perfect game   (完璧なゲーム)

Only a walk kept Young from his second perfect game.

The highlight was Don Larsen's perfect game in Game 5.

Shore's feat was listed as a perfect game for many years.

perfect score   (満点)

Film Threat gave the film a perfect score of five stars.

It went on to receive a perfect score of 10 out 10 on IGN.

In 2005, he scored 100 points which is a perfect score in 2A.

not perfect   (完璧ではない)

I feel my jumps were not perfect."

Bohr's model was not perfect.

The overlap between these official strata and social class is not perfect.

most perfect   (最も完璧な)

Giovanni and Lucia, wrote that he "heard the most perfect music I had ever heard in my life.

It is the most perfect volcanic cone on Earth, even more symmetrical than Japan's Mount Fuji.

Probably the most perfect electronic music film yet” ICA Film London “Surprisingly watchable.

perfect example   (完璧な例)

His life is a perfect example for the disciples of all the Sufis.

A perfect example of this is the case of chief Ngqika and his uncle, chief Ndlambe.

A perfect example of formalist criticism of auteur style would be the work of Alfred Hitchcock.

perfect season

Their perfect season culminated with an upset over first-ranked Tennessee in the Sugar Bowl.

After a perfect season they gained the right to play for the second consecutive year in the UEFA Cup.

The 19–13 loss to Maryland ended Virginia's perfect season and they fell to 20th place in the AP Poll.

perfect record   (完璧な記録)

Hall's perfect record however was about to be shattered in his first fight of 2007.

The Bradford Rattlers won their third regular season title with a perfect record of 42 wins and no losses.

The win preserved Maryland's perfect record, which made it the first undefeated Terrapins team in 57 years.

perfect fit

Its demographics are a perfect fit for the Republican Party.

He puts the armor on and discovers that it is a perfect fit.

Musically it was a perfect fit.

almost perfect

She has three, in her words, "almost perfect" daughters, Lucinda Desha Robb (b.

He then used a process called photolithography to make an almost perfect copy of the stamp.

Many marine animals that float near the surface are highly transparent, giving them almost perfect camouflage.

perfect fifth

They can be considered as equal divisions of the perfect fifth.

Taking each semitone results in a different choice of perfect fifth.

For instance, the Pythagorean tuning is constructed in this way from multiples of a perfect fifth.

perfect match

Moreover, both stories were a perfect match for the composer's talents.

It was here that his abilities as an administrator and as an engineer found their perfect match.

Albrecht had seen BASIC on minicomputers and felt it would be the perfect match for new machines.

near perfect   (ほぼ完璧)

Meanwhile, Meristation felt it was "near perfect".

who described it as "damn near perfect" and awarded it 4 K's out of 5.

It is presented to players only in the case of "exceptional, near perfect play."

scored a perfect

Merrygold scored a perfect score of 40 and the pair won the tv special.

Merrygold scored a perfect score of 40 and the pair won the TV special.

The winner was 28-year-old Scott Eastwood of the Channel Islands who scored a perfect 10 in the final.

nearly perfect   (ほぼ完璧)

ESPN's Andrew Hood described his performance as "three nearly perfect weeks of racing."

The city site is said to be a "nearly perfect square" of in area and was densely populated.

Neither Anita nor Jean-Claude trust themselves alone with Asher, but as a trio, they live in nearly perfect love.

more perfect

The more they multiply, the more friends you will have; the more ardently they love liberty, the more perfect will be their obedience.

In this lofty and noble vocation, no man ever put out, with more perfect abandonment of all unworthy motive, the valuable gifts which he had received."

Alexander is also known for rejecting the idea that there are many things in God's mind, instead claiming that it is more perfect to know just one thing.

perfect balance

It's a perfect balance between worship and energetic, hard rock.

The pistons could thus be counterweighted 100% yielding a perfect balance.

Executing a sound discus throw with solid technique requires perfect balance.

perfect place   (完璧な場所)

DIC @ Vigyan Ashram is the perfect place for you.

It was the perfect place to nurture an interest in the old working boats.

Prairie grasses and wheat grow there making it a perfect place for ranchers.

perfect opportunity

It was the perfect opportunity for him to send his first articles by mail from Peru.

Jeeva is also looking forward to it, as a perfect opportunity to rekindle their lost romance.

The tour provided Poleon with the perfect opportunity to demonstrate his competency at a senior level ahead of a make-or-break year.