pharmaceutical company   (製薬会社)

This established Astra as the leading Swedish pharmaceutical company.

Until recently the Prize was funded by the Pliva pharmaceutical company.

In 1989 he was hired by pharmaceutical company Lymphomed as a consultant.

pharmaceutical companies   (製薬会社)

Random42 works with small start up biotech companies and pharmaceutical companies.

Bayer Health Care and Berlin Chemie are major pharmaceutical companies in the city.

At this time, German and Swiss pharmaceutical companies dominated the Swedish market.

pharmaceutical industry   (製薬業界)

Purified water is used in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Merckle group (pharmaceutical industry) is headquartered in Blaubeuren.

Similarly, some amino acids derivatives are used in pharmaceutical industry.

pharmaceutical products   (医薬品)

Key imports included machinery, pharmaceutical products, and vehicles.

Silvia continued working in the pharmaceutical products firm, in her advertising department.

Indian exports included garments and clothing, textile yarn, and medical and pharmaceutical products.

pharmaceutical drugs   (医薬品)

Some pharmaceutical drugs, when taken together, have also been implicated in the cause of "déjà vu".

Viruses, bacteria, fungi and cancers evolve to be resistant to host immune defences, as well as pharmaceutical drugs.

According to Meldrum, Zimbabwe's high inflation left the country with a lack of financial resources, resulting in a shortage of ambulances and pharmaceutical drugs.