solo piano   (ソロピアノ)

Volume IX is for chamber ensemble or solo piano.

He is best known for his solo piano music and songs for voice.

39 for solo piano by the French composer Charles-Valentin Alkan.

studied piano   (ピアノを勉強した)

Then he studied piano and composition in Moscow.

He also studied piano at that time with Marie Jaëll.

She studied piano and danced as a child and teenager.

piano lessons   (ピアノのレッスン)

Her parents had her take piano lessons as a child.

He began taking piano lessons at the age of eight.

She also gave piano lessons to make extra money.

playing the piano   (ピアノを弾いている)

Ang Li began playing the piano by ear at age one.

She grew up playing the piano and reading books.

He began playing the piano at the age of four.

played piano   (ピアノを弾いた)

Perry played piano, produced and engineered the track.

At about age 14, Dett played piano for his local church.

Fame played piano for Billy Fury in his backing band, the Blue Flames.

playing piano

Lorković started playing piano when he was seven.

Aslanian started playing piano from an early age.

Kadel began playing piano at the age of seven.

play the piano   (ピアノを弾く)

A nun, called Cecilia, taught Luka to play the piano.

Schuur first learned to play the piano by ear.

His relatives taught him how to play the piano by ear.

grand piano

The lead instrument on "Fool" is a grand piano.

Kelly retaliated by giving away Capp's baby grand piano.

Luckily the Ballroom happened to have a fine grand piano.

piano teacher

He was the piano teacher of Alice Tegnér.

Elizabeth Battle (1857–1944) originally worked as a piano teacher.

She also was a piano teacher until her death in 1981 at the age of 92.

classical piano

She started playing classical piano at the age of 5.

He began classical piano training at the age of four.

At the age of 9, Terry began learning classical piano.

piano music

He is also an interpreter of his own piano music.

He also demonstrated piano music for Al Piantadosi.

He also composed many songs and much piano music.

violin and piano   (バイオリンとピアノ)

150, (), for violin and piano in January 1887.

35 (2014) "Sonata" for violin and piano, op.

During this time, he learnt to play the violin and piano.

piano player   (ピアノ奏者)

Grimes is an avid singer and piano player.

His mother was a classical piano player.

Col Nolan Col Nolan was an Australian jazz organ and piano player.

piano concerto

His other compositions include a piano concerto and a piano quartet.

8 refers to the eighth piano concerto written by one of a number of composers:

His output also includes 3 violin concertos, a viola concerto, and a piano concerto, among others.

piano pieces

In 1925, he arranged some more piano pieces, from Vol.

Szymanowska composed around 100 piano pieces.

Arlen also wrote some songs and piano pieces.

played the piano

Moto Harada has played the piano since the age of three.

Wright also played the piano professionally for a dance orchestra.

Reed played the piano as a child.

electric piano

The song features Billy Preston on electric piano.

In 1929, the electric piano was invented.

Their last single, "3.30", used electric piano and other orchestration .

piano works

He also wrote several piano works and a film score.

Some of his piano works are also very popular with Chinese pianists.

Haertling composed a handful of piano works, including polkas and marches.

voice and piano

She studied voice and piano from the age of seven.

26 (2011) "Three Epigrams" for low male voice and piano, op.

7 (1998) "From Mustai Karim", diptych for male voice and piano, op.

piano playing

His piano playing was an integral part of the Pumpkins' performance.

Piano pedagogy Piano pedagogy is the study of the teaching of piano playing.

Lea sang "Grenade" by Bruno Mars while Gerard was at the piano playing the song.

piano solo

Most of her works are written for small medium such as vocal and piano solo.

Later, the composition was again transcribed for piano solo by Vladimir Horowitz.

Sometimes it could be heavy guitars while sometimes it could be a classical piano solo.

piano accompaniment   (ピアノ伴奏)

She composed songs with piano accompaniment.

Hand-cranked silent movies were shown with piano accompaniment.

Cash's version features guitar, organ, and piano accompaniment.

piano concertos

Two substantial piano concertos were also produced.

Peskanov has written 17 piano concertos, including 14 for young pianists of different levels.

Johnny and Chris Rice performed Chopin's epic piano concertos on a nine-foot Steinway grand piano.

play piano   (ピアノを弾く)

West then learned to play piano and guitar and trombone.

By age four, he could play piano, drums, and the violin.

Her father, a railroad worker, taught her how to play piano.

piano and orchestra

19, later arranged for piano and orchestra).

31 (1967) for piano and orchestra.

67 for piano and orchestra (ca.

piano trio   (ピアノトリオ)

Dvořák's last and best-known piano trio, No.

97, by Ludwig van Beethoven is a piano trio completed in 1811.

5, the "Archduke" piano trio Op.

guitar and piano

He also played electric guitar and piano in Alphaville.

It is also used in guitar and piano strings.

Aside from singing, Derry also plays the guitar and piano.

studying piano

He began studying piano at the age of 8.

Born in Fremont, California, Hsu began studying piano at 6 with Larisa Kagan.

Donegan was born and grew up in Chicago, Illinois, and began studying piano in 1928.

piano at age

Tamborini began studying the piano at age seven.

Davenport started playing the piano at age 12.

He started to play the piano at age of six.

piano sonatas

His student compositions included five drafts for piano sonatas.

The two mature piano sonatas (No.

Between 1947 and 1955, she recorded Mozart's 17 piano sonatas live.

piano and organ

"Break", the closing song, is a ballad sung by Sideras, backed by piano and organ.

The "Original Sinsuality Tour" was a solo tour with Amos playing on piano and organ.

Beginning in 1962, he taught harpsichord, piano and organ at the University of Pretoria.

cello and piano   (チェロとピアノ)

27 (2011) "Trio" for violin, cello and piano, op.

69 for cello and piano by Richter and Rostropovich.

There are also many sonatas for cello and piano.

jazz piano

In addition, she taught jazz piano at colleges and gave private lessons.

Jazz poet laureate Ishmael Reed enrolled in 1998 at the age of 60 to learn jazz piano.

Suhor returned to college at University of West Florida (UWF) in 2001 to study jazz piano and music.

piano and guitar

The thirteen tracks mix piano and guitar with vocals.

West then learned to play piano and guitar and trombone.

Liu enjoys playing the piano and guitar in her free time.

first piano

When Weiss was five-years-old she had her first piano lessons.

He attended a German school where he received his first piano lessons.

Yang began playing piano at age four as her aunt's first piano student.

piano and violin

Their instruments: cello, clarinet, piano and violin.

The instruments he used to play were piano and violin.

She grew up learning piano and violin.

piano nobile   (ピアノノビル)

The piano nobile houses a large Weapons Hall.

The piano nobile has tall, arched windows tpååed bnu samdstpne decorations.

It was constructed with the piano nobile on the ground floor and a mezzanine above.

piano performance   (ピアノ演奏)

in piano performance from Oberlin Conservatory of Music.

The music video features a piano performance of Frédéric Chopin's A flat Polonaise.

DeMoss is a graduate of the University of Southern California where she earned a degree in piano performance.

taught piano

During his studies, Harvey taught piano, and umpired SANFL games.

She also has a wide musical background, and was taught piano from the age of 4.

He also had a sister, Tanya Polunin, who owned a music school and taught piano.

plays the piano

She plays the piano and supports A.C. Milan.

Bugs dances, then plays the piano where Elmer hides and gets bounced around.

He plays the piano.

piano studies

He completed his piano studies with Germaine Mounier.

Wania started his piano studies at age three.

She continued her piano studies with Edwin Fischer and Rudolf Serkin.

piano part

The song begins with a boogie woogie feel, with the piano part played by a then-unknown Jools Holland.

The song was written in producer Finneas O'Connell's bedroom alongside a recording of the piano part of the song.

Despite his youth, Rachmaninoff shows in the virtuoso piano part his ability to cover a wide spectrum of sound colors.

piano piece

This piano piece is taken from the 1992 movie Poison Ivy.

"Black & Blue" is a blue-eyed soul and electronica piano piece.

Their romance started at the piano while practicing a piano piece for four hands.

piano ballad   (ピアノバラード)

The song is a piano ballad, that features fiddle and steel guitar fills.

"Vuelo" is a piano ballad themed about tenderness, poetry and romanticism.

"Silvia" is a six-minute electronic piano ballad with electro house beats.

plays piano

Throughout the clip, Bay plays piano in an empty room.

In addition to guitar, he also plays piano and percussion.

Rose plays piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums, and piano accordion.

piano version

The cello and piano version is in G minor in 6/8 time.

The piano version was listed separately.

The song was released as a piano version on 1 September 2017.

took piano

As a child he took piano and baritone horn lessons.

As a child, she took piano, guitar, and voice lessons.

She took piano lessons from an early age.

piano and composition

Then he studied piano and composition in Moscow.

At age ten he entered the Warsaw Conservatory of Music, where he initially studied piano and composition.

She studied at the Academy of Holy Name Conservatory at Albany, New York, then piano and composition in New York with Sigismund Stojowski.

works for piano

Powers has written a number of works for piano, including "Flyer" (2004), "Piano Sonata No.

In 2001, he released a recording of Debussy's and Bartók's works for piano for Harmonia Mundi.

Goria wrote over a hundred works for piano, including studies, fantasias, whims, solo concerts, nocturnes of various themes, polkas, mazurkas, lullabies, ballads and "révêries".

began playing piano

Kadel began playing piano at the age of seven.

Born in Kiev, Chernyavska began playing piano at age five.

Bowling began playing piano at age 5 under the Suzuki Methodology.

taking piano

He began taking piano lessons at the age of eight.

At the age of 7, He began taking piano lessons.

He started taking piano lessons from Alfred Cortot at the age of 11.

took piano lessons

She took piano lessons from an early age.

He took piano lessons when he was young.

Fraser took piano lessons between the ages of seven and seventeen.