mobile phone   (携帯電話)

As tensions grew they spoke only via mobile phone.

The lily design was added to a mobile phone case.

"hand machine") for mobile phone, / "lányá" (lit.

phone call   (電話)

The phone call alerted rescuers five minutes later.

DiCamillo also released prank phone call recordings.

There was never a phone call about "Control"."

cell phone   (携帯電話)

Very little cell phone service along the entire route.

He did not carry a cell phone and had no support team.

Brea also swipes a cell phone and calls Carl for help.

phone calls   (電話)

Stehlin subsequently received threatening phone calls.

The misdialed phone calls had a profound effect on Katz.

The letters were followed by phone calls.

phone number   (電話番号)

box, and provided them an address and phone number.

At that point, Seinfeld got her phone number.

The phone number can be of another country.

phone numbers   (電話番号)

Business plans include 2 phone numbers as standard.

in phone numbers), acronyms, arrows and many others.

Ribbit Mobile worked with users’ existing phone numbers.

phone lines   (電話回線)

The cabin had no plumbing, but phone lines were connected to it.

It provided full-duplex service at 300 bit/s over normal phone lines.

By April 25 phone lines at Peking University dorms were cut and telegrams blocked.

phone service   (電話サービス)

Very little cell phone service along the entire route.

Over 20,000 people lost electricity and phone service.

They are quickly becoming the most common type of voice phone service in many areas.

phone line   (電話回線)

The website and phone line were shut down late 2013.

Her pay per call phone line reached 2,000 calls per day at its peak.

Finally, a FidoNet system usually had at least one dedicated phone line.

phone hacking   (電話ハッキング)

In 2007, Piers Morgan asserted that phone hacking was common practice.

The inquiry is connected to the News International phone hacking scandal.

The Met received severe criticism for its role in the phone hacking scandal.

received a phone   (電話を受けた)

While Daniel was in jail, he received a phone call from Deacon, claiming to be Michael, Daniel's lawyer.

After the end of his original contract, Clay received a phone call from producers asking him to reprise the role.

In 1979, while staying in Lisboa he received a phone call at 3 a.m. asking him if he would join the Music Department at UCSD.

receives a phone   (電話を受ける)

Seymour receives a phone call from Dana, the intended recipient of his personal ad.

Back at the Draper residence, Don is making pancakes, when he receives a phone call from Duck.

Moe receives a phone call, rages at the caller and angrily chases the customers out of his bar.

phone company   (電話会社)

Voce (disambiguation) Voce is a defunct mobile phone company.

Mobile phone company Airtel provides coverage of the Mattru Jong area.

After exiting the Navy, he would work as an inspector with a phone company.

cellular phone   (携帯電話)

The cellular phone providers Orange and MTN cover most of the country.

2452 which seeks to lower the cost of cellular phone usage and House Bill No.

Woss has regular telephone service, and acquired cellular phone services in early 2016.

phone conversation   (電話での会話)

Ralph overhears the phone conversation with the lab.

Engel later cooperated with the police and let them tape a phone conversation with Hood.

The two had a heated phone conversation that night, and Strahan said they no longer speak.

phone booth   (公衆電話ボックス)

Save points are designated by a red phone booth.

The Wing's Washington, D.C. location has a phone booth dedicated to Hill.

Sensing something is wrong, Nelson heads to the phone booth and turns into Iron Snail.

up the phone   (電話を上げて)

to hang up the phone), limiting the effective rate to 56 kbit/s DS0.

Thus, when Kuchenko picks up the phone without it ringing, nothing happens.

The three run back into the house and Darren demands that they give up the phone.

phone book   (電話帳)

He went through the phone book and cold-called people.

This trigger is called on an update to a phone book database.

One such example script was a CGI program called PHF that implemented a simple phone book.

phone rings   (電話が鳴る)

Cathy's phone rings and she exclaims "it's those people again".

Suddenly, Sylvester's cell phone rings and he hurries to put it on vibrate.

One day when they are in her flat, her phone rings and the name on the screen is Paul.

phone records   (電話記録)

Roberta finds out through his phone records that there is a number that he calls repeatedly every month.

Clark’s phone records showed that he had called her 76 times leading up to the shooting, causing Manni to block his phone number.

Investigators determined from cell phone records that Brantley most likely disappeared around June 2, 2009, possibly as late as July.

smart phone   (スマートフォン)

The smart phone app uses the phones location data to pay at the pump using the app.

About 3 percent of AT&T smart phone customers account for 40 percent of the technology's use.

Mobile Deposit allows smart phone users to snap a picture of the check with the phone's camera.

phone services   (電話サービス)

Woss has regular telephone service, and acquired cellular phone services in early 2016.

Fullrate offers Internet access and phone services (VoIP), to customers all over Denmark.

Nowadays this mast is demounted and there are only small aerials for mobile phone services on its top.

phone companies   (電話会社)

In Europe, mobile phone companies overspent on 3G licences, which led them deep into debt.

Target employers may include airline companies, phone companies, and credit card companies.

PEGI's clients included telephone companies, mobile phone companies, utilities, governments, and other agencies around the world.

phone network   (電話網)

The phone was created for the 3 phone network.

In 1992, he successfully bid for one of the four mobile phone network licences auctioned in India.

Months before the release of Un Día Nuevo, Libido had begun a publicity strategy through the mobile phone network Claro.

phone conversations   (電話での会話)

Face-to-face interviews, phone conversations and email and written submissions were conducted.

He also allowed Laurin to tape their phone conversations about the crime over a six-week period in late 2008.

They have several phone conversations, in the course of which Ely reveals that she's "sort of broken up" with Kate.