motion pictures   (映画)

Berenson also appeared in several motion pictures.

Kovács filmed more than 70 motion pictures.

Her character work in motion pictures was a strong asset.

take pictures   (写真を撮る)

He consciously began to take pictures at the age of 17.

She was pulled by several fans who wanted to take pictures with her.

Thus he learned to appreciate nature and then, to take pictures of it.

taking pictures   (写真撮影)

But my memory of what I saw made me want to start taking pictures."

We saw one of our 'police' that guard the compound taking pictures."

pictures taken

Lawyer Cho Jin-ae discovers the truth of the event due to pictures taken by Noh Hyung-joo.

The season 1 opening credits feature the cast having their pictures taken during a picnic in the park.

Aerial pictures taken near Sani Beach inland at a point where pastures and mountain roads are located showed smoke throughout the peninsula.

took pictures

The photographer Brita Olsson took pictures of the happening.

He signed autographs and took pictures with fans at each event.

He took pictures of many places of Spain, its landscapes, monuments and people.

moving pictures

This compares to the addition of sound to moving pictures.

The first "moving pictures" were screened in Tallinn in 1896.

When their father retired in 1892 the brothers began to create moving pictures.

pictures below

The growth morphology of the colonies can be seen in the pictures below.