İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

construction permit   (inşaat izni)

The unbuilt construction permit was sold to W.R.A.

The construction permit was granted in February 1991.

In 1992 the station had a construction permit for 2.5 kW.

not permit   (izin yok)

's performance and would not permit them to continue.

The law does not permit forced exile, and it is not used.

"The atomic weapons ... will not permit the world to wait."

work permit   (Çalışma izni)

The employer applies and pays for the work permit.

This status also gives work permit in most cases.

There was also an issue of obtaining a UK work permit for Gilberto.

did not permit   (izin vermedi)

The closing chorale, "" (Praise and thanks to God, who did not permit that their maw might seize us.

Citing unwillingness to exploit the Fijian people, the colonial authorities did not permit Fijians to enlist.

In this case, the court held that the Constitution did not permit a state to unilaterally secede from the United States.

does not permit   (izin vermiyor)

The law does not permit forced exile, and it is not used.

It does not permit making or distributing additional copies.

"Harmonium" is a sublimation which does not permit a sequel."

without a permit

It is illegal to visit the island without a permit issued by state tourism authorities.

Further, removing any natural items is illegal as is firewood cutting without a permit.

He and a friend walked to Brisbane in April 1913, where he was again gaoled for speaking without a permit.

residence permit   (oturma izni)

The bull is, for its part, depicted on all residence permit cards.

Nassim Saadi, a Tunisian citizen, had resided in Italy since the late 1990s and held a residence permit from the Bologna police.

See Permanent residency in Singapore In Ukraine there are two types of residence permits: temporary residence permit and permanent residence permit.

original construction permit

The original construction permit for 93.5 FM was obtained by Risden Lyon and his son, Allen Lyon in 1989.

The station's original construction permit was issued by the Federal Communications Commission on June 14, 2007.

KHDF-CD began with an original construction permit issued on June 15, 1990 to "Hey Buddy" ... Broadcasting Company.

building permit

A building permit was initially issued to Albert A.

After this demonstration, a vindicated Wright was given his building permit.

In 2005 the school received a building permit to use the attic and to construct an elevator.

special permit

Private vehicles were not allowed to go aboard the ferry boats without a special permit.

A special permit from the District Wildlife Biologist is required to run traps on WMA land.

Authorization for hunting the animals in Class B is allowable by special permit, but for any purpose.