without permission   (許可なしに)

On the side, he remixed songs from other artists, without permission.

Thereby, Shahbaz Khan left Murad without permission and reached Malwa.

Apple was initially accused of using the clock design without permission.

planning permission   (計画許可)

However, planning permission was granted later.

Formal planning permission was granted on 13 April 1999.

It received planning permission in 2006.

granted permission   (許可された)

It also granted permission to remove headstones.

Arbuthnot refused until Warrender granted permission.

On 15 November 2011, he was granted permission to view it.

given permission   (許可された)

Plus, she was given permission to drive the car.

Eventually he was given permission to build a permanent building.

He approached Stephen Sondheim with the idea and was given permission.

received permission   (許可を受けた)

He eventually received permission for two elders.

They received permission to land the goods.

In 1603, the Jewish received permission to practice their religion.

permission to use   (使用許可)

Aero Club and eventually got permission to use the P.W.S.

Weaver said that Chris Martin telephoned her directly for permission to use it.

Alice helps him out with giving him permission to use the family home to rehearse.

obtained permission   (許可を得た)

Smith obtained permission to travel to Turkey.

She obtained permission to visit him.

Decca obtained permission from London Films to release the soundtrack on LP.

gave permission   (許可を与えた)

Joffre gave permission for Maunoury to pull back his left if necessary.

In December 1939 the wartime committee gave permission for the Lancashire Cup to be played.

On April 24, Bill Basham gave permission for the use of his midi version of Waltzing Matilda.

special permission   (特別許可)

For many years, Cubans could only acquire new cars with special permission.

In U.S. National Parks, BASE jumping is generally prohibited, unless special permission is given.

By special permission of the emperor in 1866 he played at the Odéon in Emile Augier's "Contagion".

requested permission   (要求された許可)

The control unit requested permission to start the fire-suppression system.

Montagu, under a flag of truce, had requested permission to water his ship.

He requested permission to marry two beautiful sisters, Maya and Mahāpajābatī Gotamī.

permission to build   (構築する許可)

Eventually he was given permission to build a permanent building.

Dinguiraye town authorities have also refused permission to build a church within its boundaries.

In February 1961, Boaks unsuccessfully applied for planning permission to build a heliport in his garden.

refused permission   (許可を拒否しました)

She was refused permission to reach the scene of the killings.

The Siamese refused permission for the French to pass beyond the forts at Paknam.

Vernet later attempted to return to the Islands but was refused permission to return.

permission was granted   (許可が与えられた)

However, planning permission was granted later.

Formal planning permission was granted on 13 April 1999.

Eventually, permission was granted to show it to adults.

without the permission   (許可なく)

She runs away with the latter without the permission of her parents.

The movie was made without the permission of the author's estate, which was common practice at that time.

Neither may he have relations with a female slave if she is co-owned without the permission of other owners.

sought permission   (許可を求めた)

The ProLife Alliance sought permission for judicial review of their decision, which was refused.

Several applicants sought permission to put a new station on the air using CKGM's old frequency.

Before he died, Sleyne had sought permission to return to Ireland, however his petition was refused by Queen Anne.

obtain permission   (許可を得る)

Before proceeding with the design, the TTC sought to obtain permission from both clubs.

Hasan Ali Shah left for Bombay and the British attempted to obtain permission for his return to Persia.

To be in WSCN, students must pass a Beginning Broadcasting class and obtain permission from the teacher.

get permission   (許可を得る)

Trekkers can get permission to stay overnight.

Due to a technical error, they get permission to stakeout his house, finding drugs.

In many areas it is required to get permission from the government to hold a demonstration.

denied permission   (許可を拒否しました)

Trinity Church had denied permission for the protestors to use the space.

Since they denied permission, the prince's attempt to marry Mathilda failed.

He accepted the offer but was denied permission to speak by city officials in a public park.

permission to leave   (去る許可)

At the series' conclusion, he is finally given permission to leave STN-J headquarters.

Also in 1774 he received permission to leave the Piarists, and resumed using the name Scipione.

When the senators will not all agree to vote against annexation, Craden refuses them permission to leave.

without his permission   (彼の許可なしに)

They married without his permission.

His widow later told Helsingin Sanomat that his name was included without his permission.

According to Stantis, the syndicate erroneously added quote marks to the dialogue without his permission.

asked permission   (許可を求めた)

Pola asked permission to attend one of these schools, and her parents refused.

Andrée Ruffo asked permission to appeal this decision to the Supreme Court of Canada.

On 15 April 2006, SF played at Toulouse and asked permission to don their pink jersey.

permission to marry   (結婚許可)

Madhur got her father's permission to marry Saeed eventually.

He requested permission to marry two beautiful sisters, Maya and Mahāpajābatī Gotamī.

The pact also gave Philip the Elder permission to marry, which he did later that year.

got permission   (許可を得た)

Aero Club and eventually got permission to use the P.W.S.

He got permission to publish them, but they were never published.

Cleveland head coach Paul Brown got permission from the league to use Simonetti in the game as Daniell's replacement.

permission to return   (戻る許可)

They sent Augustine back to Rome to request papal permission to return.

Vernet later attempted to return to the Islands but was refused permission to return.

He did not get a permission to return to his diocese, and lived in the capital of the Ottoman Empire.

asked for permission   (許可を求めた)

He was impressed by Van den Berg officer who asked for permission while he was responsible.

Ordered to set up headquarters at Wheeling, Virginia, he asked for permission to relocate to Ohio.

In February 1927, Tadeusz Karpiński asked for permission to fly over the Atlantic, but did not receive it.

permission to enter   (入場許可)

Hayes gave the group permission to enter the area.

During inspection, permission to enter may be suspended.

However, gaining permission to enter the desert was no longer easy.

permission to take   (取る許可)

Santa Anna asked Congress for permission to take command of the army and combat the rebels.

St Vincent gave him orders as Commodore with permission to take British ships under his command as required in the Levant.

The room now contains electrical equipment, but celebrities and dignitaries may also be given permission to take pictures there.

permission to go   (行く許可)

"We hugged her, we kissed her, we gave her our permission to go.

After the celebration, Zeynep and her three cousins ask permission to go to a club.

He manages to get the doctor to give her permission to go out for an end-of-year party.

give permission   (許可を与える)

The natural parents must give permission.

Since 2014 the Swiss authorities give permission for the usage of psilocybin in some individual cases.

Mike Judge was not involved at all except to give permission for use of the character (created by Glenn Eichler and designed by Bill Peckmann).

official permission   (公式許可)

This communication meant that Mission Control had given official permission for Apollo8 to go to the Moon.

As a result, the ensuing 1931 statement has been interpreted by some as official permission for members to believe in organic evolution.

In 1775, Maria Theresa gave official permission to the Mechitarist Congregation of the Armenian Catholic Church to settle in the Habsburg Empire.

written permission   (書面による許可)

Any commercial use must have written permission from the designer.

If they needed to travel, they would need to get written permission from investigating officers.

Religious groups based abroad must submit written permission for registration from their country of origin.

gained permission   (許可を得た)

McIntyre gained permission from donors to redirect money donated for the Cantwell cathedral fund to those needs.

After the Communist Party of China was founded, Cai wrote and gained permission to establish an official branch in Europe.

In November 1916, however, Coates finally gained permission to join up — he served with considerable distinction, winning a Military Cross and bar.