partnership between   (間のパートナーシップ)

The partnership between the two men did not last long.

The partnership between Abercrombie and Fitch did not end happily.

There is a partnership between the high school and Oberlin College.

formed a partnership   (パートナーシップを結んだ)

There, he formed a partnership with J. M. Henderson.

In 1859, he formed a partnership with Solomon G. Haven.

In 1896, he formed a partnership with William S. Hebbard.

announced a partnership   (パートナーシップを発表)

In 2011, they announced a partnership with Funny Or Die.

In June 2011, Dimension Data Holdings announced a partnership with Alvarion.

On October 19, 2016, the CPRA and Edmonton Northlands announced a partnership.

strategic partnership   (戦略的パートナーシップ)

As a result, Le Cordon Bleu contacted Dacor to forge a strategic partnership.

Supplier and drop shipper should work together to form a strategic partnership.

The purchase was made through a strategic partnership, the Shanghai Jin Xin investment fund.

new partnership   (新しいパートナーシップ)

Davies and Janion formed a new partnership in 1871.

Spanish wildcards and new partnership Marc López and world no.

Justine Paris did not benefit from this new partnership for long.

partnership agreement   (パートナーシップ契約)

It has a partnership agreement with the Chalgrove Cavaliers.

The Blenders also have a partnership agreement with Fargo-based Bell Bank.

This is Taiwan's first economic partnership agreement signed with a member of ASEAN.

through a partnership   (パートナーシップを通じて)

The service offers home delivery from Starbucks outlets through a partnership with Swiggy.

He also began his own label, Strong City Records, through a partnership with Rocky Bucano.

The Duke was released for Xbox One and PC on April 30, 2018 through a partnership with Hyperkin.

works in partnership   (協力して働く)

The Teaching Awards Trust works in partnership with the BBC.

She works in partnership with Element Six, a de Beers group company.

The Screenwriters Colony works in partnership with the Nantucket Film Festival.

went into partnership   (パートナーシップに入った)

He went into partnership with Robert Clarke in 1848.

It was purchased in 1910 by W. Hancock who went into partnership with S.W.

In the late 1980s, Thorne went into partnership with Bournemouth Borough Council.

civil partnership   (市民パートナーシップ)

He is in a civil partnership with Paul, an IT worker.

In 2007, they entered into a civil partnership at London's Ritz Hotel.

It recommended that civil partnership be introduced for same-sex couples.

business partnership   (ビジネスパートナーシップ)

The documentary covers the business partnership of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger.

NISCO also had a long business partnership with Hong Kong listed company for trading iron ore.

She forms a business partnership with Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) and opens a gym called The Shed.

partnership ended   (パートナーシップは終了しました)

In 1990, the partnership ended its run and was amicably split.

This partnership ended in April 2011.

The original partnership ended with death of William Evans in 1856.

domestic partnership   (国内パートナーシップ)

The act also permitted for heterosexual couples to enter into a domestic partnership.

In July 2012, the Columbus City Council unanimously passed a domestic partnership registry.

Buttars criticized the domestic partnership executive order signed by Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson.

opening partnership   (パートナーシップを開く)

An opening partnership of 168 resulted until Lindwall bowled him for 81.

As of 2012, this remains England's highest opening partnership against Australia.

For the second time in the match, Washbrook and Hutton put on a century opening partnership.

limited partnership   (有限パートナーシップ)

The new company was Luxottica s.a.s., a limited partnership.

It became a limited partnership in 1940 and in 1951, became "Ueshima Coffee Co., Ltd.".

Although Trump ceased his active involvement in the development in 2001, he retained his 30% limited partnership.

wicket partnership   (改札パートナーシップ)

He had a 26-minute long 54-run tenth wicket partnership with Marcus Stoinis without facing a single ball.

The Gentlemen were two minutes away from saving the match when Kortright was out after a lengthy last wicket partnership.

Australia bowled first, and Toshack took two quick wickets to reduce the hosts to 3/158 after a 137-run second wicket partnership.

partnership was dissolved   (パートナーシップは解消されました)

Their partnership was dissolved in July 1857.

The partnership was dissolved in 1928 when Harry Garnham Watkins retired.

The partnership was dissolved in 1886 when Robert Stains returned to England.

entered into partnership   (パートナーシップを結んだ)

In 2016, the college has entered into partnership with Yunus Center of Dhaka at the premise of Grameen Bank.

In 1798, he entered into partnership with William Allen to form the pharmaceutical company of Allen and Howard.

In 1792, Baird entered into partnership with Francis Morgan, whose daughter Sophia he had married in June 1794.

worked in partnership   (パートナーシップで働いた)

He worked in partnership with Joseph Cundall at "The Photographic Institution" at New Bond Street, London.

He worked in partnership with other architects as Baerreson & Porter (1919-1921), by himself (1921-1944), and as Porter & Bradley (commencing in 1944).

The B612 Foundation worked in partnership with Ball Aerospace to construct Sentinel's aluminum mirror, which would have captured the large field of view.

partnership with other   (他とのパートナーシップ)

They also began partnership with other campus organizations to promote unity.

MATI coordinates its activities with the government and work in partnership with other national and international organizations.

On 5 April 2006 Basescu stated that he regrets naming Tariceanu Prime-Minister, and accused him of "partnership with other groups".

working in partnership   (パートナーシップで働く)

Currently the charity is working in partnership with four organisations.

Apple working in partnership with Conservation Fund, have preserved 36,000 acres of working forests in Maine and North Carolina.

In July 2016, PT Smartfren Telecom launches VoLTE services working in partnership with Mitel, and become Indonesia's first VoLTE service provider.

successful partnership   (成功したパートナーシップ)

And it's only the most successful partnership which gets to go home.

The two formed a successful partnership at Montgomery and Jackson Streets.

He established a successful partnership with Roy Schilling and Bill Impey.

began a partnership   (パートナーシップを始めました)

At the end of the year it began a partnership to sell insurance under the Debenhams brand.

2007 he began a partnership with the public subsidiary structure AFK (System) of Vladimir Evtuschenko.

In 2009, SBISD began a partnership with Houston Community College Northwest, allowing students to take community college credit.

established a partnership   (パートナーシップを確立した)

In 1851, Harding established a partnership with Thomas W. Silloway.

He established a partnership with Niels Ryberg in the 1760s but it ended in 1775.

To enter the international arena, CAA established a partnership with ACFA in 2002.

developed in partnership   (パートナーシップで開発)

Curriculum is developed in partnership with teaching artists to fit the needs of the youth.

The FV2400 was developed in partnership with Hamilton Standard, which provided the digital engine-control system.

The design was developed in partnership with British Plastics and featured as a series in "The Motor Cycle" magazine.

partnership with local   (地元とのパートナーシップ)

In partnership with local South African communities, @lantic hosts a sevens rugby series for schools.

He moved to Chilton, Wisconsin in 1856, going into partnership with local attorney Harrison Carroll Hobart.

The club announced on 27 November that they had created a new partnership with local Premier League club Southampton.