İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

live performance   (Canlı performans)

Their first live performance was in April 2004.

They made their first live performance on "Music Bank".

Jung and Seo also gave a live performance on Mnet's "M!

first performance   (ilk performans)

His first performance back was with Sofia Escobar.

There is no record of the work's first performance.

Its first performance, which was sold out, was B.B.

best performance   (en iyi performans)

The main prize is the grand prix for best performance.

His best performance in Top Fuel is 4.044 sec.

This was probably the best performance of their existence.

high performance   (yüksek performans)

Quay now works as BAM’s high performance manager.

Later high performance versions were available with turbochargers.

Soon however, a high performance main power station developed from it.

poor performance   (zayıf performans)

In 1999 the school was closed due to poor performance.

The poor performance continued in the Solidarity Cup as well.

After two years of poor performance, the Tiger funds closed in 2000.

performance art   (performans sanatı)

Harris specialises in video performance art and photography.

He was involved in the first period of Polish performance art.

It focuses on performance art from an Indigenous cultural foundation.

performance against   (karşı performans)

His performance against Chelsea was praised by pundits.

Combat performance against the Soviet Air Force was satisfactory.

Its performance against the Macchi C.202 "Folgore" elicited varying opinions.

vocal performance   (ses performansı)

He did, however, praise David's vocal performance.

Lee's vocal performance has been described as snarling.

The song has been noted for Swindell's vocal performance.

public performance   (halka açık gösteri)

He gave his own first public performance at age 18.

It would be their final public performance together.

Dickens read the tale four times in public performance.

performance during   (sırasındaki performans)

Bright was praised for her performance during this storyline.

However she had an excellent performance during the final night.

Her performance during the Top 4 was praised by Jennifer Holliday.

academic performance   (akademik performans)

These are measures of an individual's academic performance ability.

Bur Oak Secondary School is noted for its strong academic performance.

Most lose interest in school and show a decline in academic performance.

final performance   (son performans)

Panaro's final performance as the Phantom was May 3.

His final performance was in Belfast, Ireland in 1896.

Blige joins Rick Ross for a final performance at the lounge.

performance artist   (performans sanatçısı)

Routh started his career in 1971 as a performance artist.

He works as a performance artist and creates installations.

Kyle deCamp Kyle deCamp is American multimedia performance artist.

good performance   (iyi performans)

He was also selected K-League all-star due to his good performance.

Despite a fairly good performance, the Vikings did not hold on to him.

After a good performance, he reached the final and won the bronze medal.

outstanding performance   (sıradışı performans)

Its popularity in Italy is due to its outstanding performance as a hunter of game.

He was awarded the Navy Cross for his outstanding performance of duty in this billet.

He received the Buddy Rich Jazz Masters award for outstanding performance as a drummer.

last performance   (son performans)

It featured the last performance of Inger Stevens.

His last performance was in 2000 as Siegmund at IU.

His last performance in this run was with Rachel Barrell.

strong performance   (güçlü performans)

Aisuluu continued her strong performance following Asian Games.

Penn State RB Tony Hunt turned in a strong performance, running for 165 yards.

It was this strong performance that caught the attention of the Ottawa Senators.

better performance   (daha iyi performans)

Engagement is related to better performance.

The image quality is asymmetric with better performance on the right side.

Both enable developers to get better performance out of PlayStation hardware.

stage performance   (sahne performansı)

At the age of 8, she already got used to the stage performance.

Hall persuaded Bailey to reprise his stage performance as Dad Rudd.

Thereafter, Pandi dies during a stage performance, and the troupe splits up.

performance earned   (kazanılan performans)

Her performance earned massive critical acclaim.

His performance earned him a trial with F.C.

Wood's performance earned a Tony nomination as Guildenstern.

performance space   (performans alanı)

The Studio is a black box performance space with 120 seats.

The Elliott Hall is the largest performance space, with 438 seats.

Lt. Rieckhoff attended a few of the performances after the play found an off-campus performance space.

overall performance   (Genel performans)

The overall performance of the field was poor.

Broadland has been regularly judged as "good" for overall performance.

Castrol Cricket also ranks cricketers based on their overall performance.

concert performance   (konser performansı)

The concert performance was well received.

Gavrylyuk's first concert performance was at the age of nine.

As usual, Prokofiev extracted music from the ballet for concert performance.

during the performance   (performans sırasında)

She would remove the trenchcoat during the performance.

Festival, during the performance of the 187 Strassenbande.

There are a few common errors during the performance of the deadlift.

improved performance   (gelişmiş performans)

New features include improved performance and file versioning.

The improved performance led to a substantial increase in BBS popularity.

Luter's restructuring of the company is credited with its improved performance.

musical performance   (müzikal performans)

This musical performance career put Andrew's ethnomusicology research on hold.

Following a halftime musical performance by The Doobie Brothers, the second half began.

Maidreamin's musical performance unit is known as "Quality Service Cleanliness Smile (QSCS)".

solo performance   (solo performans)

This role gave Menchu her first solo performance.

"Heer Heer" is a solo performance in the film by Meera.

On Mondays the contestants will do their solo performance.

improve performance   (performans geliştirme)

Techniques such as indexing may be used to improve performance.

Larger brakes and a stiffer suspension also improve performance.

It has been shown to improve performance on animal tests of memory.

during a performance   (bir performans sırasında)

The video was shot in August 2010 during a performance in Arequipa, Peru.

The album was recorded on 11 November 2011 during a performance at Koko in London.

Alia Bhatt recreated the film version during a performance for the 2017 Filmfare Awards.

first public performance   (ilk halka açık gösteri)

He gave his own first public performance at age 18.

The first public performance is not known.

His first public performance was at SeaWorld San Diego in 1981.

debut performance   (ilk performans)

They made their debut performance at Finnish Metal Expo 2011.

Her debut performance was at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The Kansas City Jazz Orchestra had their debut performance was in 2003.

impressive performance   (etkileyici performans)

A V8 engine in the lightweight vehicle meant impressive performance for a truck.

Dawson put in an impressive performance which he was rewarded with man of the match.

Times Now stated, "Abrar Qazi and Sargun Kaur Luthra deliver an impressive performance".

s performance   (s performansı)

Not only was Mbasela’s performance striking, so was his appearance.

They play a very important role in the initial stages of improving a player’s performance.

Second, the IAAF study may not have measured Pistorius’s performance against appropriate controls.

higher performance   (daha yüksek performans)

The V6 engines features in higher performance variants.

Dedicated two-port memory cards were used for image storage for higher performance.

Among other changes, the 9300 included a floating point processor for higher performance.

s performance   (performansı)

Not only was Mbasela’s performance striking, so was his appearance.

They play a very important role in the initial stages of improving a player’s performance.

Second, the IAAF study may not have measured Pistorius’s performance against appropriate controls.

music performance   (müzik performansı)

Subsequently, he focused more on concerts and music performance.

Effects on music performance, respiratory function and posture yet remain inconclusive."

For instance similar cortical networks mediate music performance and music imagery in pianists.

performance took   (performans aldı)

The first performance took place in 1852.

Their first professional performance took place in Slattery's, in early 1972.

"Saltimbanco"'s final performance took place in Montreal on 30 December 2012.

financial performance   (finansal performans)

The industry has been observed to be cyclical in its financial performance.

Other press highlighted VCE as a source of innovation and financial performance for investors.

Issues and subfields include: The success of any business depends on its financial performance.

performance venue   (performans mekanı)

The theater has become a summer performance venue.

The MPV was planned as a performance venue with 15,000 seats.

Each has its own performance venue.

excellent performance   (mükemmel performans)

However she had an excellent performance during the final night.

These loadings give excellent performance in numerous gel tests which can be seen on YouTube.

C. V. Aravind of the "Deccan Herald" stated that Balachander extracted an excellent performance from Chiranjeevi.

performance took place   (performans gerçekleşti)

The first performance took place in 1852.

Their first professional performance took place in Slattery's, in early 1972.

"Saltimbanco"'s final performance took place in Montreal on 30 December 2012.

first live performance   (ilk canlı performans)

Their first live performance was in April 2004.

They made their first live performance on "Music Bank".

Their first live performance was in Zagreb, in October 2010.

performance came   (performans geldi)

Perhaps his greatest performance came on October 29, 1988, against Indiana.

The performance came after Johnson was excluded from the All-Big 12 team for 2018.

His best performance came last year as he reached the final losing to Novak Djokovic.

each performance   (her performans)

Janam collects donations after each performance and funds its work in this manner.

After each performance was finished, an object related to the theme was taken to the table.

A massive gold curtain still opens to dramatically reveal the screen before each performance.

student performance   (öğrenci performansı)

Embedded software can track student performance and create automated assessments.

Part of improving student performance involves improving teacher and school performance.

These ramifications are shown to include lower student performance and information retention.

dance performance   (dans performansı)

Her current practice cross-references dance performance and media.

His first dance performance on stage was in 1997, at the Astral Theatre.

She also appeared on an episode of "Ram Milaayi Jodi" in a dance performance.

job performance   (iş performansı)

Conscientiousness predicts job performance in general.

The reenlistment included a review of job performance and a full medical examination.

In March 1991, days after the ground war in Kuwait, 90% of polled Americans approved of President Bush's job performance.

difference in performance   (performans farkı)

He concluded that the difference in performance (e.g.

This ensures that the difference in performance between the two groups is in fact due to subvocalization disturbances and not due to considerations such as task difficulty or a divide in attention.

However, later work demonstrated (1) that the correlations obtained by psychometric personality researchers were actually very respectable by comparative standards, and (2) that the economic value of even incremental increases in prediction accuracy was exceptionally large, given the vast difference in performance by those who occupy complex job positions.

economic performance   (ekonomik performans)

Thus it enhances both economic performance and 'social capital'."

In the late 1980s, continuing poor economic performance intensified economic hardship.

Much of the city's economic performance is determined by the fortunes of local industry.

performance received   (performans alındı)

Topol's performance received positive reviews.

Their performance received good feedback from the audience.

The performance received broad and overwhelming critical acclaim.

performance when   (ne zaman performans)

Lower data rates also reduce cost and improve performance when the data is transmitted.

During the OCB tournament, Rouge didn't take pills to enhance her performance when they played Dan.

In the following spring she produced by far her best performance when she won the 1000 Guineas by six lengths.

theatrical performance   (tiyatro performansı)

"The Gathering" has been turned into a theatrical performance.

Its focus was primarily centered on grandiose spectacle in theatrical performance.

Oroshi are also played as a part of theatrical performance, such as in Noh theater.

improve the performance   (performansı arttırmak)

The general idea is to use averaging to improve the performance of the Pisarenko estimator.

Facilities and secret projects improve the performance of individual bases and of the entire faction.

These new concepts of capillary pump are of great potential to improve the performance of lateral flow test.

performance management   (performans Yönetimi)

It is helpful to see an example of project tracking that does not include earned value performance management.

JumpSoft JumpSoft Inc is an American software company that provides application performance management (APM) software.

These sessions cover areas such as predictive maintenance, digitised performance management, procurement and supply chain.

typical performance   (tipik performans)

A typical performance takes about four minutes.

A typical performance lasts about 25 minutes.

A typical performance lasts about 20 minutes.

great performance   (harika performans)

After such a great performance Čekulajevs joined FK Jūrmala-VV in 2008.

The Bulls backed this great performance with a 22-22 draw against Widnes Vikings.

After his great performance, various European clubs showed their interest in signing Čekulajevs.

second performance   (ikinci performans)

His "Cricket" received its second performance here.

Charles Reidpath broke the record with a 48.2 second performance.

This was her second performance at Tokyo Dome - her first being her .

premiere performance   (prömiyeri performansı)

"The Times Are Racing" had its premiere performance on January 26, 2017.

She sang in its premiere performance at the Teatro San Benedetto in Venice on 2 May 1818.

The premiere performance took place on 31 October 2000, at the Teatro Comunale di Bologna.

performance was praised   (performans övüldü)

His performance was praised by critics and enhanced his reputation.

Her performance was praised in the "Los Angeles Times" and "Variety".

Sairam played dual roles in the film and his performance was praised by the critics.

superior performance   (üstün performans)

Both the electrical and optical contributions of Si QDs enable a superior performance of the photodetector.

The Yak-23 was quickly replaced in the Soviet service with the more complicated swept-wing MiG-15, which offered superior performance.

It explains the superior performance of the trapezoidal rule on smooth periodic functions and is used in certain extrapolation methods.

average performance   (ortalama performans)

However, due to an average performance in the interview stages, she placed in the top 10 only.

In the A-Klasse Hamburg – Staffel 3 (II), the club delivered an average performance in 1927–28, earning a fourth-place finish.

Fred Slingsby wanted to take a larger slice of the glider market with a small low-cost sailplane with better than average performance.

special performance   (Özel performans)

The group was awarded with a special performance of "Stone Cold" with Demi Lovato.

He also delivered a special performance with a mix of "It's You" and "Hard To Get".

In 2010, Regan gave a special performance in Dylan Thomas' boathouse in Laugharne, Wales.

system performance   (sistem performansı)

The location and type of antenna can affect system performance drastically.

This greatly reduced CPU load, and provided better overall system performance.

The process of context switching can have a negative impact on system performance.

performance style   (performans stili)

Opera is a similarly demanding performance style that remains popular.

Choreography by Graham Tainton also contributed to their performance style.

He is known to have a pulsating and rhythmic yet traditional performance style on the accordion.

individual performance   (kişisel performans)

These "teamwork" competencies have been shown to help predict individual performance in teams.

The individual performance tests also involved additional and peculiar standards of construction and evaluation.

She had a very successful season with her team in terms of both her individual performance and the performance of the team.

performance standards   (Performans standartları)

Another company, the American Boat and Yacht Council set performance standards.

NIJ Standard-0101.06 has specific performance standards for bullet resistant vests used by law enforcement.

Testing shows the bricks meet or exceed the performance standards listed in ASTM C 216 for conventional clay brick.

performance improvements   (performans geliştirmeleri)

Other performance improvements in continuous shooting and 4K motion video were also made.

The performance improvements of DirectX 12 on the Xbox are not as substantial as on the PC.

In addition to Callaway's engine performance improvements, the Sledgehammer Corvette used modified body panels to reduce drag and improve stability.

chart performance   (grafik performansı)

The single topped the German single charts for three consecutive weeks, making it Capital Bra's best chart performance.

Lynch released the single in mid-2018 following the poor chart performance of his previous single "I'd Be Jealous Too".

25 in the U.S. (in a disappointing chart performance considering the lead singles from his two previous albums were No.

piano performance   (piyano performansı)

in piano performance from Oberlin Conservatory of Music.

The music video features a piano performance of Frédéric Chopin's A flat Polonaise.

DeMoss is a graduate of the University of Southern California where she earned a degree in piano performance.

praised the performance   (performansı övdü)

However he praised the performance of both leading performers.

Ahmed Nadheem from "Haveeru" praised the performance of Saeed.

The Socialist Party's MEP Joe Higgins praised the performance of the No campaign.

performance piece   (performans parçası)

In 1983 he created a performance piece with Alain Derbéz and Rockdrigo González at the Museo de Arte Moderno in Mexico City.

Siebens' performance piece "Orange Magpies" was commissioned by Vancouver's Burrard Arts Foundation and Vancouver Art Gallery in 2017.

These performances evolved into "Chris Cunningham Live", a 55 minute long performance piece combining original and remixed music and film.

conducted a performance   (bir performans sergiledi)

In October 2010, the Pennsylvania Auditor General conducted a performance audit of the District.

In January 2011, the Pennsylvania Auditor General conducted a performance audit of the district.

In December 2010, the Pennsylvania Auditor General conducted a performance audit of the district.

commercial performance   (ticari performans)

The album's commercial performance was initially lukewarm.

The film was panned by film critics, and had a poor commercial performance.

Nevertheless, the film's commercial performance fell short of its creators' expectations.

including a performance   (bir performans dahil)

In 2006 the band toured across Canada again, including a performance in Winnipeg.

In 2013 the band toured the UK, including a performance at the "Sounds from the Other City" concert in Salford.

In November, Grohl took a brief turn with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, including a performance on "Saturday Night Live".

performance was recorded   (performans kaydedildi)

The entire performance was recorded on both audio and video.

The performance was recorded live at the 2010 Holland Festival.

A performance was recorded and released on DVD as "3 Bats Live".

performance practice   (performans pratiği)

It is a rich resource for research in contemporary performance practice.

In recent years she has been involved in performance practice, and also plays the fortepiano.

Giulio Caccini's book "Le Nuove Musiche" was significant in performance practice technique instruction at the time.

performance spaces   (performans alanları)

It has 132 practice rooms and 8 performance spaces.

Manhattan School contains multiple performance spaces, each dedicated to separate ensemble requirements.

There will also be reimagined lidos, gardens, performance spaces, immersive experiences and observatories.

solid performance   (Sağlam performans)

QB Erik Ainge turned in another solid performance, going 24-for-28 for 331 yards and 4 TDs.

The second day was all England's, as a solid performance took the score to 261 all out at the close, a lead of 139.

Canada skated to a solid 3–1 victory in the final to take the gold with a solid performance that saw them winning all five games.

notable performance   (dikkate değer performans)

A notable performance was by Sissel Kyrkjebø in 1986, when she was 16 years old.

Her most notable performance was a semifinal appearance at the 1979 Australian Open.

Other notable performance halls include Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Hall, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

own performance   (kendi performansı)

Each has its own performance venue.

Dark kept her own performance in the film to a minimum so that she could focus on directing.

He called his own performance "disgraceful" and shaved his head to make amends for disappointing his supporters.

performance led   (performans liderliğindeki)

The improved performance led to a substantial increase in BBS popularity.

That performance led to the band being chosen to play on MTV's Total Request Live on July 30.

Those remaining elected majors and colonels whose performance led to officer review boards in October.

performance audit   (performans denetimi)

In October 2010, the Pennsylvania Auditor General conducted a performance audit of the District.

In January 2011, the Pennsylvania Auditor General conducted a performance audit of the district.

In December 2010, the Pennsylvania Auditor General conducted a performance audit of the district.

performance featured   (performans özellikli)

The performance featured the singer dressed in a black gown on a square platform.

The performance featured the show choir from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

The performance featured jazz musicians Clark Terry, Dianne Reeves and Regina Carter.

performance group   (performans grubu)

He and his wife were members of BYU's touring performance group, the Young Ambassadors.

Nasenbluten were an Australian recording and performance group formed in Newcastle in 1992.

Dunst (performance group) Dunst is a queer performance art and activist group in Copenhagen, Denmark.

performance artists   (performans sanatçıları)

It also has featured performance artists, comedians and magicians.

Boomwhackers are often used by performance artists and other musical performance groups to add an element of spectacle.

The area is now used by skateboarders, BMXers, graffiti artists, taggers, photographers, and performance artists, among others.

performance venues   (performans mekanları)

It is home to numerous shops, bars, clubs, and performance venues.

It is home to five museums, three performance venues, and several galleries.

The NIDA campus has six professional performance venues , in addition to studios and rehearsal rooms.

level of performance   (performans seviyesi)

It also has a high level of performance for its height.

There are tools which may measure the contractor's level of performance.

This method measures forgetting by the amount of training required to reach the previous level of performance.

performance was not   (performans değildi)

However, this excellent macroeconomic performance was not accompanied by an equitable distribution of wealth.

This experiment was not however a success and the performance was not greatly improved and higher centre of gravity made for rougher running at speed.

However, performance was not satisfactory, and the design was changed to use two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW610F engines, which had been specifically designed by Pratt for the Eclipse.

performance arts   (performans sanatları)

A new performance arts theater, the Schuster Center, opened in 2003.

She was involved in music, performance arts and sports from a young age.

She studied performance arts at the Jincheng College of Sichuan University.

performance requirements   (performans gereksinimleri)

A choice is made on the basis of perceived performance requirements.

The performance requirements vary for buildings of different functions.

First, projectors must conform to the strict performance requirements of the DCI specification.

performance characteristics   (performans özellikleri)

It shares many of its performance characteristics with ext3.

However, there are a large number of algorithms used in implementation, with widely varying complexity and performance characteristics.

In 1990, GM finally introduced their ZR-1 Corvette which obtained similar performance characteristics as the 1989 Callaway Twin-Turbo option.

disappointing performance   (hayal kırıklığı yaratan performans)

The prototype exhibited disappointing performance and the project was discontinued.

The marshal's reputation had been sullied by his disappointing performance in Spain.

There, the team had a disappointing performance, finishing with a 4-5 record, missing the playoffs.

successful performance   (başarılı performans)

After a successful performance, Clarkson picked Farol to compete in the Top 8 as her duet partner.

His reputation of successful performance under François Michelin was repeated under the first CEO of the freshly privatized Renault.

The knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for the successful performance of a position are contained on each job vacancy announcement.

performance issues   (performans sorunları)

In order to offset the performance issues it is often recommended that EFS systems be used in environments with few users.

Weight and performance issues plagued the U.S. Navy F-111B variant for TFX and would not be resolved to the Navy's satisfaction.

The earlier Ferranti Atlas Computer was a seminal platform for paging research, but suffered from well-studied performance issues such as thrashing.

whose performance   (kimin performansı)

The show starred Edna May, whose performance as Violet made her a star in New York and London.

Those remaining elected majors and colonels whose performance led to officer review boards in October.

Modern interpreters of Bournonville's version include Eva Evdokimova and Lis Jeppesen, whose performance is recorded on DVD.

same performance   (aynı performans)

She won the Screen Actors Guild award for the same performance.

BitLocker does not have the same performance concerns associated with EFS.

would later give the band a perfect 5/5 score (KKKKK), for the same performance.

performance based   (performansa dayalı)

Just performance based.

Their most recent collective entry point was a theatrical performance based on the 1914 Komagata Maru incident.

The premiere program was a newly composed “psycho-acoustic” opera performance based on Dostoyevsky’s novel "The Idiot".

bowling performance   (bowling performansı)

His best bowling performance was 8-40 in a match versus Kent in May 1897.

Despite the loss, he awarded man of the match for impressive bowling performance.

His spell of 2-12 was named as the third-best T20I bowling performance of the year by ESPNCricinfo voters.

similar performance   (benzer performans)

They all had similar performance and fired the same shells.

Evidently, these models yield similar performance as batch normalized models.

We believe that any system implemented using operating system threads and processes would exhibit similar performance.

specific performance   (özel performans)

At equity, it can be specific performance or an injunction, among other things.

The empirical linking of personality factors to specific performance levels still eludes researchers.

NIJ Standard-0101.06 has specific performance standards for bullet resistant vests used by law enforcement.