passing through   (通過する)

After passing through the town, it enters the R.M.

There are no railway line passing through Melukavu.

For rays passing through the centre, it is zero.

passing yards

His passing yards rank 20th all-time for a season.

He ended his career at Miami with 12,013 passing yards.

Rivers finished with 294 passing yards and 3 touchdowns.

before passing

It then picks up SR 13 before passing west of Milan.

just before passing out in the doorway.

It crosses over the Mactaquac Basin before passing Tripp Settlement.

passing loop   (ループを渡す)

There are two platforms, one on the passing loop.

The station had a passing loop as shown by OS maps.

There is a passing loop here and a station building.

passing touchdowns

Davis is East Carolina's career leader in passing touchdowns.

He finished the season with a school-record 37 passing touchdowns.

Rodgers finished the game with 210 yards and two passing touchdowns.

yards passing

In Week 7, Rivers surpassed 30,000 career yards passing.

Alabama had zero yards passing in the game.

Hundley set a school single season record with 3,740 yards passing.

passing game

It was his first regular season 400-yard passing game.

The 1930s saw growth in the passing game.

He was comfortable on the ball, could play the passing game and was a good tackler.

passing away

The move was delayed however due to his grandfather passing away.

Paul viewed his present world as something that was swiftly passing away.

Khand remained an active member of the Labour Party until his passing away.

before passing through

From here, the route heads east through a rural area before passing through Coal City and Diamond.

It flows through a large lake and is joined by a stream from Holbeck Manor before passing through Salmonby.

S and S must, however, be measured at high-precision via fluorination to SF before passing through a mass spectrometer.

passing near   (近くを通過)

I-74/US 421 heads northwest towards Indianapolis, passing near Shelbyville.

US 5 continues north from Brattleboro, passing near the small towns of Dummerston and Putney.

After passing near Olsen Field, the road crosses a Union Pacific railroad line and crosses FM 2154.

passing between

It an important point in the trade routes passing between Peshawar and Swat.

Partners sit opposite each other, with play passing between teams every turn.

It is not unusual to find high waves passing between the island at high tide.

when passing   (通過するとき)

For example, a bug in a compiler can make it crash when passing some large source file.

Lewis first became aware of the distinctive wigwam designs when passing through Cave City in 1938.

It is the only participant that does not split up when passing by the officials and the army headquarters' tribune.

passing loops

The line was single, with frequent passing loops.

Both sections are single lines with passing loops at midway.

This both allowed for potential traffic and provided passing loops.

passing along

It was to be diverted, first passing along Devil's Tower Road.

They also play a role in storing and passing along ancestral knowledge regarding agriculture of the region.

This is the first known example of a living organism passing along an expanded genetic code to subsequent generations.

career passing

Drew Brees becomes the career passing yardage leader in Big Ten history.

In the game, Schaub overtook Shawn Moore's career passing record at the school.

He also completed 10-of-11 career passing attempts for 225 yards and 2 touchdowns.

without passing

to simulate a whiteboard that multiple users can draw on without passing a single mouse around.

It was not until the 1970s that comic books could be published without passing through the inspection of the CMAA.

Afonso Camargo left the PMDB in the first year of his new term and was candidate to the presidency of the Republic in 1989, without passing the first shift.

message passing   (メッセージパッシング)

Tasks can have entries for synchronisation (a form of synchronous message passing).

The prominent mathematical models of message passing are the Actor model and Pi calculus.

With asynchronous message passing the receiving object can be down or busy when the requesting object sends the message.

following the passing

6., C. 32), and replaced the catchment boards that had been created following the passing of the 1930 Act.

Lending criteria have been tightened following the passing of Money Laundry Law 80 in 2002 and Banking Law 88 in 2003.

This church was one of the first Roman Catholic churches built following the passing of the 1839 Catholic Emancipation Act.

passing of time

Likewise, their powers are waning with the passing of time.

Chopard chronometers and watches marked the passing of time at the court of Nicholas II of Russia.

With the passing of time and persecution, all the other versions of Anabaptism would die out in Moravia leaving only the Hutterites.

each passing

With each passing week victory became less likely.

Its impact continues to broaden with each passing generation."

Dr. Miller's school was becoming popular with each passing day.

passing south

The subspecies leap frog each other for winter, with more northerly breeders passing south of more southerly breeders.

After crossing into Schuyler County, NY 226 continues northeast, passing south of Mill Pond as a two-lane rural roadway.

Construction of Highway 7 began in the 1920s, passing south of the business section and through an underpass of the Canadian Pacific.

passing just   (ただ通り過ぎる)

The road continues east into downtown Angola, passing just to the north of Trine University.

Akeman Street Roman road bisects the parish east–west passing just north of Kirtlington village.

The storm later turned to the northeast, passing just offshore Cape Hatteras, North Carolina and Cape Cod.

mentioned in passing

Quantities, if given, are mentioned in passing.

It is also mentioned in passing in "The Tale of Genji".

However, again references to drugs were cut out, and only mentioned in passing.

passing off

Mack carried the ball into open space before passing off to Lavrinenko at the midfield stripe.

One can plagiarize even a work that is not protected by copyright, for example by passing off a line from Shakespeare as one's own.

In a video report by the BBC, Gregg Roman again criticized the restaurant for passing off opinion as fact, citing as evidence the restaurant's informational brochures, which included interviews with Palestinians.