İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

highest peak   (En yüksek tepe)

The highest peak, at , is part of a triple volcano.

The highest peak is Mount McKinley/Denali in Alaska.

The highest peak in the range is Dixie Mountain at .

reached its peak   (Zirveye ulaştı)

Two weeks later, it reached its peak at number two.

Militia activities of MCC reached its peak by 1990.

The magazine reached its peak in popularity in 1918.

peak intensity   (tepe yoğunluğu)

Cyclone Ofa reached peak intensity on February 4.

The JTWC were then anticipating a peak intensity of .

Tembin was expected to reach peak intensity within 48 hours.

reached a peak   (zirveye ulaştı)

It later reached a peak population of about 6,500.

It reached a peak of #11 on the Oricon weekly chart.

The album's title cut reached a peak of No.

peak position   (tepe konumu)

14 LF-A recorded its peak position of 14th overall.

This was also the album's peak position on the chart.

The album debuted at its peak position at No.

during peak   (zirve sırasında)

Some trains during peak hours still terminate at this station.

Transit service would be increased during peak commuter periods.

It is advisable to book tickets well in advance, especially during peak season.

peak hours   (yoğun zamanlar)

Some trains at peak hours branch off here for Stratford.

Some trains during peak hours still terminate at this station.

Additional services from Reading terminate at Shalford in peak hours.

peak of number   (sayının zirvesi)

reached a new peak of number one in the Netherlands.

It has since risen to its current peak of number 11.

It reached its peak of number two on October 25, 2012.

peak times   (zirve zamanlar)

At peak times there are trains to both Victoria and Blackfriars.

At peak times, 15,000 people were working on the construction site.

In 1941 at peak times, a streetcar ran on Woodward Avenue every 60 seconds.

peak winds   (yoğun rüzgarlar)

Ship reports in the region suggested peak winds of 50 mph (85 km/h).

Early on September 10, Linda attained peak winds of and a pressure of .

Sinlaku strengthened into a typhoon and attained its peak winds on August 31.

peak at number   (sayıdaki tepe)

Two weeks later, it reached its peak at number two.

The song managed to peak at number one in New Zealand.

It went on to peak at number 7 on FMQB's Hot AC charts.

reaching a peak   (zirveye ulaşmak)

It turned northward, reaching a peak intensity of on August 30.

44 on 25 September, and climbed steadily, reaching a peak position of No.

6, reaching a peak of No.

during the peak   (zirve sırasında)

Full hourly service operates during the peak summer season.

He was arrested by the authorities for a second time in May, during the peak of the unrest.

Over a half million people left the territory during the peak migration period, from 1987 to 1996.

mountain peak   (dağ zirvesi)

A cable car takes visitors up to a mountain peak.

They refer to the mountain peak as "Omna Re Ay".

It is the highest mountain peak of the Aleutian Islands.

during peak hours   (yoğun saatlerde)

Some trains during peak hours still terminate at this station.

Trains operate every 2 minutes during peak hours and every 4 minutes at other times.

Baggage X-Ray machines are located at each station, and may be manned during peak hours.

peak periods   (yoğun dönemler)

Outside of peak periods, it is also the western terminus of Line A.

Station Link service operates on weekdays peak periods (6-8am, 4-6pm) only.

The peak periods for milk production occur after four to six weeks of parturition (kidding).

peak hour   (yoğun saat)

In the peak hour, trains on the line run to and from Friedberg.

During peak hour the road is often a traffic nightmare for locals.

In the peak hour, trains run to/from Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof.

peak during   (sırasında zirve)

The Akhyana reached it peak during 16th-17th century.

The persecution hit its first peak during the Crusades.

Antisemitism in America reached its peak during the interwar period.

higher peak   (yüksek tepe)

The closest higher peak is Incahuasi, which is to the east.

The closest higher peak is Mount Church, which is to the west.

Also, for a given pulse repetition frequency (PRF), a shorter pulse results in a higher peak power.

peak power   (zirve gücü)

This engine made its peak power of 100 hp at 2000 rpm

It puts out 310 watts RMS power, and 620 watts peak power.

The peak power of the engine is 94 kW.

reached peak   (zirveye ulaştı)

Cyclone Ofa reached peak intensity on February 4.

Jelawat reached peak intensity late on September 24 and maintained it for nearly two days.

The depression intensified into a tropical storm on July 12 and reached peak winds of 45 mph (75 km/h).

reaching its peak   (zirveye ulaşmak)

A movement developed in favour of independence, reaching its peak in the 1970s.

This state of affairs persisted throughout the territorial years, reaching its peak in 1885.

Cancuén was a major city during the Classic Period, reaching its peak during the 7th century.

new peak   (yeni zirve)

reached a new peak of number one in the Netherlands.

On 7 March 2009 the song climbed up 1 place to a new peak of #24.

The song reached a new peak at number 25 on the week of February 14, 2009.

reached the peak   (zirveye ulaştı)

In 2006, 42 albums reached the peak of the charts.

37 but with their ARIA wins it reached the peak of No.

Thirty-seven albums reached the peak of the chart in 2008.

central peak   (merkezi tepe)

There is a small central peak at the midpoint of the floor.

At the midpoint is a low ridge, forming a minor central peak.

Offset slightly northeast of the midpoint is a central peak formation.

attained its peak   (zirveye ulaştı)

Late on September 14, the system attained its peak intensity.

Sinlaku strengthened into a typhoon and attained its peak winds on August 31.

Early on October 18, the storm attained its peak intensity with winds of and a barometric pressure of .

peak demand   (yoğun talep)

France's peak demand occurs during the winter, and in 2007 was 88,960 GW.

Electricity networks are built based on peak demand (another name is peak load).

The peak demand is increasing every year while the load shedding has reduced tremendously.

peak is located   (zirve bulunur)

The Pelvo d'Elva peak is located in the communal territory.

The peak is located in the municipality of Ponce and it is within the Toro Negro State Forest.

The peak is located at the edge of the Singalila National Park and has a small village on the summit with a few hotels.

peak period   (yoğun dönem)

Adults can be seen from May to August, with a peak period in July.

These timeframes also encompass the peak period of service entry for such aircraft.

His peak period as a male playback singer in the South Indian film industry was from 1955 to 1985.

morning peak   (sabah zirvesi)

Most city-bound services run to Kippa-Ring, with some morning peak trains terminating at Bowen Hills.

Services operated at 15-minute intervals in the morning peak, and at 40-minute intervals during the daytime off-peak.

For 2015, there was a weekday morning peak of 5,852 boardings and 227 alightings at the stations on the line, all other passengers alighting at Union Station in Toronto.

managed to peak   (zirveye ulaşmayı başardı)

The song managed to peak at number one in New Zealand.

The song managed to peak at number 15.

On native Airplay 100, "Lemonade" managed to peak at number 22.

peak rising   (yükselen tepe)

Buettner Peak is a sharp peak rising midway along the north wall of Roos Glacier in the northwest part of the Mount Murphy massif

Mount Macdonald (Antarctica) Mount Macdonald is a peak rising to surmounting the massive N-S trending ridge between Ludeman Glacier and Pain Neve in the Commonwealth Range.

estimated peak   (tahmini zirve)

Also on August 31, the JTWC estimated peak 1 minute winds of 205 km/h (125 mph).

At around the same time, MFR estimated peak ten-minute winds of 215 km/h (130 mph).

At that time, the MFR estimated peak 10–minute winds of 175 km/h (110 mph), with gusts to .

prominent peak   (belirgin zirve)

Though not a fourteener, West Spanish Peak is the twelfth most topographically prominent peak in the state.

However, because of its prominent peak and steep crags it has earned the reputation of being a separate fell.

Strawberry Peak Strawberry Peak () is a prominent peak in the San Gabriel Mountains of Los Angeles County, California.

peak population   (pik nüfus)

It later reached a peak population of about 6,500.

The peak population was 1.8 million people.

A peak population of 1,142 on all islands was recorded in 1953.

peak strength   (tepe gücü)

The unit later reached a peak strength of 350 in February 1923.

Then, after four hours, Parma rapidly strengthened to a Category 4 super typhoon, reaching its peak strength.

The number of combat aircraft stationed in Southeast Asia was less than half that of its peak strength in 1968–1969.

peak years   (yoğun yıllar)

The peak years of the trade in mokomokai were from 1820 to 1831.

Green considers the late nineties to be the "peak years" of "Computer Gaming World".

Late adolescence and early adulthood are peak years for the onset of bipolar disorder.

reached their peak   (doruğa ulaştı)

One could even say that they reached their peak in the whole of history.

The Göktürks reached their peak in late 6th century and began to invade the Sui Dynasty of China.

Conflicts within the club of Galatasaray, which initially began in 1929-30, reached their peak in 1933.

peak season   (en yoğun sezon)

During its peak season, almost 650 people are employed at the club.

It is advisable to book tickets well in advance, especially during peak season.

The peak season for tornadoes varies from the northern to southern parts of the state.

attained peak   (ulaşılan zirve)

Early on September 10, Linda attained peak winds of and a pressure of .

By 18:00 UTC that night, the hurricane attained peak winds of 80 mph (130 km/h).

Later on August 23, the storm attained peak winds of , which it maintained for about two days.

peak oil   (tepe yağı)

Newman draws from Richard Heinberg's book "" as source material for portions of the show dealing with peak oil.

In the long term, the government seeks to deal with peak oil via potentially invading alternate-universe Texas.

It is attractive to those seeking large-scale solutions to anthropogenic climate change or fossil fuel depletion (such as peak oil).

second highest peak   (ikinci en yüksek zirve)

Phalut Phalut or Falut (3600 m) is the second highest peak of West Bengal, India.

It is the second highest peak in the Galyat Region after Miranjani which is located at .

Korab II is the second highest peak of Mount Korab, reaching a height of above sea level.

peak time   (en yoğun zaman)

Southern Railway also operates peak time services between Guildford and Effingham Junction.

The show was on air during peak time before "Le Iene", broadcast at late night always with Blasi and "Luca e Paolo".

In the peak time, he announces that the bank is bankrupt due to the financial mismanagement of the general manager Raghava Rao (Suman).

tallest peak   (en yüksek zirve)

The tallest peak in the range is Kaimakchalan at .

The tallest peak entirely within the wilderness is Buckhorn Mountain at .

It is the tallest peak of the Derryveagh Mountains and the tallest peak in County Donegal.

peak production   (en yüksek üretim)

This was peak production.

Total lifetime production was 2,309,399 units with a peak production of 124,124 in 1984.

Intermittent renewables have led to a peak demand and peak production imbalance creating a "duck curve".

peak direction   (tepe yönü)

During peak hours, trains would run in peak direction every 15 minutes along this line.

During peak hours, trains would run in peak direction every 15–30 minutes along this line.

During peak hours, the plan calls for hourly peak direction service from Kitchener and 30 minute service from Georgetown.

peak performance   (en yüksek performans)

The US$100-million Roadrunner was designed for a peak performance of 1.7 petaflops.

When connected, PID Doctor regenerates the panels which were damaged by PID and restores their peak performance.

Baffert felt that the colt had suffered a bit of a "bounce", or regression, from a peak performance in the Derby.

peak annual   (yıllık zirve)

Reporting on this Richard Heinberg also notes that the date of peak annual energetic extraction from coal will likely come earlier than the date of peak in quantity of coal (tons per year) extracted as the most energy-dense types of coal have been mined most extensively.

reaching peak   (zirveye ulaşmak)

The storm continued rapidly northeastward, reaching peak winds of 70 mph (110 km/h).

On February 7, it attained tropical cyclone status, reaching peak winds of 120 km/h (75 mph).

After reaching peak intensity, the hurricane began weakening due to increasing shear and cooler waters.

peak between   (arasında zirve)

The men's team enjoyed its peak between 1992 and 1994.

Bone mass is now thought to peak between the ages of 18-25.

Lifebuoy's popularity reached its peak between 1932 and 1948.