İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

evolution or pattern   (evrim ya da kalıp)

The place is important in demonstrating the evolution or pattern of Queensland's history.

same pattern   (Aynı desen)

Other union republics followed the same pattern.

The same pattern was seen on the Aberdare UDC.

The same pattern is also seen in other tyrannosaurids.

pattern recognition   (desen tanıma)

They can also be seen as secreted forms of pattern recognition receptors (PRRs).

Ripley has made contributions to the fields of spatial statistics and pattern recognition.

Thus, Kraepelin's system is a method for pattern recognition, not grouping by common symptoms.

similar pattern   (benzer kalıp)

The Blue Nile has a similar pattern.

(The aircraft of 724 sported a similar pattern but in blue/yellow

Books follow a similar pattern.

grid pattern   (ızgara deseni)

Streets in downtown follow a grid pattern.

St Columb's Cathedral does not follow the grid pattern reinforcing its civic status.

The grid pattern chosen was subsequently much copied in the colonies of British North America.

color pattern

Its color pattern is yellowish with small ruddy spots.

Its color pattern is olive-brown or cinereous.

Its color pattern is light yellowish ruddy, paler below.

design pattern

However, its core envelope/head/body design pattern is useful for Ajax style APIs.

For example, this programming process can be used for prototyping a new design pattern.

Design pattern A design pattern is the re-usable form of a solution to a design problem.

service pattern

The service pattern is as follows: 15 tph to Lewisham, calling at Lewisham only from platform 1.

On 9 November 2018, STASY decided to reinstate the original service pattern, from 10 November 2018.

The typical off-peak weekday service pattern is: London Buses routes 230 and W16 serve the station.

general pattern   (Genel desen)

There are exceptions to this general pattern (e.g.

This is just a general pattern, which knows several exceptions.

Postwar issues followed the general pattern for the Portuguese colonies.

diffraction pattern   (kırınım deseni)

For example, the double-helical structure of DNA was deduced from an X-ray diffraction pattern that had been generated by a fibrous sample.

Producing an image from a diffraction pattern requires sophisticated mathematics and often an iterative process of modelling and refinement.

Diffracted X-ray or neutron beams cannot be focused to produce images, so the sample structure must be reconstructed from the diffraction pattern.

pattern matching   (kalıp eşleme)

This template is based on join-calculus and uses pattern matching.

Classifiers are functions that use pattern matching to determine a closest match.

It demonstrates one of the key features of TREE-META, which is tree pattern matching.

camouflage pattern   (kamuflaj deseni)

The insignia is two inverted chevrons, in red or camouflage pattern, depending on the dress.

MARPAT was designated as the future camouflage pattern to be used on combat uniforms of the AFBiH.

The camouflage pattern in clothing was developed to help military personnel be less visible to enemy forces.

interference pattern

Changes in the path lengths of both waves result in a phase shift, creating an interference pattern.

2) so that the wires lie in the dark fringes of an interference pattern which is produced by the dual pinhole setup.

Yet, several external causes—globally denoted as noise—change the interference pattern perpetually and significantly.