different paths   (異なるパス)

The three of them leave, all taking different paths.

"The Witcher" contains three different paths, which affect the game's storyline.

When they leave the convent, however, their lives follow two very different paths.

walking paths   (散歩道)

The park has several walking paths through it.

The chateau's grounds also contain a forest of native and exotic species, with walking paths.

It has jogging tracks, walking paths, roller blading enclosure, refreshment stand, and playground.

cross paths   (クロスパス)

Scott joins the football team, which causes him to cross paths with Chris.

People from all statuses and walks of life cross paths at the coffee shop.

As fate would have it, the younger generation cross paths and love blossoms.

crossed paths

He's known about me but we haven't crossed paths...

He's known about me but we haven't crossed paths.

Whitman and Edgar Allan Poe first crossed paths in Providence in July 1845.

career paths

David asks Don for advice about career paths within the FBI.

After the break-up, the two men took wildly differing career paths.

A year after they formed, they decided to part ways to pursue different career paths.

paths through

These can be physical paths through motion (e.g.

The park has several walking paths through it.

The falls are accessible via natural paths through the preserved woodland of the SSSI.

bike paths   (自転車道)

The hamlet also has several roads with bike paths or lanes.

Melbourne's bike paths are often easily accessed from its train system.

Both share open community areas, a Montessori school, parks, and bike paths.

crosses paths

Romeo (Stephen Chow) is a mediocre con artist who crosses paths with Betsy Kwan (Teresa Mo), a fellow con artist.

Oedipus later crosses paths with Laius and gets into a fight and, not knowing that Laius is his father, kills him.

At the bar, John crosses paths with Trevor, the man who fired him, and Tammy Strate, the woman with whom he had his affair.