law partner Niven was declared elected.

coalition partner   (koalisyon ortağı)

Thus, as leader of the senior coalition partner, Bjelke-Petersen stayed on as premier.

Fuksa was replaced by new social-democratic mayor Josef Řihák, his former coalition partner.

For the general election on 3 July 2011, Chartthaipattana forged an alliance with coalition partner Bhumjaithai Party.

general partner   (genel ortak)

He was a general partner in SOM.

Levine was a general partner at Mayfield Fund from 2002 through 2005.

Since 2006, VTB has been the general partner of the Mariinsky Theatre.

longtime partner   (uzun zamandır ortak)

Her longtime partner Alexander Welsh also taught at UCLA and Yale.

The songs are produced by Ramazzotti and his longtime partner Claudio Guidetti.

Noonan is married to Isaac Hurren, her longtime partner and collaborator in Elixir.

dance partner

He married his dance partner, Tybee Arfa, in 1958.

He becomes the dance partner of Junie Budd (Daniels).

Between 2001 and 2011, his dance partner was Mayra Galante.

doubles partner

His men's doubles partner was Goh V Shem until late 2014.

He married fellow Hungarian international and his mixed doubles partner Éva Kóczián.

Barna playing with his new doubles partner Glancz, won his fifth consecutive doubles title.

partner organizations

It also has 13 international partner organizations.

In 2018, The Experiment and its partner organizations awarded nearly $2 million in scholarships.

It now enjoys a solid reputation within the world of professional football and partner organizations.

training partner   (eğitim ortağı)

She beat her former training partner Nadeeka Lakmali.

Gwak was Song's training partner at the 2012 Olympics.

Kongo faced former training partner Oli Thompson at Bellator 172 on February 18, 2017.

intimate partner   (samimi ortak)

According to conservative estimates, one million women are battered by an intimate partner annually.

Current intimate partners commit 81% of the murders and 12% are committed by a past intimate partner.

In intimate partner relationships, the perpetrator may buy presents or the couple may engage in passionate sex.

becoming a partner

In 1864, Meyer joined Lazard Frères, becoming a partner in 1868.

In 1963, he joined Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP becoming a partner in 1969.

After graduating, Sachs went to work in the family business, becoming a partner in 1904.

largest trading partner   (en büyük ticaret ortağı)

Germany is Slovakia's largest trading partner.

Spain is Andorra's largest trading partner.

Colombia is Mexico's ninth largest trading partner globally.

each partner

There are many positions each partner can take to raise the difficulty of a lift.

Therefore, each partner would exert selection on the other partner to provide more care, creating sexual conflict.

The necklace should be divided between several partners, such that each partner receives the same amount of every color.

partner universities

joint projects with partner universities overseas.

The assessment timetable is devised by each of the three partner universities.

Since 2018, the University of Würzburg is no longer part of the partner universities.

become a partner   (partner olmak)

Paton then joined the firm of Weeks and Findlay, going on to become a partner with Mr.

He has gone on to become a partner in McKinsey & Company's Healthcare Payor and Provider practice.

Sinnott returned to Philadelphia in 1866 to become a partner at John Gibson's Son & Co., and in 1884 became a co-owner upon the retirement of Gibson.

sparring partner   (antreman maçı yapılan boksör)

Stribling offered Fox a job as a sparring partner.

Burley's former sparring partner A.J.

West acted as a sparring partner for Walcott in late October 1904.

domestic partner   (yerli ortağı)

MFC is opposed to same-sex marriage and domestic partner benefits.

While on the board, he shepherded a measure that provided Riverside Community College employees with domestic partner benefits.

In 1983, Berkeley's Domestic Partner Task Force was established, which in 1984 made policy recommendation to the school board, which passed domestic partner legislation.

romantic partner

After further discussion with both Takuto and his romantic partner, Wein passes away.

Expressing sexual interest to somebody else's romantic partner is a highly punishable act.

Takuto and his romantic partner visit Wein's bedside, at which point Wein sounds remorseful.

partner violence   (partner şiddeti)

Intimate partner violence accounts for 47% of those murdered.

In intimate partner violence, children are negatively affected by having witnessed the violence, and the partner's relationship degrades as well.

Additionally, 10.4% of women who did not report intimate partner violence reported that their male partner disagreed with them about using contraception.

partner institutions

The library has focused on curating traveling art exhibitions with partner institutions since 2008.

The Scotiabank website includes a list of countries and partner institutions where the fee will be waived.

The programmes offer scholarships to students with outstanding academic results and staff to study or do research at the partner institutions.

other partner   (diğer ortak)

With no other partner available, Scowen was unable to compete in 2010.

The other partner is the parent company itself, as former owner of the Ha!

The event was broadcast live by STAR World, VTV, ABS CBN, The Filipino Channel, and other partner networks.

sexual partner

Another mode of transmission of the BV-associated microbiota is to a female sexual partner via skin-to-skin transfer.

Some cases were brought by partners who had been dropped or who had not received promised compensation from their former sexual partner.

A 1995 study of women who became pregnant after rape found that 60% had been impregnated by a sexual partner during consensual intercourse.

songwriting partner

Dennis and his songwriting partner John Durkin won the top-40 prize in "The American Song Festival."

Cordell and his regular songwriting partner Bo Gentry gave the song to Tommy James, who thought it sounded like a hit.

Gimbel passed the lyrics to his songwriting partner Charles Fox who composed the music to "Killing Me Softly with His Song".

strategic partner

In return, he said the firm would be a "strategic partner" in all mining projects in the mineral-rich nation.

Vizione Holdings Berhad, a strategic partner to Selangor was the biggest contributor to the construction of the RM1.5 million facility.

The plan provides a sound basis for the airline to undertake a recovery on its own while keeping the door open to the entry of a strategic partner in the future.

producing partner

Michael's writing and producing partner is Marc Abrams.

Rob Reiner, a producing partner at Castle Rock, opted to direct it.

Berg also serves as Zipper’s executive producing partner on the series.

skating partner

His first skating partner was Sarah Jo Damron-Brown.

Barquero's first pair skating partner was Miguel Taranco.

Maestu's first pair skating partner was Alexandra Rodríguez Long.

silent partner

In 1985, Walters set up a sports management agency with Franzese as a silent partner.

She is also helping Murphy and co discreetly as a silent partner for unknown reasons after Harry was sniped.

While mostly a silent partner in this endeavor, Dr. Bradley began building a second android during this time.

broadcast partner

The broadcast partner was PTV Sports.

Niehaus's longtime broadcast partner Rick Rizzs presided over a private ceremony to unveil the statue.

The official internet/mobile broadcast partner of the Super W is Foxtel Now and Foxtel Go part of Foxtel.

female partner   (kadın ortak)

Having a female partner increases the risk of BV by 60%.

Catherine Noyes Lee became Cadwalader's first female partner in 1942.

It appears that the female partner was invariably a grey-headed woodpecker.

male partner

For example, if a woman tags her male partner, both women leave the ring and both men enter.

Of the 15% of couples who are affected by infertility, 50% of those cases are due to the male partner.

The app contains a video, in which Sivan can be seen seated on a bed with a male partner sleeping behind him.

strike partner   (grev ortağı)

In the 1960–61 season, Byrne scored 30 of Palace's 110 goals (his strike partner Roy Summersby netted 25), as Palace reached the Third Division.

Ray Crawford was the league's top scorer with 40 goals and his strike partner Ted Phillips netted 30 times as Ipswich scored exactly 100 league goals.

With his distinctive ‘table-cut’ hairstyle, Mbasela created so many opportunities for his strike partner and also weighed in with a fair number of goals.