Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

highest peaks   (picos más altos)

Ostry is one of the highest peaks of Sredinny Range.

A partial list of the highest peaks in the district follows:

The highest peaks are "Potrero, San Nicolas", and "Alto Camarón".

mountain peaks   (picos de las montañas)

The mean height of the mountain peaks is .

There are many sky-blue lakes and white mountain peaks near Eisenkappel.

Altitudes reach more than , and mountain peaks are permanently covered with snow.

high peaks   (picos altos)

Oxygen masks are used by climbers of high peaks such as Mt.

Many high peaks surround the lake, including Maja e Jezercës with a height of .

By the 19th century more naturalists began to arrive to explore, study and conquer the high peaks.

other peaks   (otros picos)

To the south Kamenitsa rises above the other peaks.

There are also many other peaks above 800m.

It is used for the ascents of Jungfrau, Mönch and other peaks of the region.