pass through   (通り抜ける)

Total lunar eclipses pass through all three phases.

It was so soft so as to pass through a finger ring.

and most of these buses pass through swargate stand.

touchdown pass   (タッチダウンパス)

He caught ten passes for 78 yards and a touchdown pass.

He caught a 41-yard touchdown pass from Paus in the game.

Guard James Bryan caught the other, a 12-yard touchdown pass.

not pass   (通らない)

Most church schools did not pass this inspection.

However this did not pass the development stage.

However, she did not pass the interview stage.

mountain pass   (pass)

"Churam" is the Malayalam word for mountain pass.

A prominent mountain pass in the area is Sanju Pass.

To the west of the mountain pass is Spicers Gap State Forest.

pass deflections   (たわみを渡す)

He finished with 87 tackles, 5 interceptions and 27 pass deflections.

He played 12 games in 2013, and had 87 tackles and 2 pass deflections.

Over this time, Nickerson totalled 16 interceptions with 31 pass deflections.

did not pass   (合格しなかった)

Most church schools did not pass this inspection.

However this did not pass the development stage.

However, she did not pass the interview stage.

intercepted a pass   (パスを傍受した)

MLB Marvin Mitchell intercepted a pass and returned it for a TD.

Alvarez intercepted a pass in a game played between the Cornhuskers and the Badgers in Madison.

Georgia went ahead 15–14 after Ripper Roberts intercepted a pass and ran 60 yards for the touchdown.

failed to pass   (合格しなかった)

Both of these bills also failed to pass.

The amendment failed to pass with only 43% of voters supporting it.

However, this failed to pass the first reading in the House of Lords.

able to pass   (合格できる)

However, after returning to school, Taylor was still able to pass his final exams and graduate.

They are often built to be able to pass under bridges and have small crews of three to eight people.

Bobby, Marty, Adrian, and Jaron were not able to pass him, although Jaron fell only a few pounds shy.

pass to wide   (ワイドに渡す)

In Week 4 against the Seattle Seahawks, Hekker threw a 2-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Danny Amendola on a fake field goal.

Now at their 46-yard line, Pike then threw his second-longest completed pass of the game, a 38-yard pass to wide receiver Mardy Gilyard.

On the second play of the quarter, Kaepernick completed a 21-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Marko Mitchell, tying the score at 28–28.

forward pass   (フォワードパス)

The forward pass and end zones were adopted in 1929.

His specialty is the rifling of a forward pass.

The rules committee legalized the forward pass instead.

pass attempts   (試行を渡す)

Thomas intercepted two pass attempts by quarterback Donald Hollas.

He completed all six pass attempts for 55 yards and one touchdown.

Knight intercepted two pass attempts by Rams' quarterback Kurt Warner.

pass between   (間を通過する)

It is located in a narrow pass between Heldsberg and the Rhein river.

And these are only the comets that happen to pass between us and the star.

From there a trail leads southwest towards a pass between South and Middle Teton.

pass deflection   (たわみを渡す)

He ended the game with a career-high 8 total tackles and a pass deflection.

In his freshman year, Victorian finished the season with 9 tackles and a pass deflection.

He finished the season with 26 total tackles, one forced fumble, and one pass deflection.

pass legislation   (法案を可決する)

Its aim was to draft and pass legislation to fix the ailing Commonwealth.

The majority of a quorum is needed to pass legislation on the floor of the chamber.

In the absence of such confidence, the Government may fall or prove unable to pass legislation.

pass rate   (合格率)

Typically, selection has a roughly 10% pass rate.

(The master sommelier exam has an approximately 3% pass rate.)

With 216 students sitting the examination, the pass rate was 62%.

pass breakups   (別れを渡す)

Wade had an interception in the endzone, 2 pass breakups and 4 solo tackles.

He collected 43 tackles, 4 interceptions (tied for the team lead) and 5 pass breakups.

Switching to safely in 2017, Neal made 33 tackles and had a team-high 11 pass breakups.

pass to tight   (タイトに渡す)

Rodgers then completed a touchdown pass to tight end Andrew Quarless to win the game 27–24.

On the next play McElroy completed the drive with a 17-yard touchdown pass to tight end Colin Peek.

In the second half, Hostetler threw a 42-yard touchdown pass to tight end Rob Bennett to make it 24–10, which put the game out of reach.

pass interference   (干渉を渡す)

The play was initially flagged as defensive pass interference against Hitchens.

Cowboys safety Cliff Harris bumped Thompson and was called for pass interference.

Smoker threw an incomplete pass to Rogers in the end zone, but Michigan was flagged for pass interference once again.

first pass   (最初のパス)

It was Scott's first pass attempt and completion.

Nimodipine is metabolized in the first pass metabolism.

In the first pass, all single items (1-sequences) are counted.

came to pass   (通りかかった)

Fortunately, that eventuality never came to pass.

However Pasolini was murdered before this came to pass.

Which, inserted in expectation, came to pass in reality.

come to pass   (通り過ぎる)

In several ways, this hope did not come to pass.

That would come to pass during the Dinkins administration.

What mankind dreaded had come to pass.

pass laws   (法律を可決する)

Some cities attempted to pass laws which would limit or shut out Woolworth stores.

This group has the right to pass laws which align with the Constitution of the Haida Nation.

Legislatures can pass laws (called "mala prohibita") that define crimes against social norms.

years pass   (年が経つ)

Fifteen years pass, and Tina is engaged to wealthy Lanning Halsey.

The years pass and his son, Zeca grows up as one of Lívia's children.

Several years pass and Harry tries to elope with Jessie, but is foiled.

required to pass   (合格する必要があります)

Customers are required to pass security-checks.

Both Queen's Consent and Prince's Consent were required to pass the Measure.

Students are required to pass a license examination upon completion of their studies.

pass along   (通る)

pass along the streets of the town.

Many artists have been known to give art freely to each other, in an effort to pass along ideas, etc.

The final preliminary tournament held at the K-1 Japan event saw Musashi receive a pass along with Nobu Hayashi.

incomplete pass   (不完全なパス)

every time the visiting team throws an incomplete pass.

The play was ruled an incomplete pass by the referees on the field.

Tennessee quarterback Vince Young threw an incomplete pass on the play.

order to pass   (合格する)

He allows himself to be consumed by the Onyx Blade in order to pass on his power.

She usually appears in the game as a boss, and must clear her minigame in order to pass.

attempted to pass   (通過しようとした)

Los Angeles, California attempted to pass an ordinance in 1913.

Some cities attempted to pass laws which would limit or shut out Woolworth stores.

While out on the course, Redman caught up to Vaccarella, and attempted to pass him.

then pass   (その後、渡す)

She would take a lump sum for adoption and then pass the child on.

The eggs hatch in two to three weeks and then pass through five nymphal instars.

The server software must then pass this information through to the script somehow.

pass before   (前に通る)

Almost a decade would pass before Na Piarsaigh qualified for the championship decider in 2004.

Almost four months were to pass before the second consignment of seventy-one Spitfires arrived in Australia.

Over a decade was to pass before the Navy seriously undertook the development of target drones and pilotless aircraft.

not pass through   (通り抜けない)

It does not pass through any cities, though it comes within of Frenchglen.

Data being sent and received among clients does not pass through the server.

It may or may not pass through the center of mass, or it may lie completely outside of the body.

pass away   (亡くなる)

Tom Yawkey would pass away in 1976, and Carbo wept.

When Roselle was chosen for pilot testing, Bianca unfortunately pass away.

Muhammad along with his supporters from Banu Hashim, were cut off in a pass away from Mecca.

pass the bill   (法案を可決する)

However, the Senate did eventually pass the bill, regardless.

On December 3, it suspended its rules to pass the bill 261–129.

Entrusted with ensuring the bill's passage, Robinson began his attempt to get the votes necessary to pass the bill.

pass the time   (時間を過ごす)

Inside, two old men are telling stories to pass the time.

During that time, his father bought a guitar to let him pass the time.

While boards and tape machines were being installed, Eddie began working on synthesizers to pass the time.

pass from quarterback   (クォーターバックから渡す)

Against eighth-ranked Boston College, Scott caught a short screen pass from quarterback Chris Turner and ran 57 yards for a touchdown.

A touchdown pass from quarterback Joe Carbone to wide receiver Julius Wingate scored the Seawolves' first points with 1:51 left in the half.

On the next play, the Bearcats earned the game's initial first down with a 13-yard pass from quarterback Tony Pike to wide receiver Dominick Goodman.

allowed to pass   (通過を許可)

A player who can play a tile may be allowed to pass anyway.

Food and medicinal supplies would, however, be allowed to pass through the crossing.

At least some 20,000–30,000 Jews were allowed to pass through Spain in the first half of the War.

tried to pass   (渡そうとしました)

However, Amber tried to pass off her cousin's baby as Rick's.

He tried to pass it by closing onto it with the front of his SUV.

Oshima tried to pass Jarvis but became aware his tyres were too cold.

unable to pass   (合格できません)

So he was unable to pass the Pre-university course.

There were many alternative routes available for students unable to pass the TAAS.

In the absence of such confidence, the Government may fall or prove unable to pass legislation.

does not pass   (過ぎない)

It does not pass through any cities, though it comes within of Frenchglen.

Data being sent and received among clients does not pass through the server.

The charging port does not pass data, but does use the D± signals for charging port detection.

pass attempt   (合格試行)

It was Scott's first pass attempt and completion.

He completed 3 of his 4 passes, including a 15-yard pass on his second pass attempt.

Facing a 3rd & Goal at the 1, Holton Ahlers' jump pass attempt resulted in a fumble.

deflected a pass   (パスをそらせた)

In the game, Nitschke recovered two fumbles and deflected a pass that was intercepted.

In Week 1 against the Los Angeles Chargers, Leonard recorded 3 solo tackles and 4 assisted tackles and deflected a pass in a 24–30 loss.

In Week 8, McLeod recorded four combined tackles, deflected a pass, and an interception in a 33–10 victory against the San Francisco 49ers.

long pass   (ロングパス)

Wishart was next to score following a long pass by Daley.

Pike was stopped for no gain on a rushing attempt, then attempted a long pass downfield.

A long pass attempt fell incomplete, and Tech punted for the first time in the second half.

trains pass   (電車が通る)

Four trains pass the station daily, each way"."

The following lines and trains pass through or terminate at Estación Linares:

At the top of the lift hill, trains pass under a waterfall and drop to the left.

helped pass   (合格した)

They helped pass the Model Bird Law in 1903, protecting native birds from being shot and sold.

She took an interest in student safety, and to this end, helped pass stricter restrictions on cram school instructors.

Also in 1978, Holtzman helped pass legislation to expel more Nazi war criminals who had immigrated to the United States.

threw a pass   (パスを投げた)

WR Lucas Taylor took a reverse pitch and threw a pass to backup RB LaMarcus Coker.

Staubach dropped back and threw a pass directly at offensive lineman Herbert Scott, who caught the ball.

On 1st-and-10 from the 50-yard line, however, Council threw a pass that was intercepted by UConn's Justin Perkins.

pass a law   (法律を可決する)

The first issue contained a request to parliament to pass a law against wine fraud.

In 1809, Connecticut was the first state to pass a law allowing women to write wills.

through the pass   (パスを通して)

The road up to and through the pass is also used for biking.

The first overland mail stage run through the pass took place on April 6, 1861.

The Thai army managed to defeat the Burmese, who quickly retreated through the pass.

pass off   (追い越す)

However, Amber tried to pass off her cousin's baby as Rick's.

Unscrupulous or incompetent pet dealers sometimes pass off gold tegus as black and white tegus.

In the end the heroine and Nemours get together to write a second letter, to pass off to the queen.

free pass   (フリーパス)

The free pass car must pit with the lapped cars.

The policy concludes "Consequently, this policy is not a free pass for inclusion".

Each level contains an elite pass reward, and some levels also contain a free pass reward.

screen pass   (スクリーンパス)

I said 'Did you put Da'Rel in for that screen pass?'

On second down, a screen pass to Tony Hill only gained a yard.

I called a screen pass.

pass up   (渡す)

This is a soundtrack you cannot pass up".

Brewster told "The Hollywood Reporter" the next day, that she couldn't pass up the "SVU" gig.

He didn’t pass up the opportunity to get into the military football team to continue training.

pass down   (伝える)

We wanted to make a record you could pass down.

The song is based on the ideals that she would pass down to her kids.

They have no symptoms but may pass down the defective gene to their children.

pass each   (それぞれを渡す)

Bills must pass each house in order to become law.

A shoulder let vehicles pass each other.

His goal was to pass each bill for its face value in common transactions.

managed to pass   (なんとか合格)

It was only after a gap of two years that he managed to pass this exam.

Fighting by day and marching by night, they managed to pass through encircling German troops to finally reach Dunkirk.

This long pitstop allowed the Solar Productions Porsche 908/02 to take 1st- but Andretti had managed to pass Revson and take the lead back.

pass and returned   (合格して返却)

MLB Marvin Mitchell intercepted a pass and returned it for a TD.

In the championship game, Turner intercepted a Sammy Baugh pass and returned it 29 yards for a touchdown.

In the third quarter of a close game against New Mexico, he intercepted a pass and returned it 55 yards for a touchdown.

used to pass   (合格しました)

The "overhead pass" is used to pass the ball over a defender.

Three routes with four destinations used to pass through the loop all sharing the same track.

The A69 road used to pass through the village but now bypasses the village just to the north.

up a pass   (パスアップ)

Yet he managed to break through the lines of Sitawaka men and open up a pass.

On February 4, 2018, McLeod started in Super Bowl LII and recorded six combined tackles and broke up a pass in the Eagles' 41–33 victory.

On October 1, 2017, he collected a season-high seven solo tackles and broke up a pass during the Jaguars' 23–20 loss at the New York Jets.

pass near   (近くを通る)

A road leads over a pass near the peak at the Col du Ballon d'Alsace, .

SH-8 highway pass near the village and can be reached via Vengachuvadu from SH-8.

Planned to encircle Washington, D.C. roughly 10 miles out, the road would pass near Tysons Corner.

caught a pass   (パスをとった)

Cannon and Tyler each caught a pass for a touchdown.

Georgia's Smith next caught a pass and went 20 yards to the goal.

Mitchell, Wellington, and Taua each caught a pass for a touchdown.

off a pass   (パスオフ)

With 8:27 remaining in regulation Margetic notched his 6th goal of the playoffs off a pass from Rojas.

In week 12 against the Cleveland Browns, Lewis recorded his first career interception off a pass thrown by Baker Mayfield in the 41–24 loss.

In Week 17 against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Leonard recorded an interception off a pass thrown by Gardner Minshew II during the 38–20 loss.

pass without   (なしで渡す)

However, it is common for an entire show to pass without a call being taken from a listener.

McNaught had said that although it was unusual for so much time to pass without news, "every kidnapping is different.

Having only 28 days in common years, February is the only month of the year that can pass without a single full moon.

pass was intercepted   (パスが傍受された)

Rodgers' first pass was intercepted by Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

The first score came when a Red Dawson pass was intercepted by Hank Bruder, returned 45 yards for a touchdown.

With less than a minute left in the half, a Duffey pass was intercepted by Julius Lewis at the Texas Tech 44-yard line.

pass play   (パスプレイ)

Steckel then designed an option pass play with Wycheck in mind.

After a botched punt, a double pass play led to Payne sprinting around left end for Tulane's final score.

This reception currently ties the records for longest pass play from scrimmage with twelve other receivers.

short pass   (ショートパス)

Instead, he lobbed a short pass to Ingram, who was open in the end zone.

Preston Pearson took a short pass from Staubach and got the Cowboys to the two yard line.

After another short run and short pass, Maryland settle for a 24-yard field goal by Novak.

high mountain pass   (高mountain)

), is a high mountain pass on the eastern Kunzum Range of the Himalayas some from Manali.

Col du Lautaret Col du Lautaret () is a high mountain pass in the department of Hautes-Alpes in France.

Col du Glandon Col du Glandon () is a high mountain pass in the Dauphiné Alps in Savoie, France, linking Le Bourg-d'Oisans to La Chambre.

pass defense   (パスディフェンス)

Though the Steeler pass defense was one of its worst in decades, Blake played a role.

When the defense believes the opposing offense will pass the ball, they go into pass defense.

Despite this fearsome pass rush, the Chargers still finished 28th in the league in pass defense.

low pass   (ローパス)

Just south of the town is a low pass on the road from Urumchi southeast to Turfan.

The microphone was connected to the three audio filters for high, middle, and low pass.

A CSM circles the Moon as an LM ascent stage flies up from its low pass over the lunar surface with its engine firing.

trying to pass   (渡そうとしている)

This is referred to as passing or "trying to pass" depending how successful the person is.

In 1982 starred in the successful "Gabriel y Gabriela", on which she played the role of a young woman trying to pass as a man.

On 2 October 2006 Chervochkin had been part of a group of 50 national-bolsheviks detained while trying to pass the State Duma in Moscow.

pass interference penalty   (干渉ペナルティを渡す)

The lack of a pass interference penalty and the ruling of a touchdown via simultaneous possession became the source of immediate controversy.

Florida responded with a 67-yard scoring drive, assisted by a 15-yard pass interference penalty and 15-yard personal foul penalty called consecutively against Arkansas.

On the next Virginia Tech possession, three personal fouls and a pass interference penalty carried the Hokies downfield with Williams scoring on a one-yard touchdown run.

pass the exam   (試験に合格する)

Students have several opportunities to pass the exam.

At the end of the third year of secondary school, students pass the exam of the baccalaureate, which allows once it is successful to pursue graduate studies in universities and institutes.

pass defensed   (防御されたパス)

As a junior, he had 39 total tackles, 3.5 sacks, and one pass defensed.

He had 11 tackles and on pass defensed against West Virginia University.

As a freshman, he had 13 total tackles, one sack, and one pass defensed in the 2013 season.

single pass   (シングルパス)

He only threw a single pass for the Jets.

It can be the basis of a single pass authenticated encryption system.

They accomplished this feat 100% on the ground, racking up over 460 yards without completing a single pass.

pass a bill   (法案を可決する)

It was thus impossible for representatives of one community alone to pass a bill.

That means that the BIA can recognize a group and yield that group recognition or Congress can pass a bill recognizing the group.

In the following year, 1871, Shepherd was able to convince Congress to pass a bill that established the territorial government he desired.