political philosophy   (政治哲学)

He taught courses in political philosophy and American politics.

Bal Thackeray was inspired by his father's political philosophy.

Furthermore, dealt with philosophy, history, and political philosophy.

studied philosophy   (学んだ哲学)

She studied philosophy and sociology at university.

He studied philosophy in Tallaght and theology in Rome.

He also studied philosophy, literature, and the Scriptures.

professor of philosophy   (哲学教授)

She is married to the professor of philosophy Ned Block (NYU).

In 2017, he became professor of philosophy at the University of Turin.

From 1952 to 1980, Abe served as professor of philosophy at Nara University.

philosophy of science   (科学哲学)

In 1977, he began studying for a masters in the philosophy of science.

His work is also known for its influence on the philosophy of science.

In 1967 he defended his candidate's dissertation in the philosophy of science.

philosophy and theology   (哲学と神学)

He studied humanities, philosophy and theology at the Seminary of Querétaro.

He studied philosophy and theology at Cremona and Piacenza, and lived in Milan.

He studied philosophy and theology in Bamberg, receiving his ordination in 1837.

natural philosophy

He also wrote on the natural philosophy of Aristotle.

He was a student of natural philosophy and a correspondent of Flamsteed.

After returning to his native land he occupied himself with natural philosophy.

degree in philosophy

He received a doctor's degree in philosophy (Dr.

In 1959, he graduated from Antioch College with a degree in philosophy.

He holds a master's degree in philosophy and lives in the United States.

moral philosophy   (道徳哲学)

Martinetti was professor of theoretical and moral philosophy.

Hunter was awarded a first-class degree in logic and moral philosophy in 1863.

He is known for his work in the philosophy of education, moral philosophy, and race.

history and philosophy

The area of his Doctorate was the history and philosophy of education.

In 1913, Lee went to Barnard College and majored in history and philosophy.

During this time, he lectured other prisoners in literature, history and philosophy.

philosophy of mind

The thesis also has implications for the philosophy of mind (see below).

The philosophy of mind has given rise to many stances regarding consciousness.

The philosophy of mind also has important consequences for the concept of "self".

history of philosophy

Philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre puts Nietzsche in a high place in the history of philosophy.

The controversy became known in the history of philosophy as the Fischer–Trendelenburg debate.

The proportion of Berkeley scholarship, in literature on the history of philosophy, is increasing.

design philosophy

Rather it deals with the essence of landscape design philosophy in its entirety.

Hara has published books on design philosophy, most recently "Designing Design".

Consistent with Birkerts's design philosophy, no cars are visible from the street.

taught philosophy

By 1898 he no longer taught philosophy but several psychology courses.

From 1983 to 1989, he taught philosophy at the National University of Singapore.

He then taught philosophy of history, aesthetics and prehistory at the University of Geneva.

literature and philosophy

A keen student of literature and philosophy, he wrote two books.

The essays deal with topics such as art, literature and philosophy.

It is dedicated to the literature and philosophy of Arne and his wife, Hulda.

philosophy of language

As an academic, he specialised in the philosophy of language and the philosophy of religion.

Literary theory is a discipline that some literary theorists claim overlaps with the philosophy of language.

Many of the most interesting problems of modern philosophy of language were anticipated by medieval thinkers.

philosophy of religion   (宗教哲学)

There is not a hard boundary between analytic theology and analytic philosophy of religion.

As an academic, he specialised in the philosophy of language and the philosophy of religion.

His area of specialization was 17th century British philosophy, namely epistemology and philosophy of religion.

analytic philosophy   (分析哲学)

This had a liberating effect on analytic philosophy.

The first is analytic philosophy and philosophical logic in the Anglo-American vein.

There is not a hard boundary between analytic theology and analytic philosophy of religion.

theology and philosophy

He went into the seminary studying theology and philosophy.

He published on theology and philosophy.

He later studied theology and philosophy at the English College in Rome.

educational philosophy

Kinman's educational philosophy was explained by Rev W.D.

Timothy Dwight V, whose educational philosophy they admired.

The study of modern art was central to D’Amico's educational philosophy.

doctorate in philosophy

In 1890 he received his doctorate in philosophy.

Martorell holds a doctorate in philosophy.

In 1884, he received his doctorate in philosophy from Chernivtsi University.

study philosophy

He went on to study philosophy at Frankfurt an der Oder, and later in Paris.

Müller moved on to study philosophy and Lutheran theology at Leipzig University in 1884.

In 1899 he enrolled at the University of Chicago to study philosophy but soon began to study sociology.

studying philosophy

In retirement, from the late 1990s, he enjoyed playing chess and studying philosophy.

He then spent several years studying philosophy and theology in the religious houses of his order.

In the seventies, Van den Braembussche started studying philosophy at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

philosophy professor

He claims to be the only openly pagan philosophy professor in the world.

The company was founded in 2012 by David Barnett, who was at the time a philosophy professor.

Famous philosophy professor Robert Solomon, discovered his own theory and definition on "emotion".

science and philosophy

Hermes studied agricultural science and philosophy at Bonn, Jena and Berlin.

Growing up, his passions were soccer, math, nonfiction (science and philosophy), and Greek myths.

Language is particularly important, for it establishes a bridge between natural science and philosophy.

modern philosophy

This preoccupation with essence dissipated in much of modern philosophy.

This resurgence of Pyrrhonism has been called the beginning of modern philosophy.

Many of the most interesting problems of modern philosophy of language were anticipated by medieval thinkers.

philosophy department   (哲学部)

He was a fellow in the philosophy department at Berkeley from 1891 to 1893.

She obtained a degree from the philosophy department of the University of Jena.

One year later he was also appointed as the dean of the philosophy department in Frankfurt.

doctor of philosophy

His father was a rabbi and doctor of philosophy.

In 1988 he became "Magister" and five years later he was promoted to doctor of philosophy.

In 2009 he was given the degree of doctor of philosophy "honoris causa" by the National University of Córdoba.

philosophy of mathematics

He is known for his expertise on epistemology, decision theory, mathematical logic and philosophy of mathematics.

He lectured on the philosophy of mathematics, and on mechanics, analytics and descriptive and projective geometry.

This program is still recognizable in the most popular philosophy of mathematics, where it is usually called "formalism".

philosophy and literature

However, his primary interests during his years in Vienna became philosophy and literature.

Bielovucic attended school and university in Paris where he graduated with degrees in philosophy and literature.

A convert to Christianity, he was an educated man who was familiar with classical Greek philosophy and literature.

philosophy and religion   (哲学と宗教)

Dharma is a concept of central importance in Indian philosophy and religion.

The three fishes symbolised coexistence of all thought, philosophy and religion.

As an undergraduate student of Howison, he learned about philosophy and religion.

philosophy and history

After studying philosophy and history in Bern and Geneva, he became a teacher at a school in St. Gallen in 1857.

In terms of philosophy and history of science, Flyvbjerg is influenced by Aristotle rather than by Socrates and Plato.

Schmidt was educated in biology, chemistry, physics and then philosophy and history of art at the University of Tübingen.

social philosophy   (社会哲学)

)), and social philosophy of technology.

"George Hardy does not wear his social philosophy on his sleeve.

It includes people who have identified themselves as members of the Libertarian Party or as libertarian in their political or social philosophy.