İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

photo shoot   (fotoğraf çekimi)

The models first go to a photo shoot for their comp cards.

At the photo shoot, the girls have posed in Mykonos, Greece.

She then walks into a studio, where she is preparing for a photo shoot.

cover photo   (kapak fotoğrafı)

The cover photo parodied that of the Beatles' "Sgt.

and included a cover photo of a Marilyn Monroe lookalike.

The cover photo was taken by Kim Poor.

photo shoots   (fotoğraf çekimleri)

She has also done photo shoots for magazines like "Woman's Era".

They have also started featuring body positive influencers in their photo shoots.

He directed Rommel's photo shoots and filed radio dispatches describing the battles.

see photo   (fotoğrafı gör)

For additional information see photo gallery above.

Some of those features have subsequently been lost (see photo).

These have been lost or obscured by subsequent exterior residing (see photo).

photo finish   (fotoğraf bitirmek)

A photo finish tower was constructed in 1952.

In 1936 it added a photo finish camera.

He won the 2011 Melbourne Cup in a photo finish riding Dunaden.

photo gallery   (fotoğraf Galerisi)

For additional information see photo gallery above.

A photo gallery was included as a bonus feature.

A photo gallery of the set was published on the DVD.

photo book

Even a photo book of nudes only caused a small ripple of new interest.

The book is a follow-up to her earlier successful 1973 photo book "Die Nuba".

She published her first solo photo book, "Kimi no Ashiato", on 24 February 2016.

photo taken

The album artwork consists of a photo taken during Dion's previous 2017 tour.

While at the event, he met U.S. president Ronald Reagan and had a photo taken with him.

Hopefully, the Swamp Thing arranged to have his photo taken with them, thinking that his pregnant wife might see him, and know he is okay.

photo album

One day, she break the photo album of his mother, Nat Shine Ko acridity to her.

Grace finds a 19th-century "book of the dead"—a photo album of mourning portrait photos.

In "Buy 10", teams must buy 10 listed items in a photo album within the allocated budget.

photo reconnaissance

F4U-1P: A rare photo reconnaissance variant.

Its first sustained combat use was as a photo reconnaissance platform.

F4U-4P: F4U-4 equivalent to the -1P, a rare photo reconnaissance variant.

photo was taken

The cover photo was taken by Kim Poor.

The cover photo was taken at Luxford House, Crowborough, East Sussex.

To commemorate this, a team photo was taken, accompanied by a banner that read "Baseball's Best Record 1981".

posted a photo   (bir fotoğraf gönderdi)

posted a photo of her in the studio in November 2011, on TwitPic.

In April 2016, Shinee member Key posted a photo on Instagram of a KakaoTalk group chat of full of foreign fans.

Later, they posted a photo to their social media platforms from the studio with Vig, confirming his involvement.