Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

letters patent   (cartas patentes)

If this was mentioned in the letters patent, it could also be hereditary.

It was instituted under letters patent of Queen Elizabeth II dated 27 July 1980.

He was confirmed as baron by letters patent of King Louis XVIII of France in 1815.

patent application   (solicitud de patente)

The patent application was found in the 1990s in Moscow.

Diesel describes the cycle in his 1895 patent application.

His patent application was filed in 2014.

patent infringement   (infracción de patentes)

Affymetrix then sued Synteni for patent infringement.

LGE then sued Quanta for patent infringement.

This caused Prometheus to sue Mayo for patent infringement.

patent law   (ley de Patentes)

degree with a concentration in patent law in 1976.

He practiced patent law at a small firm in Fairfield.

is not a valid statement of patent law.

patent applications   (aplicaciones patentadas)

By 2012, 27 patent applications had been filed, all by foreigners.

Within a year, he filed several patent applications on these and other inventions.

Nonetheless, two patent applications unveil that the amino group can be changed, i.e.

patent rights

He has patent rights for six of his inventions.

The Tosco Corporation purchased its patent rights in 1952.

The design was so simple that King did not enforce his patent rights.

first patent

Parkes took out his first patent (No.

It was Brouwer, finally, who gave the theorem its first patent of nobility.

It was his first patent.

filed a patent

He filed a patent for an "ionocraft" in 1959.

On February 14, Gray's lawyer filed a patent caveat with a .

A year later, Harwick Johnson filed a patent for a prototype IC.

received a patent

Crown received a patent for the invention in 1974.

On 15 June 1928, Lerp received a patent in Germany for his invention.

He received a patent for his invention on March 17, 1896 (US Patent #556,711).

granted a patent

Corneliszoon was granted a patent for his crankshaft in 1597.

On November 23, 1893, she was granted a patent for the car heater.

In 1791, he was granted a patent ""Method of Burning bricks, Tiles, Chalk"".

patent office

That same morning, Bell's lawyer filed Bell's application with the patent office.

The result was an interference hearing at the patent office to determine priority.

The patent was be challenged, triggering another patent office interference hearing.

patent protection   (protección de patentes)

The first generation of GM crops lose patent protection beginning in 2015.

Lilly filed for patent protection on the compound which was granted in 1953.

Rohrabacher commented: "Make no mistake, 'first to file' weakens patent protection.

patent claims

However Tesla did not benefit financially, due to competing patent claims.

Both patent claims were initiated in Austria; and described the manufacture of RDX by nitrating hexamethylenetetramine.

The lawsuit was both for patent claims and alleged unfair business practices that led to Honeywell's monopolization of the RLG market.

patent was granted

The patent was granted, as number 807,871, on 19 December 1905 and assigned to Mills Novelty Company.

The patent was granted to Leavitt at his residence in Cabotville, Massachusetts, now part of Chicopee, Massachusetts.

A more limited varietal patent was granted to RiceTec in 2001 on claims dealing with three strains of the rice developed by the company.

patent medicine   (medicina patentada)

It was a patent medicine produced by the Zam-Buk Company of Leeds, England .

Hamlin's Wizard Oil, the underwriter of an early songbook, was nothing more than a patent medicine company.

Curtis decided to become a traveling salesman starting in 1850, selling additional products like patent medicine.

patent attorney

Patent matters would be handled by Hubbard's patent attorney, Anthony Pollok.

Calvin's father is a patent attorney (like Watterson's own father), while his mother is a stay-at-home mom.

Leonard Dyer Leonard H. Dyer (1897–1955) was an inventor, patent attorney, and yachtsman from Washington, DC.