Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

passed through   (pasado a través)

The 1998 Tour de France passed through Carrickbeg.

The railroad passed through a rich farming country.

Five people died in China when Goni passed through.

passed down   (Transmitido)

The villa was passed down through the imperial family.

Land was passed down from mother to daughter.

In 1551 it passed down to the Beccarias for a short time.

then passed   (luego pasó)

He then passed the flame to the first relay skier.

He then passed the Staff Course from 1946 to 1947.

It then passed into the hands of the Altieri family.

passed away   (falleció)

Tuấn Anh passed away at 4:23 pm on July 21, 2013.

The old has passed away; behold, the new has come."

He passed away at the age of 71 on 26 April 1983.

passed a resolution   (aprobó una resolución)

The Texas House passed a resolution to honor him.

In 2016, the rabbis passed a resolution supporting transgender rights.

The Connecticut legislature passed a resolution praising the crew of "Dexter".

bill passed   (proyecto de ley aprobado)

Ultimately, the bill passed the Senate unanimously.

The bill passed the Cortes with a 304 to 16 vote.

The bill passed in the House on July 22, 2014.

passed a law

On September 2, 1958, Congress passed a law (72 Stat.

On July 14, 1826 Congress passed a law calling for a new election.

However, in 1998, the legislature passed a law reorganizing the department.

passed legislation   (legislación aprobada)

The Regulation Law passed legislation on 6 February 2017.

Congress rapidly passed legislation that was signed by the president.

On July 15, 2016, Congress passed legislation to extend the FAA's funding.

time passed

As time passed, Houston's development focused westward.

As time passed, these titles and meanings may have merged.

However, as time passed coffins and their structures evolved.

law was passed

The first electoral law was passed in , and the second on .

The law was passed on March 1, 2014.

This new law was passed in 1965.

law passed

A law passed on 14 February formally abolished the Reichsrat.

Aviation Service Act The Aviation Service Act is a U.S. law passed in 1914.

He also wanted the repeal of a law passed during previous session that disenfranchised Mormons.

passed a bill   (aprobó un proyecto de ley)

On March 4, 2009, the state senate passed a bill endorsing the tunnel option.

In 2006, the state legislature passed a bill to return "Nanih Waiya" to the Choctaw.

On February 5, the Singapore Parliament passed a bill to officiate the new statutory board.

legislation passed   (legislación aprobada)

Subsequently, the legislation passed in 1976.

He then pushed forward and was able to get the legislation passed.

The Senate was expanded from 36 to 60 seats as a result of legislation passed in 1948.

government passed   (gobierno aprobado)

In 1996, the Zambian government passed the Disability Act of 1996.

Following the inquiries, United States government passed the Radio Act of 1912.

Later the government passed the requested laws and the revolt's leaders were released.

years passed

More years passed before Spider-Man's clone reappeared.

But as years passed, this support was slowly withdrawn.

As the years passed, his followers became more numerous.

legislature passed   (legislatura aprobada)

However, in 1998, the legislature passed a law reorganizing the department.

The Connecticut legislature passed a resolution praising the crew of "Dexter".

bill was passed   (proyecto de ley fue aprobado)

The bill was passed without committee hearings.

The bill was passed with a vote of 59 Y – 39 N.

The bill was passed by the Lok Sabha on 6 August 2015.

later passed

The motion was later passed by a majority of 67–46.

It later passed through the hands of numerous owners.

"Warren" later passed a hawser to "Mary" and took her in tow.

passed between   (pasado entre)

Years of insulting letters had passed between Timur and Bayezid.

Often months passed between episodes of the same series being shown.

She passed between Iceland and the Faroe Islands and into the Atlantic Ocean.

not passed

However, the bill was not passed by Congress.

He has not passed significant legislation."

However, the proposal to allow shorter trains was not passed.

estate passed

He had no children and his estate passed to his brother Thomas.

On his death (unmarried) the estate passed to his brother Francis.

He died insane in 1759 and the Coldbrook estate passed to his brother George.

laws passed

Succession is now regulated by laws passed by the National Diet.

For most former Nazis, the process came to an end with amnesty laws passed in 1951.

The legal foundation of the Canadian banking system consisted of a series of laws passed in 1870 and 1871.

passed before

More years passed before Spider-Man's clone reappeared.

Eighteen months passed before he was able start work again.

Sometimes many months passed before all the preparations were completed.

passed along

She relays an assignment that Nazir has passed along to him.

In 2018 she passed along the Dartford Creek to above Dartford lock.

He passed along information from Russian reports after his stay in Moscow.

passed without

The bill was passed without committee hearings.

This submission also passed without action from the SEC.

A year and a half passed without the pair recording new material.

eventually passed

The total expenses eventually passed $15 billion.

Stahelski and Leitch eventually passed on the project.

The newspaper eventually passed to the W.E.

having passed

On 30 March 1963 he returned from Loano to his parish after having passed through Como.

On February 21, 1994, he died of a stroke, having passed his 80th birthday by just over a month.

The opportunity to pelt Susie with something having passed, Calvin threatens to turn Hobbes into a rug.

passed laws

Solon passed laws limiting Aeginetan commerce in Attica.

States passed laws requiring its use.

The president must sign or reject newly passed laws within 15 days.

passed into law   (aprobado en ley)

However, these two bills were never passed into law.

The Act was passed into law on April 21, 1851.

California's Reader Privacy Act was passed into law in 2011.

passed down through   (transmitido a través de)

The villa was passed down through the imperial family.

Authority is passed down through a form of apostolic succession.

The full details of that incident had been passed down through the generations.

legislation was passed   (se aprobó la legislación)

The legislation was passed on 27 June 2002.

In 2002, state legislation was passed to swap NC 3 and NC 136.

Similar legislation was passed in Victoria but was never proclaimed.

successfully passed

He successfully passed the Ukda position.

This was one of the few (eight) referendum questions which were successfully passed.

In July 2009, it was reported that the B-2 had successfully passed a major USAF audit.

title passed   (título aprobado)

On his death the title passed to his brother Hon.

When he died, the title passed to his first son, Eric.

In 1784, the title passed to the Windisch-Graetz family.

subsequently passed

The city was subsequently passed under the control of the Roman Empire.

Baltimore subsequently passed a law in 1904, banning buildings higher than .

The second Lisbon Treaty referendum subsequently passed by a margin of 67% to 33%.

passed near   (pasó cerca)

The paper is passed near a pool of liquid ink with the opposite charge.

The center passed near Mauritius on January 8 as a tropical depression.

The paper was then passed near a pool of liquid ink with the opposite charge.

years have passed

Nine years have passed since "Before Sunset".

Scene 6 Several years have passed.

Two years have passed, with no word beyond a few random post cards.

unanimously passed

It was unanimously passed July 23, 2018 and will be enforced starting July 1, 2019.

In July 2012, the Columbus City Council unanimously passed a domestic partnership registry.

Parliament unanimously passed the 18th amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan, which implemented this.

passed the bar   (pasó la barra)

He studied law on his own and passed the bar exam.

In November 1844, Herndon passed the bar examination.

from UCLA School of Law and passed the bar exam in 1991.

already passed   (ya pasó)

But her best years have already passed, and she finally left chess.

The session retrospectively made all the decrees already passed since March 1933 legal.

But the caravan had already passed and the Muslims returned to Medina without any loot.

passed during

Three months have passed during which time René has been travelling with Armand.

He also wanted the repeal of a law passed during previous session that disenfranchised Mormons.

On the restart at lap 104, Marcos Ambrose was the leader, but was passed during the next lap by Kenseth.

passed both   (pasó ambos)

It has passed both houses of Parliament of Brazil.

The measure passed both houses of the legislature, but Patton vetoed it.

He retook the Foreign Service exam in 1963–64 and this time passed both exams.

when it passed   (cuando pasó)

This line lasted until April, 1871, when it passed into receivership.

Oakley remained in the Brundenell family until 1648, when it passed to the Mordaunts.

Although a strong storm when it passed over Okinawa, damage was less than initially feared.

property passed

Upon his death, his property passed to his heirs.

In 1562, the whole property passed over to the king.

The property passed to Wells Alvord Sherman, and then Wilson C Sherman.

passed an act

On March 23, 1868, the Legislature of California passed an act (Stats.

On June 19, 1862, endorsed by Lincoln, Congress passed an act banning slavery on all federal territory.

Bell passed an act directed against radical puritans in Barbados, suppressing "certayne sects and separatists."

resolution passed

If the resolution passed, the House would then vote to elect a new speaker.

The resolution passed with 23 votes in favour to 19 against, with 3 abstentions.

Other laws required a concurrent resolution passed by both the House and the Senate.

passed the bill

The Senate passed the bill 65–32 after midnight on March 23.

The Florida House of Representatives passed the bill unanimously.

Voters passed the bill in 1940.

finally passed   (finalmente pasó)

The amended Bill was finally passed by the Lok Sabha on 3 September 2012.

On 23 June a law was finally passed that stopped massive chaptalization of wine.

Parliament finally passed the Stamp Act in March 1765, which imposed direct taxes on the colonies for the first time.

act was passed

In 1906, an act was passed on the behalf of the nation's history and land.

This act was passed by the military dictator General Zia ul Haq who restricted the role of the Mayor.

The act was passed in 2010 to supply funds during 2011–2019 for pregnant students and parents in school.

passed around   (pasó alrededor)

Traffic passed around all four sides of the monument until the 1970s.

At the bottom of the run, the chains passed around diameter sprockets.

After the piece of coal has been passed around it is then set on fire.

parliament passed

On December 8, 2004, the parliament passed Law No.

In 2011, Israel's parliament passed a law requiring net neutrality in mobile broadband.

In 1917, the Norwegian parliament passed the first major standard for both Norwegian languages.

storm passed   (la tormenta pasó)

Meanwhile, the storm passed north of New Caledonia.

On August 5, the storm passed south of Jamaica.

A lighter storm passed over the farm on Friday.

passed through several

The volume passed through several editions, and the critics received it favorably.

It passed through several owners until 1995 when it produced its last bail of yarn.

"Yampa" passed through several owners and eventually purchased by the German emperor.

passed a motion

The school Debating Society passed a motion regretting the move.

The island's general council passed a motion in favour of their naturalization by a large majority.

The same day Kenyan parliament passed a motion urging the executive to send Kenyan defence forces to Tana River.

passed onto

The castle was passed onto Sir Valentine Browne following the death of its owner Donal McCarthy More.

With Tallis' retirement at the end of the season, the Broncos' captaincy was passed onto Darren Lockyer.

After the house was briefly passed onto the Burette family, the Baudier family had the house until 2003.

passed unanimously

The measure was passed unanimously by Congress.

The resolution was passed unanimously.

It had been passed unanimously (by all parties) in the provincial legislature.

laws were passed

Certain laws were passed at the insistence of the occupying forces.

The laws were passed on November 30 and came into effect on December 7.

However, both administrations fell before the proposed laws were passed.

resolution was passed

Thereupon a resolution was passed to censure Glenn.

However, neither resolution was passed.

The resolution was passed unanimously.

line passed

The line passed Nelson to the east as it descends along the hillside.

Unknown to the Wadigali, their dividing line passed through the parish.

The connecting line passed the original Town station, leaving it on a stub.

passed all

He passed all his life in the development of his tribe and Ziarat valley.

The test article passed all structural testing requirements before the airframe failed.

Once the blade has apparently passed all the way through the assistant the frame is released and removed.

house passed

He died in 1843 and the house passed to his only son Stanley Lowe.

Later, ownership of the house passed to the nephew, Robert T. Blazo.

Upon the death of Robinson in 1854, the house passed to his two daughters, who died in 1883.

station passed   (estación pasada)

Operation of the station passed to the London and North Eastern Railway in 1923.

The station passed to the Western Region of British Railways on nationalisation in 1948.

The station passed into the Eastern Region of British Railways on nationalisation in 1948.

passed back   (pasado de nuevo)

In 1965 it passed back into private ownership and has remained in the same family since then.

The needle is passed back through the beads above the warp threads to lock the beads into place.

By the mid-13th century, it passed back and forth between the Bishop of Como and the Russ and Rusconi family.

measure passed   (medida aprobada)

The ballot measure passed by a margin of 54.6% to 45.4%.

The measure passed both houses of the legislature, but Patton vetoed it.

The measure passed and the library began to serve all township residents as well.

titles passed

His titles passed to his cousin's son George William Finch-Hatton.

When he died the titles passed to his eldest son, the fourth Marquess.

On his death the titles passed to his eldest son from his second marriage, the third Earl.

passed off   (Pasado)

Sam plans to have Gilly sent to Horn Hill, with the baby passed off as Sam's bastard.

Although there were concerns about public safety, the occasion passed off peacefully.

Despite his claims, it was impossible to ratify the claim, and it was passed off as rumor.

passed the first

She passed the first round, but did not start in the semi-final.

In 1964 he passed the first state examination and in 1968 obtained a doctorate in law.

In response, Congress passed the first of a series of laws known as the Neutrality Acts.

passed a new

In September 2012 Panama passed a new copyright law (Bill 510).

In November 2007, the Israeli Knesset passed a new copyright law that included a U.S.-style fair use exception.

The Ontario Provincial Legislature passed a new Bill proclaiming April 9 Vimy Ridge Day throughout the province.

then passed through

The line then passed through Grenofen Tunnel (374 yards).

186th (2/2nd West Riding) Brigade then passed through to the next objective at Graincourt.

4th Canadian and 1st Polish Armoured Divisions then passed through to continue the advance.

passed up

Tony Rice was passed up by the NFL Draft on April 22–23, 1990.

The higher members of society consume most of the goods that are passed up the hierarchy as a tribute.

He then discovered boxing and passed up offers from National Rugby League clubs to focus on the sport.

passed just   (pasado solo)

Shortly thereafter, it also passed just south of Pagan Island.

It became a major hurricane on August 26 and then passed just north of Nassau.

Later that day, the low pressure area passed just south of Guadeloupe and into the Caribbean Sea.

bills passed

Of the 102 bills passed by the session, two were vetoed.

The Senate is responsible for debating and approving bills passed by the House.

The three budget reform bills passed the House and died in the Senate budget committee.

act passed

Just in 1938, a unified Czechoslovak road act passed.

In 1815, control of the town was passed to Prussia, by an act passed by the Congress of Vienna.

After the act passed, Buchanan said the changes were what "Floridians have needed for a long time."

when he passed   (cuando pasó)

Mr. Carnegie inhabited the estate until 1919 when he passed.

Walsh continued writing the gag strip until 1964, when he passed it on to Roy Williams.

Rix had his most successful season in 2003 when he passed for 3,107 yards and 23 touchdowns.

passed within   (pasado dentro)

On 1 October 2013, Comet ISON passed within of Mars.

The eye of the storm passed within eight to 15 miles of Grand Cayman.

Unknown to Rommel, his troops passed within of a major British supply dump.

time has passed

As time has passed, more artistic renderings of individual user logs have appeared.

Some time has passed and Soo-yeon has created a merged grave for Yoo-gun and his parents to visit.

However, felons may qualify for restoration of some rights after a certain period of time has passed.

ownership passed

From 1806, the ownership passed to merchant Kosikovsky.

In the 1990s ownership passed to Stoke-on-Trent City Council.

Griscom died in 1959, and ownership passed to his widow, Audrey.

estates passed

The abbey's estates passed into the possession of the rulers of Brandenburg.

When the estates passed into Christian ownership, settlements started to develop around them.

His estates passed to his brother, William Humphrys Archdale, who also took over the representation of Fermanagh in Parliament.

passed resolutions

Organizations of small businessmen passed resolutions in his support.

However, the Southern Baptist Convention passed resolutions rejecting this view in 1859.

Both the Guam Legislature and Saipan Congress had passed resolutions requesting reunification.

reforms passed

It came into being on January 1, 1999, as a result of the Polish local government reforms passed in 1998.

voters passed

On August 5, 1913, Oklahoma voters passed the Oklahoma Township Amendment, also known as State Question 58.

In 1996, Multnomah County voters passed a bond measure to renovate and modernize branch libraries in the system.

Finally, in May 1990, Cuyahoga County voters passed an excise tax on sales of alcohol and cigarettes in the county.

passed directly

The ball is passed directly from the passer's chest to the receiver's chest.

Aerial target ranges were passed directly to the HACS table (fire control computer).

Shortly before 1500 UTC on August 26, the center of Bolaven passed directly over Okinawa.

never passed

However, these two bills were never passed into law.

The bill never passed, but the Sisters found little support in Georgia.

The "Samson's" captain Carl Johann Ring never passed comment on the story.

train passed

The first revenue train passed through the tunnel in 1988.

When Zhang's train passed the bridge at 5:23 a.m. on June 4, the bomb exploded.

The railroad carried its first passenger in 1872, and the last train passed through Breesport on June 24, 1938.

passed an ordinance   (aprobó una ordenanza)

In May 1645, Parliament passed an ordinance allowing excommunicants to appeal the church's sentences to Parliament.

Parliament finally passed an ordinance to hold the assembly on its own authority without Charles's assent on 12 June 1643.

In 1995 the Borough passed an ordinance incorporating Iḷisaġvik College as a public and independent non-profit corporation.

recently passed

The group was inspired by Britain's recently passed Cruelty to Animals Act 1876.

The ordinance that had recently passed in Eugene was met with a different strategy of opposition.

Gillett fired her, despite her protest that this violated the recently passed National Labor Relations Act.

passed by both

Federal laws need to be passed by both houses.

The bill was ultimately passed by both the House of Delegates and Senate.

114 was agreed to and passed by both the House and the Senate on the same day.

castle passed

The castle passed to the house of Savoy in 1784.

The castle passed by marriage to the le Chen family.

The castle passed to the corporation of Dundee who made an attempt to demolish the castle in 1958.

state legislature passed   (legislatura estatal aprobada)

In 2006, the state legislature passed a bill to return "Nanih Waiya" to the Choctaw.

The state legislature passed a law that requires doctors to reveal information about the mental state of persons applying to buy guns.

Prior to the initiative's passing, the state legislature passed a law in 1971 defining legislative records as "correspondence, amendments, reports, and minutes of meetings".

manor passed

In 1418 the manor passed to the Clifford family.

In 1212 Baldwin died and the manor passed to his daughter Alice.

Through Cecily the manor passed into the hands of the Stanley family.

passed the state   (pasó el estado)

Gartrell passed the state bar in 1842 and began the practice of law in Washington.

A bill to replace the statue with one of suffragist Alice Paul passed the state Senate on February 10, 2020.

He read law with the San Francisco firm of Winans and Belknap, and he passed the state bar examination in 1877.

years had passed

Only four and a half years had passed since the last general election.

At the time, eight years had passed since the group last released an album.

Four years had passed.

passed the ball

In the 77th minute, Keenor, Ferguson and Davies passed the ball among themselves before playing it wide to Thirlaway.

Tenorio passed the ball to Chia, who shook off Ronald Tubid, and made the shot over the outstretched hands of Olan Omiping.

Fred Abel passed the ball to Bryan, who caught it just short of the goal line and walked into the end zone for the touchdown.

years passed before

More years passed before Spider-Man's clone reappeared.

Thirty-five years passed before further reforms were brought to the Japanese written form.

Another 10 years passed before the first haplotype-resolved human genomes began to appear.

ultimately passed

The yacht had ultimately passed through twelve owners.

The network ultimately passed on ordering it to series.

The network ultimately passed on the show.

government reforms passed   (reformas gubernamentales aprobadas)

It came into being on January 1, 1999, as a result of the Polish local government reforms passed in 1998.