Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

live performances   (espectáculos en vivo)

She is known for her live performances in Pakistan.

Several of the shows were also live performances.

MCs are frequently featured in live performances.

musical performances   (actuaciones musicales)

The Picnic features carnival rides and musical performances.

The event features musical performances, speeches, and readings.

Filk circles are different from concert-style musical performances.

good performances   (buenas actuaciones)

His good performances took him to Sada Cruzeiro (MG).

His good performances did not go unnoticed in Europe.

After a couple of good performances, Baloy gained fan favour.

performances during

Crossing more the 15 cities for 17 performances during six weeks.

The group continues to welcome guest performances during concerts.

Despite his good performances during the season, the club opted to not buy Cancelo.

stage performances

Atkinson has performed in several stage performances.

She is known for her stage performances as well has her vocal quality.

During festivals, he took part in stage performances and music recitals.

best performances

However, his best performances came in the 2003-04 playoffs.

The Raiders' best performances of the year were also their last.

The statistics below show the best performances irrespective of the surface.

featuring performances

There is also an EP featuring performances of songs from their 2001 tour called .

That year also saw a tribute to August Wilson, featuring performances from all ten of his plays.

The Edinburgh Fringe is an international festival featuring performances from an enormous variety of groups and performers.

strong performances

The casting is commended, with many strong performances.

His consistent, strong performances have helped his Elo rating to edge past 2600.

Over the last half year, he has convinced us with his continued strong performances.

public performances   (actuaciones públicas)

Misa is a very famous pianist, often doing public performances abroad.

The first public performances of his compositions date from this period.

Her earliest public performances were in the church, beginning at age six.

theatrical performances   (representaciones teatrales)

"Fizzles" has inspired theatrical performances.

The duke also encouraged theatrical performances at his court.

It features many shows, workshops and theatrical performances.

concert performances

The instrument began to be used in his concert performances.

He has now returned to active concert performances and composing.

Nair has performed in many local concert performances and recitals.

impressive performances   (actuaciones impresionantes)

His impressive performances in Belgium caught the eye of Arsenal's scouts.

In February 2013 he signed for them on contract, after a string of impressive performances.

Following impressive performances in the season, he was noticed by the New Zealand selectors.

first performances

Kalish has given many first performances, and has had many works written for him.

The band's first performances in 2017 were at Castlefest and at the Midgardsblot Metalfestival.

The theater became famous as the venue for many of the first performances of the Ballets Russes.

music performances

In Taos, the Taos Inn host nightly music performances.

Live jazz and classical music performances are also held there.

She often organized and produced neighborhood music performances, as well.

featured performances

Hosted by President Obama and Mrs. Obama, the show featured performances by B.B.

The exhibition event featured performances by artistic gymnasts who participated in Rio.

The album featured performances by Jon Secada, Oscar D'Leon, T. Lopez, The DEY and Barullo.

performances include

Her performances include acoustic covers of popular Soul, R&B and Pop songs.

In addition to the kyōgen plays themselves, performances include short dances called .

Popular artists who have used the Firebird on recordings and live performances include:

included performances

Pre-ceremony activities included performances with decorative light and fireworks.

The album included performances from live shows and previously unreleased recordings.

Recent international tours have included performances in Lithuania, Poland and Brazil.

guest performances

With the exception of one-off guest performances.

They had guest performances by Red Skelton and Jerry Lewis.

The group continues to welcome guest performances during concerts.

poor performances

On 8 September 2015, Dickov was dismissed as Doncaster manager due to poor performances.

Russell was sacked as a result of the team's poor performances and in came Billy Johnston.

Due to his poor performances he left FC Vaslui and joined the third division team Fortuna Brazi.

dance performances

His dance performances are his signature component.

He praised the dance performances but criticised their editing.

The piece was later used in dance performances, including those of Anna Pavlova.

performances recorded

It features seven duet performances recorded in the studio.

The CD edition compiles performances recorded at four different sessions from 1963 to 1966.

However, the musical soundtrack, mostly live club performances recorded on location using an RCA 24-track mobile unit, survived.

features performances

It features performances by Murray, John Hicks, Ray Drummond and Andrew Cyrille.

It features performances by Murray, John Hicks, Fred Hopkins, and Idris Muhammad.

performances throughout

Đông Nhi was praised for her consistent performances throughout the show.

Xcaret has different performances throughout the day in different areas of the park.

The performances throughout suggest that the cast never really knew what it was all about."

solo performances

She gave regular solo performances of arias in Boston and elsewhere.

In particular, Alexey Arkhipovsky is well known for his solo performances.

Wong Won's solo performances on these releases made him the first Miami Bass rapper.

praised the performances

but praised the performances of Ajith and Suresh Gopi.

He praised the performances, and termed Ranaut as solid.

He praised the performances in the film, including the supporting cast.

vocal performances

It's one of the most unguarded vocal performances he's ever given."

The track "features one of Urie’s strongest vocal performances to date."

Dance groups, vocal performances, and a study club provide interaction with friends.

including performances

Richard Cheese has made numerous television appearances, including performances on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Its rock score contributes to this cult status, including performances by Delaney and Bonnie and others.

As a teenager, he occasionally played piano with Batiste, including performances at Snug Harbor in the French Quarter.

featuring performances recorded

is a live album by American jazz drummer Max Roach featuring performances recorded in San Francisco in 1962 and released by the Fantasy label.

Desafinado (album) Desafinado is an album by American jazz saxophonist Coleman Hawkins featuring performances recorded in 1962 for the Impulse!

Soul Sugar Soul Sugar is an album by American jazz organist Jimmy McGriff featuring performances recorded in 1970 and released on the Capitol label.

performances included

These performances included "Lion King" and "Mary Poppins".

Hampton's acting performances included episodes of the television shows:

His performances included a one-hit victory in his first appearance for the club.

other performances   (otras actuaciones)

Patrons have access to concerts, films and other performances by artists and guests.

The theatre also serves as a multi-purpose venue for drama productions and other performances.

Among his other performances, Lester played Raymond in a "Seinfeld" episode called "The Note".

notable performances

Several notable performances and events took place at the theatre.

Consequently, only its most notable performances are listed below.

Several notable performances have included the Backstreet Boys, Boston, and Steve Miller Band.

performances earned

His performances earned him the NCAA II Player of the Year Award.

These two performances earned him CBS Sports Player of the Week honors.

His performances earned him qualification for the 2008 BDO World Championship.

several performances

"Mac" MacDonald after several performances (such as playing Sgt.

In June 2003, he gave several performances at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Afterward Yip began publishing Yip's solo albums and performed as a drummer in several performances of world tour.

theatre performances

In the early 1960s films were introduced here alongside theatre performances.

Mouse River Players began in 1971 to providing live, quality theatre performances.

Though Hughes’ theatre performances were infrequent, they were always highly lauded.

series of performances

He undertook a series of performances with Shane Howard (ex-Goanna), as 2songmen from 2006 to 2007.

She went on a British-sponsored series of performances in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in March and April 1947.

The group of professional singers began in 1993 by Jonathan Miller and conduct a series of performances annually.

outstanding performances

Lee was awarded Man of the Match in a couple of games because of his outstanding performances.

Uzi (Jian Zi-Hao) was named the MVP of the entire tournament, due to his outstanding performances.

With outstanding performances from Dolly it eventually attracted interests from various clubs in Europe.

during performances

Emerson frequently used "Rondo" as a closing number during performances both with The Nice and ELP.

The role that each band member plays during performances has changed dramatically throughout the band's history.

Such behaviour led to spells of house arrest and imprisonment for assault and for misconduct during performances.

many performances

It's why I didn't get to active in many performances".

RMIT Music has many performances every year.

He also maintained a complete log of their many performances.

during live performances

MacColl did however appear as a backing vocalist during live performances.

During his preteen years he informally joined the local band Chébere during live performances.

The Fender Coronado is also during live performances of their 2009 song "Where Did All the Love Go?".

regular performances

It closed on February 14, 2016, after 37 previews and 111 regular performances.

The show closed on August 5, 2012 after 30 previews and 1,165 regular performances.

It will close on 15 March 2020, having played 46 previews and 138 regular performances.

solid performances

In January 2008, as the season starts, he was promoted to the first team after a strong and solid performances in the youth side.

As a result of his solid performances for the Brisbane Roar youth team, he was rewarded with a first team contract prior to the 2009–10 A-League season.

Todd appeared regularly at the end of the season, and his solid performances led to rumours that manager Nigel Clough would offer Todd a new 1-year contract.

opera performances

It hosted both theater as well as opera performances and concerts.

She also attends theatre and opera performances as well as museums.

An abandoned strip mining area nearby is nowadays a venue for opera performances.

individual performances

Each rider has the chance to win $100,000 from their individual performances.

The SEC recognized several players for their individual performances with various awards.

In addition to the individual performances, the four contestants performed I Gotta Feeling prior to the first round.

early performances

With early performances in North America.

He was slow in ripening, and his early performances gave little promise.

The single's B-side was "Satellite", a song about the band's early performances in "satellite towns".

great performances   (grandes actuaciones)

In FIBA Americas League, Flamengo qualified for the semifinals, with great performances from Benite.

He was then approached by a Barcelona scout after seeing him put in a good amount of great performances.

She contributed to the 'Donizetti Renaissance' with her great performances of Donizetti's forgotten operas.

theater performances

She was the winner of two Awards for her theater performances.

In 2012, his works were still being presented at children's theater performances.

The society organized music and theater performances, lectures, Lithuanian evenings, etc.

excellent performances

Since then, he has had some excellent performances in the Spurs midfield.

His excellent performances in Serie B afforded the interest Napoli during the January market.

But it doesn't let you down, with some excellent performances coming from a very promising cast".

performances against   (actuaciones contra)

The most important one was Woodeshick having his best performances against Richards' old ballclub.

Parker started in all 12 games played that season, having standout performances against Florida A&M and Morgan State.

He averaged over 31 possessions a game, impressing in best-on-ground performances against Adelaide, West Coast and Sydney.

acting performances

Hampton's acting performances included episodes of the television shows:

Praise was given to Kim's directing, the acting performances, and the intriguing plot.

In 1986, he was awarded the Jean Gabin Prize in recognition of his acting performances.

performances including

He was part of vaudeville performances including as part of the Harold and Trim duo in the 1920s.

18 on CMJ's Top 200 chart, leading to in-studio performances including an on-air interview and performance at Seattle's KEXP.

On the back of a string of impressive performances including a brace against Newcastle Jets, and than one week later scored a stunning winner against Melbourne Victory.

performances and recordings

She is best known for her performances and recordings of a number of violin concerti, compositions by J.S.

These historic publications give many accounts of Charles G. Widdén's live performances and recordings in the years 1903 – 1924.

Trío Calaveras Trío Calaveras is a Mexican guitar and vocal trio, notable for its performances and recordings with the pop singer Jorge Negrete.

television performances

There were over 50 video pieces, including television performances, music videos and concert footage.

The CMT Music Awards is a fan-voted awards show for country music videos and television performances.

As with Noh, many Japanese are familiar with kyōgen only through learning about it in school or television performances.

performances as well   (actuaciones también)

She also attends theatre and opera performances as well as museums.

She is known for her stage performances as well has her vocal quality.

His policy of presenting second performances as well as first was selfless and idealistic."