performing arts

athletic & sports, cultural & performing arts).

It is currently operated as a performing arts center.

It hosts a yearly visual and performing arts festival.

began performing

McLoughlin began performing music at a young age.

He began performing in variety shows in early 1888.

Amina began performing in Paris around this time.

performing the song

In 1987, Guns N' Roses started performing the song.

The effort of performing the song causes her to faint.

The video features concert footage of Rob performing the song.

band performing

2" was a recording of the band performing "Animals".

The video ends with Will Smith and his band performing a concert.

The band performing at the dance is David Nudelman and the Wild Breed.

started performing

In 1987, Guns N' Roses started performing the song.

Green started performing stand up comedy in 2003.

He started performing when he was six years old.

performing live

Necro has been performing live since the age of 11.

After having seen them performing live, Lookout!

Bombay Vikings began performing live shows in Sweden and Norway.

when performing   (実行するとき)

They are usually bluffing when performing these actions.

He uses Fender Precision basses and Ampeg Amplifiers when performing with Keane.

The priest stands in front of the garbagraham when performing the puja (prayers).

well as performing   (実行するだけでなく)

Anoop Menon penned the screenplay as well as performing the role of Goliath.

in a deep voice (entirely studio created) as well as performing the high falsetto chorus.

In the morning, people come here for jogging as well as performing yoga and other exercises.

best performing

The Company was the best performing IPO on the ASX for 2007.

This made him the fifth best performing European in the event.

It is also the best performing secondary school in Pembrokeshire.

continued performing

He continued performing until his death, in 1995.

Port Melbourne continued performing minor operations.

Abi Ofarim continued performing and recording.

performing arts center

It is currently operated as a performing arts center.

Now a performing arts center, it hosts the River City Community Players.

In 2016 the city put out a request for proposals for a new performing arts center.

performing artists

The set features 27 performing artists, one song per artist.

The agency introduced strongmen, illusionists and performing artists.

The foundation also provides scholarships to talented young performing artists.

performing well   (好調)

Although performing well in 2014–15 pre-season games, he moved to 2.

If the financial analysts are not performing well, it will become a waste of time and money.

He matriculated in 1893 and was awarded a scholarship after performing well in the admissions exam.

writing and performing

Mahal began writing and performing music as a child, gigging from aged 5.

He began writing and performing in comedy series in England in the 1950s.

Resultingly, Kotzen's writing and performing contributions dominated the album.

addition to performing

In addition to performing, Bellstedt composed for band, orchestra, piano, violin, and cornet.

In addition to performing with the Christian McBride Big Band and other groups as a side man.

In 2018, in addition to performing, Levy is developing a new production, "The Last Swingin’ Black Jew".

performing together

It also features scenes of the trio performing together.

The two of them have been performing together since 2011.

They began performing together in 2001.

capable of performing

No other model in existence is capable of performing this role.

Furthermore, even single neurons appear to be complex and capable of performing computations.

It is reportedly one of the few hospitals in North Korea capable of performing complex surgeries.

performing career

Betty Lou had a relatively brief performing career.

He started his performing career as a young Magician.

In 1921 she resumed her performing career, with a concert in Boston.

before performing

in September 2019, before performing "Bags" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show a few days later.

Because of this procedure, it was most common to carry a baby full term before performing the abortion.

The significance level denoted by α is the type I error rate and should be chosen before performing the test.

performing songs

In 1989, she appeared in a Target ad campaign, performing songs off the album.

Mostly she sang at corporate events and weddings, performing songs by Adele, Rihanna and Alicia Keys.

In 1967 she started a singing career in the Netherlands, performing songs in the French chanson tradition.

not performing

During this time, the system was not performing useful work.

While not performing on stage, she works as a massage therapist.

I realized that my passion was for writing songs; not performing them."

performing on stage

Leonid has been performing on stage since the age of 12.

Sky Full of Song was inspired by Welch performing on stage.

When she was young, she already dreamed of performing on stage.

performing music

McLoughlin began performing music at a young age.

At age 15, Lopes began performing music and hip-hop.

From early in his career Horowitz was performing music.

visual and performing

It hosts a yearly visual and performing arts festival.

Pat Oleszko Pat Oleszko is an American visual and performing artist.

Courses were offered in visual and performing arts and media, also family learning.

performing and recording

Abi Ofarim continued performing and recording.

Azar's latest project is performing and recording as Steve Azar and The Kings Men.

With the encouragement of Ray Charles, however, he returned to performing and recording.

recording and performing

Head continues to be active in recording and performing music.

She resumed writing, recording and performing in late summer of 2008.

Christian Lasegue Christian Lasegue is an international recording and performing artist.

known for performing

Other women known for performing in the "chanson réaliste" style include:

Cruise, known for performing his own film stunts, also did so in "Edge of Tomorrow".

The city is home to Stephens College, a private institution known for performing arts.

still performing   (まだ実行中)

In the late 1980s, he became intrigued with the art of hypnosis while still performing magic at special events and parties.

His retirement from "AMC" left Susan Lucci, portrayer of Erica Kane, as the only original cast member still performing on the show.

Thomas Edwards says that even when Henry, during this discussion, tries to please Fanny by renouncing acting, he is still performing.

seen performing

Singing straight to camera, she is seen performing in front of a graffiti laced wall.

Crowe would later appear in Snyder's 2013 film "Man of Steel" where she can be seen performing Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire".

The two sisters are then seen performing the refrain to an audience on stage, when Nancy's piano collapses at the first bang of the chorus.

top performing

They are some of the top performing arts training establishments in the UK.

The programme is influenced by research that was conducted on top performing arts schools around the world.

In 2017 DN Capital featured as one of the top performing Europe-based venture capital funds in the Preqin awards.

performing artist

Pat Oleszko Pat Oleszko is an American visual and performing artist.

Lenora Champagne Lenora Champagne is an American playwright and performing artist.

Christian Lasegue Christian Lasegue is an international recording and performing artist.

performing various

They addressed this need by performing various acts of kindness.

Gogo is noted for performing various bizarre sight gags or stunts.

Brain imaging involves analyzing activity within the brain while performing various tasks.

artists performing

It features intimate acoustic performances from artists performing that year.

They also made several music videos of artists performing on the New Bands Stage available on their website.

Several artists performing this genre are known, such as Hajib, Stati, Najat Aatabou, Senhaji and Khalid Bennani.

stopped performing

Many medical centers stopped performing transplants.

Ryan stopped performing in the early 1970s.

Around 1894/95, she appears to have stopped performing altogether.

performing in front   (前で演奏する)

The band is also shown performing in front of a mansion.

He was a part of Starstruck in 2005, performing in front of thousands.

Singing straight to camera, she is seen performing in front of a graffiti laced wall.

performing regularly

The orchestra started performing regularly in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

A new version of the band led by Touch Seang Tana began performing regularly under the name Drakka Band in 2015.

Also performing regularly at Symphony Center is the Chicago Sinfonietta, a more diverse and multicultural counterpart to the CSO.

performing all

The band also toured, performing all of the tracks in their entirety for the first time.

In 1977, he made his debut recital in New York, performing all three of Schubert's last piano sonatas, D. 958-960.

Growing popularity made them enlarge their radius, performing all over Nagaland, the Seven Sister States, and other Indian states.

performing solo

Chris is also performing solo as I Took Your Name.

The name SJD also refers to Donnelly's touring band when not performing solo.

Roba recorded for Okeh Records in 1924 and 1925, performing solo and as part of her family's Stanley Trio.

time performing

This was their first time performing in a stadium.

This was her first time performing Lam Phương.

In that year, Mari George recited, her first time performing the honor.

performing alongside

One month after the 11 September attacks, Clapton appeared at the Concert for New York City, performing alongside Buddy Guy.

The segment was titled ASAP Divas vs. ASAP Birit Queens, with previous singers performing alongside the current performers of the show.

Jerrod Carmichael performed full-length shows, including the Carmichael Show live, performing alongside Tiffany Haddish and David Alan Grier.

performing art

These are used for all types of performing art.

The Lyric Theatre Complex will be the major performing art venue in the WKCD.

He was a violin performing art professor at the National University of Music Bucharest.

career performing

Patterson started her professional career performing in regional theater.

She began her career performing improv and sketch comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.

Kennedy began his career performing on various local sound systems, building a reputation as a dancehall singer.