photographs taken   (撮影した写真)

The book features collection of photographs taken during the last two decades.

All results are recorded, and photographs taken at various stages of the procedures.

Delineated from aerial photographs taken by US Navy Operation Highjump in January 1947.

aerial photographs   (航空写真)

It is visible in some aerial photographs of the ballpark.

Sidney Cotton's aerial photographs were far ahead of their time.

In aerial photographs, the countershaded gun was essentially invisible.

taking photographs   (写真を撮る)

Tsukiko is now shown leading a normal life, still taking photographs and being interested in art.

Wanbi's hobbies are watching movies, reading comic strips, taking photographs and drinking milk tea.

She decides to accompany Will on his journey, acting as his interpreter, while taking photographs too.

series of photographs

The project was displayed as a series of photographs.

81, Goddard took a series of photographs with the Graflex.

"Image/woman/text" consists of a series of photographs on two panels.

take photographs

Late in the 1960s, Bhatt was asked to take photographs of Gujarati folk art.

He was believed to have been trying to take photographs of the NDP fireworks.

She worked in the darkroom for three years before she was allowed to take photographs.

took photographs

He also took photographs of the living and the dead.

Gunterman mainly took photographs from 1897 to 1911.

After their arrival, the duo took photographs of the wide and deep crater.

collection of photographs

The book is a collection of photographs, divided into two booklets.

Among the sub-archives of the EFA there is a large collection of photographs.

The book features collection of photographs taken during the last two decades.

many photographs

In July 1946, he published the first of many photographs to appear in "Model Railroader" magazine.

Bill Anders spent much of the next 20 hours taking as many photographs as possible of targets of interest.

Worden took many photographs through the command module's windows, often with shots taken at regular intervals.

old photographs

In some old photographs, two "slots" may be seen between the rails.

Certificates, logbooks and old photographs are exhibited alongside nautical instruments and nautical objects.

Luckily, much of the original décor had survived and new pieces were created with the help of old photographs.

photographs show   (写真ショー)

Three of the photographs show Arabic-language spray paint graffiti.

Old photographs show a carriage body on one platform as a shelter, etc.

These photographs show family scenes, revelers and religious ceremonies.

white photographs

Only black and white photographs remain of the frescoes.

Perumal made black and white photographs during the 1960s and 1970s.

still photographs   (まだ写真)

Miceli works with video and still photographs.

The videos feature Grey narrating over animations, stock footage, and still photographs.

Cinemagraphs are still photographs in the form of an animated GIF file of which part is animated.

photographs were taken

The photographs were taken from the roof of a cab.

Pairs of photographs were taken, typically one hour apart.

The inner sleeve photographs were taken by Jürgen V. Gzarnowski.

color photographs

It includes full color photographs of Hilton by Jeff Vespa and gives her advice on the life as an heiress.

Folberg moved to Israel in 1976, where he began a series of color photographs of the southern desert landscapes.

The cathedral appears in one of the earliest color photographs ever taken by Louis Arthur Ducos du Hauron in 1877.