continued to perform   (実行し続けた)

After she retired to , she continued to perform.

Cryptic Fate continued to perform at concerts.

He continued to perform at the Met for the next 40 years.

not perform   (実行しない)

The Palace did not perform its original function.

Tai knew that he cannot perform on stage forever.

The film did not perform well at the box office.

invited to perform   (実行するように招待)

They were invited to perform in Paris.

After a trip to Portugal, she was invited to perform in Mexico.

She was invited to perform on the show after posting songs on MySpace.

did not perform   (実行しませんでした)

The Palace did not perform its original function.

The film did not perform well at the box office.

able to perform   (実行できる)

In two months SILENT was ready and able to perform.

The player is able to perform melodies based on several ragas.

Devotees are able to perform archanai by the priest thereafter.

perform well   (うまくできた)

The film did not perform well at the box office.

used to perform

At that time this theatre was used to perform Ballets and plays.

Two different control schemes can be used to perform a direct field test.

The open guard is typically used to perform various joint locks and chokeholds.

ability to perform

Disability is the lack of ability to perform physical daily activities.

Reportedly, storms interfered with her ability to perform psychokinetic acts.

During this period the squadron became known for its ability to perform cold weather operations.

perform live

Most of the DJs invite artists to perform live on air.

In October people saw Edyta perform live in 13 cities.

Abri began to perform live in venues across the country.

perform the song

joined him on stage to perform the song.

Oleander surrounds him as they loudly perform the song, forcing him to weep.

Lil Wayne joined her to perform the song with "Energy" on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

unable to perform   (実行できません)

He is unable to perform, and vents his anger by slapping the helpless Subbu.

Three jumpers were unable to perform as well as they had in the qualification.

The issue is not whether Williams was unable to perform her specific job tasks.

continues to perform

Medlocke continues to perform with Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Alpert continues to perform and teach worldwide.

The band continues to perform, on occasion.

scheduled to perform

She is scheduled to perform at Coachella 2019.

The Blue Angels are scheduled to perform on theses dates.

On June 8, 1992, Nelson was scheduled to perform in Ålborg, Denmark.

perform better

UBIFS tends to perform better than JFFS2 for large NAND FLASH devices.

I prefer for there to be pressure, I am more focused and I perform better."

Many of replacement player that were signed proved to perform better than the originals.

began to perform

In 1980, Ammiano began to perform stand-up comedy.

Holder began to perform as a folk singer in New York.

He also began to perform with bands in the year 1984.

required to perform

As a special treat, Wu Luan is required to perform a swordplay ceremony.

The intricate timing and precision required to perform these feats is difficult.

Traffic from Allora to Goomburra or vice versa was required to perform a back shunt.

order to perform   (実行するために)

In order to perform paratransgenesis, there are several requirements:

In order to perform coordination, distributed systems employ the concept of coordinators.

The satellite reflects the high technology required of the unit in order to perform its mission.

asked to perform

In fact, when she was asked to perform with a puppet, all she could do was shake it.

This was the first time that a DJ was asked to perform for a ceremony at the Olympics.

While Knowles was on tour, she was asked to perform a Las Vegas residency-type of show.

opportunity to perform

She gets him drunk and ruins his opportunity to perform a solo in the show.

Graduates are provided an opportunity to perform a Hajj and Ziyarat pilgrimages.

Students of all levels can take voice or instrumental lessons, and have the opportunity to perform in the orchestra or choir.

perform various

His kites had specific markings directing his fleet to perform various orders.

The open guard is typically used to perform various joint locks and chokeholds.

After releasing "Fleshwounds", Skin went on to perform various solo gigs around Europe.

perform all

A working proto-type that can perform all these functions doesn't exist.

Radiation oncologists perform all forms of radiation therapy, sometimes including radionuclide therapy.

Enlisted members range from E-4 to E-9 and perform all maintenance, administrative, and support functions.

perform together

Horowitz and Malkine continue to perform together actively into 2009.

In 1999, the group reformed again and have continued to perform together since.

Periodically events are organised where various local associations perform together.

not perform well   (うまくいかない)

The film did not perform well at the box office.

perform the same

He was still able to perform the same way he did with the Elasto Painters.

By comparison the Harvard Mark I could perform the same task in just six seconds.

Given a number of algorithms to perform the same computation, which one is "best"?

continue to perform

And they still continue to perform, with the same line up in 2018.

Horowitz and Malkine continue to perform together actively into 2009.

As of 2014, Young and Sexy continue to perform in the Vancouver area.

perform other   (他を行う)

To perform other responsibilities issued by the OERP Council.

In the circus, a clown might perform other circus roles or skills.

In other alphabetic systems, diacritical marks may perform other functions.

perform tasks

Divers may be employed professionally to perform tasks underwater.

These interconnections make transport more seamless and allow us to perform tasks easier.

Fly-by-wire control systems allow aircraft computers to perform tasks without pilot input.

how to perform

Tutorials are also available to teach the player how to perform simple cooking preparation tasks.

Always ready to joke, but on the ground an example of how to fight for club and how to perform professional duties."

This type of dance is easily learned and perform, that's why most Khmer people regardless of social status know how to perform it.

perform more

Following the Velvet Revolution she began to perform more often in public.

Asian elephants have more muscle coordination and can perform more complex tasks.

The new units allowed the Merlin to perform more smoothly at all altitudes and reduced the takeoff and landing runs.

allowed to perform

He was allowed to perform in Bulgaria not earlier than 1980.

They were paid, but they were not allowed to perform any military duties.

After signing the contract, Tsui was not allowed to perform in nightclubs again.

perform certain   (確実に行う)

The patient is asked to perform certain movements that would normally aggravate their pain.

Clank can control "Gadgebots", smaller robots similar to Clank, who perform certain actions for him.

Furthermore, characters themselves are often used as "resources" to perform certain actions in the game.

perform such

Without a satisfactory theory of quantum gravity, one cannot perform such a computation for black holes.

Clowns may perform such skills as tightrope, juggling, unicycling, Master of Ceremonies, or ride an animal.

The protocol also weakens a doctor's ability to refuse to perform such abortions due to personal objection as well.

perform as well   (同様に実行する)

Still, the film did not perform as well at the box office.

When the tires are not warmed up they will not perform as well.

"Jay R" and its two singles did not perform as well as his previous releases.

perform during

The finalists perform during the general assembly of the ABU.

The participants perform during the general assembly of the ABU.

often perform   (頻繁に実行する)

Traction motors used on vehicles often perform both tasks.

The sisters often perform as a violin duo.

They often perform for tourists.

band to perform

Somin and Jiwoo from Kard joined the band to perform on Korean music programs.

Another single, written by Murray for the band to perform, was "My Island Home" (1987).

On 25 April 2004, Bức Tường became the first band to perform a live concert in "Music and friends of VTV3" .

perform and record   (演奏と録音)

Original member and guiding light, Jay Telfer went on to perform and record as a solo artist.

Since Williamson's death in 1990, Browne continued to perform and record in the spirit of the Corries.

He went on to perform and record nationally on radio, television, record, theaters, and film until 2015.

perform many

However, the Emperors have continued to perform many traditional ceremonies privately.

He was thus a highly influential person and was able to perform many favours for his friends.

These techniques are used to create special-purpose diodes that perform many different functions.

then perform

Lena then perform a song and dance medley of disco music.

Lena & Bonnie then perform a medley of Shirley Temple and Judy Garland Songs and Shout by Lulu.

Interpreting code is slower because the interpreter must decode each statement and then perform it.

chance to perform

Even in Japan, not everyone gets a chance to perform here!"

Kundirana 2014 were also given a chance to perform at Flushing Meadows in Bohol.

Taking advice from Terry (Terry Crews) about lying, Holt gives her a chance to perform at an important event.

write and perform

This meant he needed to write operas and write and perform virtuoso pieces.

In addition, members Julia Lane and Fred Gosbee write and perform songs about Maine's people and history.

In 2001, Enya agreed to write and perform on two tracks for the of "" (2001) at the request of director Peter Jackson.

started to perform

Viktor started to perform on stage early.

That changed when Ueshiba entered the dojo and started to perform his techniques on the instructors.

He started to perform with his old good friend Saif on guitar, at a five star flat hotel called "TURINO" for a one-year contract.

perform regularly

In 1982 they moved back to Shetland and continue to perform regularly.

Students perform regularly at assemblies and special events and rehearse in a music centre.

Almost all brass bands in Britain perform regularly, particularly during the summer months.

set to perform

Before he was set to perform, his accompanist became ill.

Between June 27, 2018 and March 16, 2019, Stefani is set to perform 25 shows.

San Marino was set to perform in position 17, following the entry from Greece.

perform songs

Fey has stated that she will perform songs from all of her career-making albums.

In 2004 Perla was invited by The Kennedy Center to perform songs from the album as artist in residence.

In addition, members Julia Lane and Fred Gosbee write and perform songs about Maine's people and history.

expected to perform

Duff is expected to perform the song on the "TitaniumMusik" tour with the New Zealand group Titanium.

Royalle states that some individuals may develop impractical ideas about sex or what people enjoy, and how they may be expected to perform.

Designed to intercept incoming missiles travelling at up to 2 mile/s (3 km/s), the Arrow is expected to perform much better than the Patriot did in the Gulf War.

band perform

The band perform Trash rock and garage punk.

This tour saw the band perform classic Fleetwood Mac songs from their 1967–1974 era.

The band perform traditional folk songs and original material in both English and French.

selected to perform

Among the artists he selected to perform was fellow Puerto Rican ex-Menudo member Ricky Martin.

Recorded auditions are submitted in the spring, and only two or three groups statewide are selected to perform.

One of 14 symphonic bands selected to perform at The 2001 National Concert Band Festival Indianapolis, Indiana.

perform on stage

Tai knew that he cannot perform on stage forever.

For the third round, they perform on stage.

Viktor started to perform on stage early.

perform several

Thangka perform several different functions.

It can rename or replace a control section (CSECT) and perform several other miscellaneous functions.

Often an insulation material will be chosen for its ability to perform several of these functions at once.

stage to perform

joined him on stage to perform the song.

A year later, she returned to the Salón Variedades’ stage to perform alongside Paca Aguilera.

On both evenings Morrison returned to the stage to perform "Listen to the Lion" for an encore.

perform music

Mangini is set to star in "Reach"; he is also set to compose and perform music for the film.

Each year, the school music groups perform music in the subway to collect money for cancer treatment.

She also organized concerts for local children to compose and perform music in, which he took part in.

record and perform   (記録して演奏する)

They compose, record and perform in Phoenix, Arizona.

During this time, McDowall continued to record and perform with Current 93 and Coil, including the short-lived group Rosa Mundi.

When Roger C. Field, a friend, suggested to him in 1991 that he record and perform with a female singer, he did so with Suzy Bogguss.

does not perform

CLU does not perform implicit type conversions.

Meeks does not perform guitar in the video with the exception of the solo.

For the cover, she thinks Ng does not perform well as compared to Shirley Kwan.

forced to perform

Bueno was forced to perform and later considered retiring.

Edward is forced to perform a cesarean section, saving the baby.

He then was taken to a different stage and was forced to perform the art of escapology.

perform in front   (前で演奏する)

Bon Jovi invited them to be his band's opening act the following night, to perform in front of 20,000 audience members.

Every episode a number of talented singers, amateur or otherwise, perform in front of the audience and judges to showcase their talent.

While managing The Velvet Underground, Andy would have them dressed in all black to perform in front of movies that he was also presenting.

perform both

Windows archivers perform both archiving and compression.

Traction motors used on vehicles often perform both tasks.

With the band, they perform both Beatles covers and original songs.

perform again

With the new band member, they confirmed to go out and perform again.

They perform again with Arthur singing a solo of "Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)".

In the autumn of 2009, he expressed concern that he might never be able to perform again.