persons per

It can be played with one or more persons per team.

The population density is 4,728 persons per km.

Since late 2014 the throughput capacity is 300 persons per hour.

persons per km²

Okayama , the city has an estimated population of 720,841 and a population density of 910 persons per km².

As of February 28, 2017, the town has an estimated population of 15,771 and a density of 29 persons per km².

As of 31 December 2004, the municipality has an area of 6 km² and a population density of 24 persons per km².

displaced persons   (難民)

Post-war it housed refugees and displaced persons until 1948.

After the war, the number of displaced persons fell to about 250,000.

Schools were either closed or occupied by internally displaced persons.

all persons

This represents a range of 2.5 to 5% of all persons who served during the war.

These were to be binding on all persons, but had to be laid before Parliament.

The death zone, where almost all persons were killed, was close to entirely Carib.

other persons   (他の人)

The three leaders and many other persons were taken prisoner.

The same happens with other persons that have double hats (e.g.

Sweet and ten other persons from the house were arrested for murder.

persons per household   (一世帯当たり)

, there were 224,128 private households in the canton, and an average of 2.4 persons per household.

, there were 941 private households in the municipality, and an average of 2.5 persons per household.

, there were 924 private households in the municipality, and an average of 2.4 persons per household.

persons living

In 1950, there was an estimation of 4,000 persons living in Ecuador.

The 1883 census revealed a population of 85 persons living in eight villages.

As of the 2011 Indian census, there are 1019 persons living on Nancowry island.

missing persons

This method has been used in attempts to locate missing persons.

Five cases of missing persons were associated with Kempamma in 2009.

The missing persons team have stated that they followed up every lead.

persons with disabilities

Another development, for persons with disabilities, is called ".

It has a staff of 77 employees, 15 of whom are persons with disabilities.

Seniors, persons with disabilities, and veterans receive a discounted fare of 50% off.

number of persons   (人数)

The number of persons killed was 136.

This definition covers any murder of any number of persons by any government.

During the Red Scare in 1919, a number of persons were deported under suspicion of illegal activity.

group of persons

Next we define a group of persons as a list of codice_89 objects.

The place has a strong or special association with a person, or group of persons, of importance of cultural or natural history of New South Wales's history.

following persons

The following persons are or have been editors:

The following persons are or have been editor-in-chief:

It may refer to one of the following persons:

more persons

It can be played with one or more persons per team.

If the award is shared by two or more persons, winners will decide how to allocate the reward money.

The post-WWII immigration included more persons from Greece, Italy, Poland and the former Yugoslavia.

persons per square

The density of population was 1670 persons per square kilo meter.

The average population density in the city equals to 91 persons per square km.

Overall population density increased to about 285 persons per square kilometer by 1994.

such persons

He was also authorized to suspend or disbar such persons for cause.

saying that "We are the Ahl al-Bayt (kinsfolk) and this applies to such persons from us exclusively.

If they include any figures, they are very often such persons, or sages, contemplating the mountains.

disabled persons   (障害者)

She also worked as a swimming coach and as instructor with disabled persons.

The problems of disabled persons are not a government priority in Sierra Leone.

Senior citizens and disabled persons pay half fare for Demand Response service.

person or persons   (人)

The court is not a respecter of any person or persons either.

He added that "[t]he ammunition was deliberately exploded by person or persons unknown.

The person or persons who stays in contact with the floor while lifting a flyer into a stunt.

internally displaced persons   (国内避難民)

Schools were either closed or occupied by internally displaced persons.

In 2003 Baku additionally had 153,400 internally displaced persons and 93,400 refugees.

Two camps for internally displaced persons, Fatta Borno and Kassab, formed near the town.

many persons

After going to hell Bishwanath found so many persons are there known to him.

The loose-ends and the contradictions in the story expose a tissue of lies by many persons at many levels"".

The ACLU defended many persons who were prosecuted under the Smith Act, including labor leader Harry Bridges.

created for persons

Lewis baronets There have been seven Baronetcies created for persons with the surname Lewis, two in the Baronetage of England and five in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom.

Burnett baronets There have been two baronetcies created for persons with the surname Burnett, one in the Baronetage of Nova Scotia and one in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom.

Hamilton baronets Nineteen baronetcies have been created for persons with the surname Hamilton, eight in the Baronetage of Nova Scotia, one in the Baronetage of England, five in the Baronetage of Ireland, one in the Baronetage of Great Britain and four in the Baronetage of the United Kingdom.

trafficking in persons

From 2003 to 2018, held various leadership positions in a high profile and sensitive regional development initiative, funded by the Australian Government's International Aid Program aimed at strengthening legislative and criminal justice responses to trafficking in persons and related exploitation in all ten Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Member States.

2149, the Expanding the Financing of Human Trafficking Act, to amend the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 to include financial criminal activities associated with the facilitation or severe forms of trafficking in persons within the factors considered as indicia of serious and sustained efforts to eliminate severe forms of trafficking in persons, and for other purposes.

persons per km

The population density is 4,728 persons per km.

The population density as of October 1, 2010, was 1,755.47 persons per km.

, the city has an estimated population of 359,666 and a population density of 1,300 persons per km.

persons born

Overseas Chinese are those persons born in China, settled in other countries and working there.

For a "cohort" of persons born in the same year, it traces and projects their life experiences from birth to death.

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, section 307, granted U.S. citizenship to "all persons born in the island of Guam on or after April 11, 1899.

between persons

It governed the relationship between persons with interest in the goods, and carriers who transported those goods.

The "old animism" assumed that animists were individuals who were unable to understand the difference between persons and things.

The norm consists of an inclination towards a sexual relationship with a person of the opposite sex and not between persons of the same sex.

young persons

Billboards of four young persons from County Kildare who died in 2005 and 2007 were on display onsite.

In early 2008 the council took the radical step of appointing two young persons aged between 14 and 18 to represent the views of the village youth at council meetings.

Curator Tirza True Latimer has theorized that this step-sister relationship not only encouraged the young persons' creative collaborations but also diverted attention from their relationship.

private persons   (個人)

In 1954 the tower was leased to private persons but eventually it was abandoned.

Since the end of the 1960s private persons of all professions can become members.

Calls and conversations by private persons may be recorded by any active participant.

several persons

During the 25-year run of the program, several persons served as its co-host alongside Bryant.

However, not many people have converted and there are only reports of several persons who have converted.

The board of the association comprised several persons: F. Bartha (chairman), Thomas Lenoch, Leopold Widenka and Johann Struhal.

persons involved

Midwives were the primary persons involved in the childbirth process.

This act allowed the press to attend family law cases provided the anonymity of the persons involved is respected.

An aspect of the case which aroused widespread media interest was the punishment of the persons involved in the crimes.

persons engaged

A 2009 review, whose co-authors included persons engaged in DDT-related litigation, reached broadly similar conclusions, with an equivocal association with testicular cancer.

Of the proposals, the former was more radical, calling for lustration to be applied permanently to all persons occupying public office under the Communist regime (whereas the National Liberal project restricts it to Communist Party and Union of Communist Youth active cadres, as well as to persons engaged in political policing in relation to the Securitate).

For investors interested in socially conscious investing, peer-to-peer lending offers the possibility of supporting the attempts of individuals to break free from high-rate debt, assist persons engaged in occupations or activities that are deemed moral and positive to the community, and avoid investment in persons employed in industries deemed immoral or detrimental to community.

million persons

, 2.1 million persons reside in Ewe territory Volta.

The UNHCR operates in over 125 countries, helping approximately 33.9 million persons.

A new second terminal, which will increase airport capacity from 800,000 to three million persons per year.

notable persons

Some notable persons with the surname include:

It has housed many notable persons.

Miladin Tintarović is one of the most notable persons in the club's history.