Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

peace treaty   (tratado de paz)

Rashid was again a CPM delegate to the peace treaty.

According to the peace treaty Ethiopia then pulled out.

The peace treaty was signed at a place named St. Martin.

peace process   (proceso de paz)

The party's platform on the peace process is simple.

He was also known for endorsing the Cyprus peace process.

Continued fighting threatened to derail the peace process.

peace talks   (conversaciones de paz)

Thus, peace talks could commence.

Premadasa hosted LTTE leaders at Sucharitha for peace talks in 1989.

He called for peace talks.

peace between   (paz entre)

This marriage ensured peace between Cologne and the Mark.

The newborn finally lead to peace between the two Families.

A peace between the Duchy and the Eastern Empire was signed in 680.

peace agreement   (acuerdo de paz)

He agreed to a peace agreement for 600,000 dinars.

The motivations for the Soviet peace agreement with Finland are debated.

In 2005 a comprehensive peace agreement (CPA) was signed by both parties.

make peace   (hacer las paces)

He tells her he will go to Big Jim to make peace.

Meanwhile, Julia tries to make peace with Amy.

Olenka and Kmita are reunited and make peace.

peace negotiations

Serious peace negotiations began in the spring of 299.

After many conflicts, in 1845 peace negotiations ended the war.

In 1633 Murga attempted peace negotiations with the Palenque of Limón.

made peace

In 1762, Prussia made peace with Sweden and Russia.

After 20 months he made peace with Tripoli.

world peace

...we are really going to have world peace!

The final act of the conference was a resolution to defend world peace.

The Club's aim was to "help in the struggle for world peace and against fascism".

peace and security

To ensure peace and security for the neighbouring tribes.

Sisi in turn reiterated his administration's support for the Somali authorities' peace and security initiatives.

Therefore, immediate steps must be taken to restore order, peace and security in Quebec, and reconcile God with his people.

peace conference   (conferencia de paz)

The war ended in a Dutch victory, and Prince Diponegoro was invited to a peace conference.

Most were killed in an airplane crash en route to a peace conference in Beijing in late August.

The United States government brought the issue to a head at a peace conference held in Los Angeles.

international peace

There followed almost four decades of international peace in Europe.

He was a prominent fighter for civil rights and an international peace activist.

Despite his efforts towards international peace, Carnegie faced many dilemmas on his quest.

keep the peace   (Mantén la paz)

He said he managed to keep the peace only "through a little money and friendship".

If compensation could mollify families' feelings, this would help to keep the peace.

It was also built to keep the peace among the local British Iron Age tribe, the Silures.

peace movement

Nationally END played a major role in the British peace movement of the 1980s.

He called her Mother of Nations, as she was the first ally of his peace movement.

One teacher had worked for a Quaker nonviolence peace movement, serving as a grassroots organizer.

peace activist   (activista por la paz)

He was a prominent fighter for civil rights and an international peace activist.

Her daughter Jean Hinton Rosner (1917-2002) was a civil rights and peace activist.

On 6 February 1945 the reggae musician and peace activist Bob Marley was born there.

bring peace   (traer paz)

It's not anything to rely on to bring peace to Somalia.

He explains that this is the only way to bring peace to the world.

O honoured king, bring peace".

peace and prosperity   (Paz y prosperidad)

Under Octavian, Rome enjoyed a long period of relative peace and prosperity.

During this period peace and prosperity ensued, and the Emperor received the title .

The Jeju Forum is a regional multilateral dialogue for promoting peace and prosperity in Asia.

signed a peace

During his reign, Venice signed a peace with Genoa.

The ruler of Tabaristan then signed a peace treaty with the Caliphate.

643, Uthman ibn Abi al-As seized Bishapur, which signed a peace treaty.

peace and stability   (paz y estabilidad)

His rule was a period of peace and stability in both of his realms.

Finally, with peace and stability, the colony of North Carolina could begin to grow.

In the beginning of the 15th century, the country entered a period of peace and stability.

peace settlement

The British occupation ended as part of the peace settlement of the Seven Years' War.

The Korean War of 1950–1953 ended with an armistice agreement but not a peace settlement.

The peace settlement of the First Balkan War proved unsatisfactory for both Serbia and Bulgaria.

relative peace   (paz relativa)

Hendricks spent the last of her years in relative peace and anonymity.

Under Octavian, Rome enjoyed a long period of relative peace and prosperity.

The reign of Augustus initiated an era of relative peace known as the "Pax Romana".

peace deal

He is also not a possible candidate for an exchange peace deal.

Ethiopian troops withdrew as part of the terms of the peace deal.

The war ended with a peace deal brokered by the League of Nations.

lasting peace   (paz duradera)

In 356, however, the Romans made serious overtures towards a lasting peace.

Creating an environment of lasting peace is the primary goal of creative peacebuilding.

Meanwhile, a lasting peace with France was made in 1558 and the initial invasion threat passed.

promote peace   (promover la paz)

Kant outlined the idea of a league of nations that would control conflict and promote peace between states.

Its mission is to promote peace, tolerance and understanding among people of different faiths and cultures.

There is also a synodal Programme Office which seeks to protect and promote peace, justice, harmony and dignity of life.

peace treaties   (tratados de paz)

He signed peace treaties with Solor, Bantam and Mataram.

The Germans opposed these plans due to their peace treaties with Lenin.

In these cases, the applicable law was bound in peace treaties among the states.

live in peace

They are able to live in peace, no longer fearing pirates.

Finally, she can live in peace.

The Tamil people must be allowed to live in peace and flourish in their homeland."

separate peace

The colony made a separate peace that respected its internal status quo.

Moreover, the Hermunduri were broken in the Marcomannic Wars and made a separate peace with Rome.

At the same time, an initiative by Sokollu Mehmed Pasha to achieve a separate peace with Venice, foundered.

maintain peace   (mantener la paz)

The guardians used the three objects to maintain peace throughout the kingdom.

Aisha, meanwhile, is more mellow and conciliatory, and tries to maintain peace.

Til Hemdun, Marash and Behesni were given to the Sultan in order to maintain peace.

war and peace

Their office in times of war and peace .

The iconography of the Arch centers on images of war and peace.

Decisions of war and peace were to be made only by a common Landtag.

period of peace   (periodo de paz)

His rule was a period of peace and consolidation.

After a period of peace, the cycle recurs.

His rule was a period of peace and stability in both of his realms.

peace of mind

He prayed to God for blessing and for peace of mind.

Cessation is "nirvana", "blowing out", and peace of mind.

Even after the marriage, Nandakumar was not able to find any peace of mind.

sued for peace   (demandado por la paz)

Therefore, on 7 May 1918, Romania sued for peace.

He then moved upon the Derbani, who sued for peace.

In despair, the Carthaginians sued for peace.

peace treaty between

He helped to bring about a peace treaty between them and the ruler of Kiev.

Hjelt signed a peace treaty between Germany and Finland in Berlin on 7 March 1918.

In 927 Pope John X sent his legates to mediate a peace treaty between Croats and Bulgarians.

restore peace   (restaurar la paz)

Successive popes tried to restore peace, but in vain.

Such a war could not be pre-emptive, but defensive, to restore peace.

Khamfan fought in battles along with his brothers to restore peace in Lanna.

peace and order   (paz y orden)

Aside from countries experiencing problems with peace and order.

Sahaphum Party particularly accused the government of failing to provide peace and order.

The German explorer Paul Reichard, who visited the Ufipa around 1882, said that "calm, peace and order" reigned within the Fipa state.

peace terms

The new Emperor sought peace terms from the Allies, but his initiatives were vetoed by Italy.

In 1953, he threatened to use nuclear weapons until China agreed to peace terms in the Korean War.

When discussing peace terms, Abu Kalijar in turn addressed Jalal in a letter with the title "Shahanshah".

peace through

Commius escaped and sued for peace through intermediaries.

He spent much of 1915 and 1916 in Europe, trying to negotiate peace through diplomacy.

The mission of the Peace Alliance is to establish a culture of peace through civic engagement.

peace and harmony   (paz y harmonia)

She encouraged peace and harmony in all people.

Australians let us all be one, with peace and harmony.

The organisation also conducted prayers for peace and harmony.

peace officer

Parole Officers have peace officer status statewide pursuant to .

DHS special officers graduate from peace officer academy at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement officers received peace officer training in addition to investigator training and firearms training.

peace officers

His brothers Sam, Ike, Rufe, and Newton were all peace officers in some capacity.

As peace officers, the troopers may arrest any person detected by them violating any law of the state.

DHSPD officers are peace officers after completing training course and various Academic, Physical tests.

sue for peace   (demandar por la paz)

Shortly thereafter, the Turks sue for peace, and negotiations commence.

On 4 September, the Dey sent Jean Le Vacher to Duquesne to sue for peace.

However, Leofgar lost the battle and his life, and Edward had to sue for peace.

peace plan

She has also covered the peace plan process in Northern Ireland, the Women's World Cup Championship and the 1994 Northridge earthquake.

The British cabinet sent Sir Stafford Cripps to India with a specific peace plan offering India the promise of dominion status after the war.

In August 1959 he made a visit to Russia and later visited Vietnam in 1965 where he travelled to Ho Chi Minh where he presented an outline for a peace plan.

negotiate a peace   (negociar una paz)

Back in Athens, the Spartans tried to negotiate a peace.

The attempt to negotiate a peace via the Soviet Union came to nothing.

His task was to negotiate a peace treaty and a border delimitation with the Alawite emperor.

peace and justice

The AFSC is an international Quaker peace and justice organization.

Fraser also served Northumberland County as justice of the peace and justice in the Inferior Court of Common Pleas.

The Congregation serves in ministries education, health care, pastoral and retreat ministry, the arts, social work, ecology, and peace and justice advocacy.

negotiate peace   (negociar la paz)

She was then sent by him to negotiate peace with Florence.

Failing to negotiate peace, Sittas started active fighting.

", in futility to negotiate peace.

making peace

They recommended making peace.

These finds hint at the cost involved in making peace with the Vikings.

Hagen and Dana become a couple and after making peace with Marlene, the two get married.

disturbing the peace   (disturbando la paz)

Belov was later indicted for disturbing the peace.

The police then charged him with disturbing the peace and resisting arrest.

Braide was arrested in March 1916 on charges including disturbing the peace.

times of peace

In times of peace, it is usually held only as an honorary rank.

These numbers were only feasible in times of peace, however, and dwindled in time of conflict.

During times of peace they were instead required to provide labour for other activities of the state.

peace accord   (acuerdo de paz)

A peace accord was signed on November 6, 1835.

Although a peace accord was signed in 1997, the region remains militarised.

In February 2000, another branch of FRUD signed a peace accord with the government.

years of peace

The Segrétain family lived 2 years of peace.

After invasions from Manchuria, Joseon experienced nearly 200 years of peace.

After a few years of peace, the Ottoman Empire attacked the Habsburg Monarchy again.

time of peace

Until then, wine was not part of the soldier's routine in time of peace or war.

He resigned on December 1, 1866, "unwilling to endure army life in time of peace."

They also took advantage of the time of peace to declare an island-wide Kolhii tournament.

negotiated peace

Peter was in Genoa at the time and negotiated peace.

Vishnuvardhana later negotiated peace, and married his daughter Shila-mahadevi to Dhruva.

As a result, the Carthaginian nobility negotiated peace and replaced their old monarchy with a republic.

peace among

It was also built to keep the peace among the local British Iron Age tribe, the Silures.

On 17 April 1856, the chiefs signed a convention where the promised to attempt to maintain peace among the Marabout villages.

Buffalo also said that, unlike the British before the War of 1812, the U.S. Government had not done enough to help maintain the peace among the tribes.

no peace

At last he confessed that he had had no peace since then.

But there is no peace when mysterious fires begin to blaze across the vulnerable city.

Whenever he visits his native place, even there he feels no peace because nothing remains permanent for him.

find peace   (Encontrar paz)

She then relocated to San Francisco, USA with her children to find peace.

Idealistic young Mary captures Wilbur's heart, and may be able to help save his life or help him find peace.

The mood of Bihagara is that of extreme sadness and pain, which gives rise to the need to find peace and understanding.

promoting peace

She had received the award in 2005 for promoting peace and democracy in Burma.

As such, he believes that he's "doing God's work" when promoting peace and reconciliation.

The Company of Eight is a group of eight adventurers dedicated to promoting peace in Tethyr.

public peace   (paz publica)

Domestic violence was also tolerated in historical England as long as it did not disturb public peace.

In 1471, he participated in the public peace of Nuremberg and fought against the robber barons in the area.

It is illegal for anyone to display drawings, posters, photographs, or other items that may disturb the public peace.

peace agreements

At the same time, Portugal made peace agreements with England, France and the Netherlands.

Despite peace agreements with the government of Mali in 1991 and 1995 a growing dissatisfaction among the former Tuareg fighters, who had been integrated into the Military of Mali, led to new fighting in 2007.

Founded in 1948, Israel was a 28-year-old country in 1976, giving the line "I've been alone for almost thirty years" an extra meaning- since it gained independence Israel was isolated in the Middle East, surrounded by hostile Arab countries (Egypt and Jordan signed peace agreements with Israel since then).