İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

petals are long   (yaprakları uzun)

The petals are long and about wide and curved.

The petals are long, about wide and usually curve forwards.

The sepals and petals are long and wide.

sepals and petals   (sepals ve yapraklar)

Both sepals and petals age to orange-bronze.

The sepals and petals all turn downwards towards the ovary.

The sepals and petals are long and wide.

white petals   (beyaz yapraklar)

Each flower has three pointed sepals and three small white petals.

Each small flower has five green sepals and five greenish white petals.

Each flower has three sepals which lack spotting, and three white petals.

yellow petals

Each flower has three sepals and three yellow petals with reddish areas near the bases.

The flowers are across with 5 golden yellow petals (rarely pale yellow), rounded sepals, with involucre-like bracts.

The flowers are produced in pendulous racemes long, each flower diameter with five yellow petals of equal size and shape.

flower petals

The white flower petals are six to ten millimeters long.

The advice of the oracles is taken either from priests in a trance or by them interpreting the way flower petals drop down.

The genus name "Aquilegia" is derived from the Latin word for eagle ("aquila"), because of the shape of the flower petals, which are said to resemble an eagle's claw.

outer petals

They are followed by bright yellow fragrant flowers with maroon blotches on the outer petals.