paved the way

This meeting also paved the way for the Irish Cup.

This victory paved the way for Muslim rule in Bengal.

Purniah thus paved the way for the succession of Tipu.

paved road   (舗装道路)

A paved road reaches the top of the volcano.

It not only has a Co-Op, but also a section of paved road.

It is the highest paved road in Malaysia.

paved roads

The country would reach 200,000 km of paved roads in 2000.

The Bahamas contains about of paved roads.

There are no paved roads to the beach.

paved runway   (舗装された滑走路)

It has one paved runway designated 09/27 which measures .

It got a paved runway in 1963 and a terminal building in 1969.

Near Kumanovo is Adzi Tepe Airport which is without a paved runway.

asphalt paved

It has two asphalt paved runways: 9/27 is and 18/36 is .

Picacho ARNG Heliport has four asphalt paved runways/helipads:

It has one asphalt paved runways designated 17/35 which measures .

paved runways   (舗装された滑走路)

However, only three had paved runways, as of 2005.

In 1999, Cyprus had 12 airports with paved runways.

There are 25 airports, seven of them with paved runways.

route was paved

The route was paved at the time it was marked.

By 1940, the entire route was paved.

The next year, of the route was paved from West Point southwards.