Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

path through   (camino a través de)

Meanwhile, Italian infantry cleared a path through the mines to provide supplies.

A version of the game representing only one path through the game aired on Tokyo FM in 1997.

Thousands of trees were either uprooted or snapped along the tornado's path through the state.

career path   (trayectoria profesional)

Davis initial career path took him into a variety of jobs related to sports.

Assistant editing can be seen as a career path to eventually becoming an editor.

With live circus losing popularity, becoming a performer did not seem like a viable career path.

flight path   (trayectoria de vuelo)

A map of the flight path and waypoints were also shown in the simulation.

Misplacement of fletchings can change the arrow's flight path dramatically.

Motion of the vehicle along the flight path gives the horizontal increments.

along the path   (a lo largo del camino)

It has various shops that are distributed along the path.

Going further along the path would give better cutting tools.

If the data is found, it is cached on each node along the path.

path between   (camino entre)

This provides a short path between their IPv6 network and any Teredo client.

If the path between transmitter and receiver is blocked, transmission stops immediately.

Based on the exact location the best path between source and destination nodes can be determined.

shortest path   (camino más corto)

For this node the shortest path already has been found.

the exit conditions are met), the shortest path is evaluated.

If all nodes are locally consistent, then a shortest path can be determined as with A*.

cycle path   (ciclopista)

A cycle path runs through the northern part.

Nowadays the Houtweg is no longer a road, but a paved cycle path.

In the mid-1980s, the route was opened as a cycle path, now the Alban Way.

same path

Porky then rushes to the same path.

Rainwater flowing underground follows almost the same path as the lama's.

Meanwhile, Jim Deakins is traveling up the same path that Boone had taken.

path length

It has a 1,877 meters of path length and 1,925 meters of total length.

It is due to the 1.5 µm path length through water, which is very short.

The "internal path length" is the sum of the lengths of all unique internal paths.

bike path   (Ciclovía)

A paved bike path, the Riverfront Trail, runs the entire length of the park.

After the Cape Cod Rail Trail bike path crosses over and follows alongside the road for another .

The students of Lancaster High School have a bike path that connects to the Ohio University Lancaster Campus.

path towards

The group must help Maki avoid Kandori's path towards isolation and his current actions.

Board-riding stages put Klonoa on a fixed, continuously-moving path towards the end goal.

This purpose is an Islamic obligation, as science must be the basis for the path towards God.

own path

Yueniang decides to choose her own path in life.

However, Ariel decides to follow her own path.

Forging their own path rather than conforming to the system."

path along

A path along the Ridgeway has been in place since the 1970s.

A path along a wooded valley floor would be a typical example.

A narrow path along the small ravine leads to the rock cut steps.

path integral

This is also easy to see directly from the path integral.

and the path integral is a separate factor at each value of .

Also, the Feynman path integral discussed below would be ill-defined.

bicycle path

The loop section of the bicycle path is long.

A fenced park for deer and a bicycle path were established.

The section from Stord to Bømlo has a pedestrian and bicycle path.

different path

Pearce henceforth chose to follow a different path.

Dostoevski took a different path by highlighting its tragic aspect.

Keynes gets an equivalent result by a different path using one of his relations between elasticities.

new path

Additionally, a new path exists where a former bonfire once stood.

He went with optimism and hope, seeing China as then being on a new path.

Jadis lets Negan go; he offers her to come with him and follow a new path, but she refuses.

narrow path

It is attached to the mainland only by a narrow path.

A narrow path along the small ravine leads to the rock cut steps.

The task was to walk on a very narrow path in complete darkness with strobe lights flashing in their face.

path leading

For case #2, a path leading out of the area exists.

The grave lies on the wall on the south path leading to the Jeanfield section.

A double staircase connects the main platform from the path leading to the Gardens.

right path

to post about the great person in each one's life who guides them on right path.

Any one who does so will go to hell, because the Yamani calls to the right path."

An envoy was sent to bring Jauhar back to the right path, but the mission was a failure.

path across   (camino a través)

In the second section of the book, Reader traces the potato's path across the Atlantic Ocean.

Snow can obscure the path across the glacier and erase foot tracks if you're trekking without a guide.

On the night of March 2, 2012, the airport was struck by an EF3 tornado that tore a path across the county.

free path   (camino libre)

the mean free path of molecules is comparable to the size of the equipment.

This region, several mean free path lengths thick, is called the Knudsen layer.

This reduces the mean free path and reduces the thermal conductivity of nanotube structures.

along its path

Fox never affected land along its path.

The road is a windy, curvy road which has many houses along its path.

Construction of the Beltline has stimulated new and related development along its path.

path leads

Each path leads to different enemies during random encounters.

Or the old shepherds’ path leads from above Fornside to Calfhow Pike.

A marked path leads to Gangsåstoppen from the car park at the end of the "Toppenveien" road.

mean free path   (camino libre medio)

the mean free path of molecules is comparable to the size of the equipment.

This region, several mean free path lengths thick, is called the Knudsen layer.

This reduces the mean free path and reduces the thermal conductivity of nanotube structures.

follow the path

The AC-130J will follow the path of the Dragon Spear program.

Mariel and her companions follow the path and enter a dense forest.

Several roads and railroad lines follow the path of the Sendai River.

walking path

On your way to the farm you run across a man who has passed out on the walking path.

Some are located along the walking path, and others are within Hart's Woods along a boardwalk.

A 1.3 mile bike and walking path lines the lake and are used as a recreational area for the surrounding community.

former path

A business route is signed on the former path of the highway.

Its former path from Dawson to Jekyll Island was redesignated as part of SR 520.

direct path

The major centers of Buddhism were in north India and the direct path of the Muslim armies.

The new gates allow a more direct path down a slalom course through the process of cross-blocking or shinning the gates.

Indirect effects cannot be "controlled" because the direct path cannot be disabled by holding another variable constant.

spiritual path

Tapas is an element of spiritual path, state Indian texts.

Buddhism is not a spiritual path of protector-worship, or even Buddha-worship.

He taught a spiritual path that included ethical training and meditative practices such as "jhana" and mindfulness.

along a path

The crash killed the pilot and destroyed about 1000 trees along a path about wide and long.

The Šimen Slide Mass Grave () lies above the road and is a clearly visible mound along a path.

The first test occurred on December 2, 1957, along a path from South Dakota to International Falls, Minnesota.

follows the path

Pennsylvania Route 272 follows the path from Wakefield to Oak Hill.

Amshuman follows the path which his uncles took to the nether world.

Part of this route follows the path used by the workers to reach the quarry.