other parts   (他の部品)

It then spread from Umbria to other parts of Italy.

In other parts of the law, they were less equal.

Wine was exported to other parts of the empire.

different parts   (異なる部分)

"Wagon Wheel" is composed of two different parts.

The tribe is present in different parts of Pakistan.

They were laid in different parts of the house.

various parts   (各種部品)

Pandab Goenda roam various parts of India to solve cases.

In 1997 and 1998, there were riots in various parts of Indonesia.

The Southern eagle ray lives on various parts of the Atlanta coast.

many parts   (多くの部分)

The Manor is made up of many parts from many eras.

This system was used in many parts of ancient Africa.

There are names for all the many parts of the orders.

all parts

Trains are available to almost all parts of India.

Nerve cells are found in all parts of the colony.

Savile had full access to all parts of the hospital.

body parts

Then Sikhandin cuts his bow and struck him in other body parts.

The drug is then absorbed by the membranes of these body parts.

As such, fighter's body parts could be switched and customized.

large parts

In 1707 a fire destroyed large parts of the old town.

Such kelp covers large parts of the seamount.

Its manifesto was in large parts authored by Hans Zehrer.

spare parts   (スペアパーツ)

This allows them to be used for cannibalization of spare parts.

The WFSS team trains the well manager and provides spare parts.

This shed also has a store with spare parts for the society's vehicles.

southern parts

It comprises the southern parts of the municipality Asker.

There a slightly less Muslims in the southern parts of Ghana.

The southern parts of the country have a Mediterranean climate.

northern parts

It grows in northern parts of the Atlantic Ocean.

It originated from the northern parts of Ghana.

to the industries located in the northern parts of India.

most parts   (ほとんどの部品)

An obelisk is seen from most parts of the ground.

Once they were found in most parts of Europe.

The drinking water project covers most parts of the VDC.

eastern parts   (東部)

Republican strength is still greatest in eastern parts of the state.

Most of the heights and all plateaus are situated in the eastern parts.

The central and eastern parts of the county have old desert poplar forests.

western parts   (西部)

It is most often seen in the western parts of the city.

Temperatures average in the western parts of this region.

The Red Guards lost the western parts of the town between 4 and 5 April.

certain parts   (特定の部分)

This species can be found in brackish water in certain parts of Australia.

In certain parts of Bar Beach, the land being reclaimed can already be seen.

Due to this, there has been a construction boom in certain parts of the city.

upper parts

The roofs were redone, as were upper parts of the basilica.

The upper parts of the west front were rebuilt in the 19th century.

The demarcation line between upper parts and underparts is ill-defined.

several parts

There are players from several parts of the country.

Robert Ripley travels in several parts of the world.

Just a few weeks into operation, several parts had to be replaced.

parts per

Seawater contains around 200 parts per trillion of selenium.

1 parts per trillion (ppt) (see swimming pool illustration).

Selenium makes up on average 5 parts per million of the soils.

small parts

He rose to play small parts at the Theatre Royal, Birmingham.

Some small parts of the text vanished.

She was given small parts in several movies while still a student.

moving parts

Aircraft with no moving parts produce a tone.

Everything from sparklers to complicated sets with moving parts are sold.

Arranging a wedding is a relatively complex affair with many moving parts.

well as parts   (部品だけでなく)

Washington, as well as parts of Highland Park and Glassell Park.

Of Cicero's books, six on rhetoric have survived, as well as parts of eight on philosophy.

It is an introduced species on the West Coast of North America as well as parts of Europe.

includes parts

It includes parts of Main, Court, and Morgan Streets.

The Zambezi basin also includes parts of Malawi and Tanzania.

lower parts

Vegetation on the lower parts is mostly rainforest.

There is good salmon fishing in the lower parts of the river.

The lower parts of such a tower are formed by one or three high arches.

equal parts

A stick of length is broken into equal parts.

She was equal parts gymnast, singer, dancer and even drummer.

Mixing equal parts by volume approximates the ideal C:N range.

guitar parts

The song features driving percussion, dark guitar parts, and strings.

Dave Davies, initially unimpressed with the song, added guitar parts.

"Close the Door" contains guitar parts akin to those of George Harrison.

main parts   (主要な部分)

There are two main parts, the upper and lower lake.

"The Lovely House" consists of three main parts.

The bodies of all types have two main parts.

both parts

A combined license for both parts was also sold.

In the export variety both parts of the eggs are used.

In 2013, FeeLee Records released both parts of Tarakany!

central parts

Ten miles of hiking trails span northern and central parts of the property.

The central parts of the batholith are fully grantic and include leucogranite.

At this point, the influence of the group had spread to the central parts of Bihar.

covers parts

Sattahip covers parts of "tambons" Sattahip and Phlu Ta Luang.

Setzler's district, the 35th district, covers parts of northern Cobb County, Georgia.

Ban Khai has township ("thesaban tambon") status and covers parts of "tambon" Ban Khai.

including parts

It consists mainly of forest, including parts of the Morton National Park.

Most of the skeleton is known, including parts of the jaw, torso, legs and tail.

A map of downtown Ottawa, also including parts of Lower Town, Sandy Hill, and downtown Hull.

major parts   (主要部品)

Mahallat was formerly divided into three major parts.

It is composed of four major parts.

The Railway station divides the road into two major parts, East and West.

included parts

It included parts of former Sebezhsky Uyezd.

The 13th district included parts of Detroit and Lincoln Park.

The district included parts of Clarke, Frederick and Loudoun counties.

parts per million

Selenium makes up on average 5 parts per million of the soils.

Ore grades as little as 0.5 parts per million (ppm) can be economical.

Selenium makes up 0.05 parts per million of the earth's crust by weight.

parts of southern

It also runs through parts of southern Quebec.

M. macrophyllum has also been located in parts of southern Mexico.

Summers are, however, not as warm as in other parts of southern England.

bit parts

Belmore played bit parts in several 1930s film classics.

In the rest of Waters' films, she's played both main and bit parts.

According to IMDb, Sencio had bit parts in motion pictures as well.

parts of northern

In some parts of northern Ghana, there exists what are called witch camps.

Moderate to severe flooding occurred over parts of northern Broward County.

Setzler's district, the 35th district, covers parts of northern Cobb County, Georgia.

important parts

The most important parts of the survey are analysis and evaluation.

They're important parts with serious people, important", he expressed.

The important parts for function are the N-terminus and the C1 and C2 regions.

all or parts

Powell appeared in 594 games played over all or parts of six Major League seasons.

His district included all or parts of Bledsoe, Coffee, Franklin, Grundy, Sequatchie, Van Buren and Warren counties.

With Hank Greenberg serving in World War II for all or parts of the 1941–44 seasons, the Tigers struggled to recapture the glory of 1940.

remaining parts

The remaining parts are now too small for canoes.

The remaining parts of the plant have many uses.

The remaining parts of the two rings became redundant.

auto parts   (自動車部品)

Important imports are consumer goods and auto parts.

Over 39 countries purchase Iranian auto parts (2008).

in 2004 and manufactures auto parts for various European manufacturers.

rural parts   (農村部)

In rural parts, there are numerous climbing lanes along the route.

Cooperative banks play a great part in providing credit in rural parts of India.

In the rural parts of Ecuador, indigenous beliefs and Catholicism are sometimes syncretized.

oldest parts

The nave and chancel are the oldest parts of the church.

The oldest parts of the church are Norman.

The oldest parts of the town are located on an east-west ridge.

vocal parts

Only two vocal parts are extant (soprano and alto).

One feature is the increasing syncopation in the vocal parts.

Funk bands such as Earth, Wind & Fire have harmony vocal parts.

component parts

The particles produce a scattering effect upon the component parts of white light.

The establishment was split into two component parts, "Valkyrie" I and "Valkyrie" II.

In a separate workstream, the service bogies were stripped down into their component parts.

separate parts

"Breaking Dawn" is divided into three separate parts.

Kismet has three separate parts.

Symphonic repertoire often involves separate parts for trumpet and cornet.

parts such

They make parts such as piston kits, stroker kits, valves and Plenums.

Some parts such as the axles typically ended up in other vehicles, e.g.

Batteries and electronics were concealed in opaque parts such as the handgrip.

played parts

He played parts of two seasons in the majors.

He played parts of two seasons in the major leagues, and for the Detroit Tigers.

He played parts of three seasons in Major League Baseball for the Detroit Tigers.

many other parts   (他の多くの部品)

Catalonia, like many other parts of Spain, had been devastated by the war.

Like many other parts of Eurasia, these territories were overrun by the Mongols.

The attack is not only directed at the joint but to many other parts of the body.

metal parts

Both the metal parts and enamel inlays are slightly worn.

Some kits have as many as 48 metal parts.

It includes transfers, brass etches and cast white metal parts.

only parts   (部品のみ)

However, only parts of the west wall remain today.

Initially, only parts of three buildings were open to visitors.

The Basel I accord dealt with only parts of each of these pillars.

constituent parts   (構成部品)

The liquid is then placed in a centrifuge until its constituent parts are separated.

Despite this, the constellation remained in use in parallel with its constituent parts into the 20th century.

The alternative “top-down” approach claims that fullerenes form when much larger structures break into constituent parts.

distinct parts

The town of Capranica consists of three distinct parts.

The work is divided into two distinct parts.

This week featured two distinct parts.

mechanical parts

The mechanical parts act by forming a varying electrical circuit.

Cyborgs may even have mechanical parts or bodies that appear human.

Ralston, who was in charge of developing the elevator cabs' mechanical parts.

remote parts   (リモート部品)

Gunn cut a number of well used tracks and erected huts in the more remote parts of his run.

Acidic deposits have been detected in glacial ice thousands of years old in remote parts of the globe.

Dogs have to be on the leash around the lawn but they are allowed off the leash in remote parts of the park.

all the parts

It required nine flatcars to completely load all the parts of the vessel.

The kit will typically contain all the parts necessary to complete the model.

A feature is considered sufficient if something has all the parts required by the definition.

new parts

Players can customize their vehicles, with new parts unlocked as they progress through the game.

Hulme had better reliability through the year, possibly due to Brabham's desire to try new parts first.

As well as building motorcycles from new parts, TGA also convert secondhand racing motorcycles for road use.

parts of western   (西部)

November was the driest on record in many parts of western Victoria and eastern Queensland.

In Najd and parts of western Arabia, a language known to scholars as Thamudic C is attested.

Tornado warnings were also issued, and a flash flood watch was declared for parts of western North Carolina.

replacement parts

The company designed and fabricated replacement parts for amusement park rides.

The two are functionally interchangeable and replacement parts for each are identical.

The goal is to have as many replacement parts as possible while keeping the vehicle as light as possible.

covering parts

16, covering parts of the Joka neighbourhood in the Indian state of West Bengal.

parts of eastern   (東部)

More specifically the Mosetse River discharges to Sua Pan, draining parts of eastern Botswana.

The North Vietnamese quickly overran large parts of eastern Cambodia, reaching to within of Phnom Penh.

Tukul Tukul is a term used to refer to round homes in Ethiopia, Sudan and other parts of eastern Africa.

parts of speech

Noun (disambiguation) Noun is one of the parts of speech.

It has long been known that there are different parts of speech.

Other parts of speech occur as bare roots, without special suffixes.

few parts

Mango production is currently concentrated in just a few parts of the regency.

Berawinnia Parish is one of the few parts of Irrara County that is unincorporated.

Despite sharing an engine family designation the 3VZ-E and 3VZ-FE have few parts in common.

parts of what

Augvald's kingdom further expanded to incorporate parts of what is today south-western Hordaland.

It was built in the Neo-Prussian style of fortification and enclosed parts of what is now the district.

It was noted in skeletal remains of Native Americans found in Tennessee and parts of what is now Olathe, Kansas.

found in parts

It is also found in parts of Europe and New Zealand.

It is found in parts of Western Africa, Central America and South America.

Large numbers of Vallelonghesi can also be found in parts of Australia and Argentina.

car parts

The cargo consisted of Ford car parts and other general cargo.

Inteva produces cables and latches and other car parts at the Salonta facility.

The company originally supplied car parts for BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and VW vehicles.

automotive parts   (自動車部品)

Fichtel & Sachs became a large maker of automotive parts.

JECS later expanded to manufacture many other automotive parts besides EFI systems.

Mitsuba Corporation, a major manufacturer of automotive parts is headquartered in the city.

aircraft parts

Additionally, the plant produces spare aircraft parts, radar units, and missile components.

The first aircraft parts constructed by OFM were for a Fiat contract and production started shortly.

It specializes in the design and manufacture of ultralight aircraft, aircraft parts and aircraft repairs.

bass parts

Bowed bass parts with a mute can have a nasal tone.

I put word out that I was re-recording the bass parts.

Some 35 survive, and they often contain very low and difficult bass parts.

individual parts

A ship's hull is composed of individual parts called "members."

A total of eight different sizes of saxtuba were required to play ten individual parts.

The coordinated system manifests properties not carried or dictated by individual parts.

integral parts

Belgium and Piedmont became integral parts of France.

About half are integral parts of Humboldt National Forest.

By late 1990, all four were integral parts of the White Sox.

smaller parts

She was also cast in smaller parts 1987's "P.K.

A native antigen is an antigen that is not yet processed by an APC to smaller parts.

cannot be divided into smaller parts) and thus forms the extreme end of a line is a point.

parts per billion

Tellurium makes up 9 parts per billion of the universe by weight.

Selenium makes up 30 parts per billion of the universe by weight.

The Sun has a concentration of 0.1 parts per billion (ppb) of beryllium.

through parts

It also runs through parts of southern Quebec.

The route runs through parts of Addison, Rutland, and Windsor counties.

"Hell Brook" runs near Littleover Community School and through parts of the Heatherton estate.

include parts

Places visited in the series include parts of Gaul (Lutetia, Corsica etc.

Other roles in TV include parts in "Heartbreak High" and "Home and Away".

[1]His other acting roles include parts in "Coronation Street", "Casualty", "Doctors" and "Where the Heart Is".

adjacent parts

They mainly live in the country's Gash Barka Region, as well as in adjacent parts of Ethiopia's Tigray Region.

The culture of the Torres Strait Islanders is related to that of adjacent parts of New Guinea and so their music is also related.

This event was the last of three earthquakes that ruptured adjacent parts of the plate interface, forming a northeastward migrating sequence.

significant parts   (重要な部分)

Tourism, financial services and shipping are significant parts of the economy.

By 1839 it was settled that the Hasselt canton of Limburg, plus significant parts of the other two, went into Belgium, while the rest remained in the Netherlands.

Later the Roman Empire conquered most of the region and spread Roman culture and the Latin language, but significant parts still remained under classical Greek influence.

specific parts

Balance types may be strong or weak to any of the others depending on specific parts.

In that case, they are assisted by junior Ministers who focus on specific parts of the portfolio.

They can be localized to specific parts of the body or be generalized to many different muscle groups.

more parts

Galen, following Plato's idea, came up with two more parts to the soul.

Fission Fission, a splitting of something into two or more parts, may refer to:

Three more parts came in 1925–26, including a five-month run in the comedy-fantasy "The Devil in the Cheese".

parts of central

On the night of the 28th/29th, was recorded in parts of central Scotland.

The shelling and the resulting fires left parts of central Dublin in ruins.

Hezb-e Islami Gulbuddin and Junbish-i Milli were able to hold parts of central Kabul during this time.

using parts

stet is implemented in JavaScript, XSLT and Perl, using parts of Request Tracker.

The building was demolished and in the summer of 1914 a new building was built using parts of the old building.

The armed forces were formed in 1992 using parts of the former Soviet Armed Forces on the new republic's territory.

no moving parts

Aircraft with no moving parts produce a tone.

Flash-based MP3 players with no moving parts do not require electronic skip protection.

On the plus side, these dryers are very simple, have no moving parts and do not require electrical power.

plant parts

Eggs are laid on dried-out plant parts, for example on dry sorrel stems.

The plant parts used for the dry powder or the extract are the bark, leaves or pods.

Many plants and plant parts are eaten as food and around 2,000 plant species are cultivated for food.

key parts

There are two key parts of first-order logic.

Stan Lee narrates key parts of the story.

Through this expansion the Kangju gained control over key parts of the Silk Route.

interchangeable parts   (交換部品)

He had not mentioned interchangeable parts at that time.

The carriages were standardized and built with interchangeable parts.

The CS125 is almost entirely different and shares very few interchangeable parts.


The trophy comes in three parts – the cup itself, plus a lid and a base.

The poem itself is divided into three parts – or "songs" [песни] – of roughly equal length.

New Panvel is divided in two parts – New Panvel East and New Panvel West, later called as Khanda Colony.

parts of both

It includes the Hamlets of Wallacetown, Duttona Beach, and the western parts of both Iona and Iona Station.

Sherbet has been used in parts of both the UK and Australia as slang for an alcoholic drink, especially beer.

The small onion orchid grows in damp grassland and meadows in montane and subalpine parts of both the North, South and Chatham Islands.

best parts

This was one of Wroughton's best parts. listed Peter and Maxie's relationship as one of the best parts of General Hospital in 2018.

Still archaeologists work on the Kerkouane site, but it is believed that the best parts have already been discovered.

multiple parts

He played multiple parts in "The Power and the Glory" (1958).

Entries can be recorded in one take or cut into multiple parts.

Information was obtained from multiple parts of the company website:

early parts

This style was common in the northern Maya lowlands from the Preclassic until the early parts of the Early Classic.

The pamphlets were contemporaneous with early parts of the American Revolution, when colonists needed inspiring works.

She saw fit to keep her grades up despite the pressures and time constraints brought on her during the early parts of her career.

parts of modern

These southern parts of Karelia is known to be the oldest parts of modern Finland with settlements.

Various Germanic tribes have inhabited the northern parts of modern Germany since classical antiquity.

The works reflect parts of modern art history, particularly the modern tendencies of Iranian art in the 1950s and 1960s.

spent parts

Bester spent parts of 11 seasons in the NHL, beginning in 1983–84.

Guest spent parts of his childhood in his father's native United Kingdom.

She spent parts of her early life in Argentina and Hungary before her parents settled in Vienna.

higher parts

There are two balconies that allow visitors to more easily view the higher parts of the globe.

The lower end of the village is swampy, and in the higher parts the soil is loamy and stony with good sun exposure.

It is an uncommon species found in two disjunct populations, in higher parts of each of New South Wales and Victoria.

parts between

Meanwhile a 13th edition of the entire "Systema" appeared in parts between 1788 and 1793.

A BBC TV adaptation of "The Box of Delights" was broadcast in six parts between 21 November and 24 December in 1984.

As there was no standardization of design or parts between manufacturers, each manufacturer's model was considered a different gun altogether.