piece of land   (土地の一部)

This piece of land is known as the Ba Green.

That piece of land was acquired in 1985.

That leaves in-between a rather large, elongated piece of land.

single piece   (シングルピース)

These statues often carved from a single piece of wood.

The single piece canopy blends into the fuselage profile.

Only a single piece of theme music is used for this season.

first piece   (一枚目)

The 1986 film "Naam" was his first piece of commercial cinema.

The first piece of equipment they had was a trailer with a pump on it.

At the age of 11, she published her first piece in a Russian newspaper.

piece of music   (曲)

It is Sinding's most popular piece of music.

So I decided to make a piece of music for a string quintet.

Please enjoy this piece of music history!

piece of paper   (紙切れ)

I wrote the bizarre word down on a piece of paper and went back to sleep.

"21" appeared when it was written on a piece of paper by Karen's possessed hand.

On the day of Texas' wedding, she burns a piece of paper that says 'Bride' on it.

piece of work   (作品)

Igromania thought it was a weak piece of work.

A completely rounded piece of work, with no Outsourcing.

Whatever its limits, however, "Trilogy" remains a striking piece of work."

each piece

A TCPI igniter is fitted in individual propellant cases for each piece of ammunition.

All of the pieces are hand painted, using sponge stamp and brushes to paint the art on each piece.

Her bright color combinations within the sequins and beads add to the mood and spirit of each piece.

opinion piece   (意見書)

"Montana Kaimin" mentioned the group in an opinion piece for Neo-Luddism.

Missen's opinion piece in "The Argus" newspaper caused a furore in the Liberal Party.

In a June 1993 "Washington Post" opinion piece, Goldwater wrote: "You don't have to be straight to shoot straight".

small piece

"Well", said Peterson, "you got the small piece of steak.

A small piece of the Talgua Cave can be toured by the public.

He acquired a small piece of land near to it and started living there.

piece of legislation   (立法案)

The act was a very controversial piece of legislation.

The piece of legislation was introduced to the House as H.R.

This piece of legislation paved the way for white GIs to attend college.

piece of wood

These statues often carved from a single piece of wood.

The body, neck and tuning head is made from one piece of wood.

It is played by slapping the top face with a piece of wood in one hand, and a bare hand.

companion piece   (コンパニオンピース)

This film grows grim enough to be a companion piece."

A companion piece to the film, "The Look of Silence", was released in 2014.

In February 2003 Funk released the EP "Find Candace", a companion piece to "Doll Doll Doll".

piece together

So we will leave that for people to piece together the puzzle".

The precise history of the distillery is difficult to piece together.

The Argyll children and Kirsten begin to piece together what happened.

piece of equipment

Upgrade stations can improve the effect of one piece of equipment.

The first piece of equipment they had was a trailer with a pump on it.

Open frame LCDs are intended to be built into some other piece of equipment.

piece of evidence   (証拠の一部)

Thus, every piece of evidence will be viewed against the total picture.

She cited the SAFE13 study as one piece of evidence informing the bill.

A lone piece of evidence was found in Willoughby Smith's hand: a pair of golden pince-nez glasses.

piece of art

"In a piece of art there must be a mystery."

Every piece of art on the Art Walk has been embedded with an RFID chip.

It is the only known authentic existing piece of art of Raoul Wallenberg.

piece called

She and Flora Grierson co-authored an unpublished piece called "Alas, We females!

Pruitt and Jonathan Horowitz collaborated on an installation piece called Peacock Hill.

He later parodied the work on 13 February 1752 in a piece called "A New Chapter in "Amelia"."

another piece   (別のピース)

45, another piece celebrating the opening of a new railway line.

"Flashbulb memories" are another piece of seemingly contradicting evidence.

Losing another piece.

art piece

This was a 3D art piece, fashioned from a real crucifix.

Her art piece associated with chaos, dirt.

The artist stated that this art piece addressed "filmic pleasures".

large piece

a large piece of space junk) re-entering the atmosphere.

He held a large piece of land near Bukit Chagar and Jalan Lumba Kuda.

It was carved with chainsaws from a large piece of old growth redwood.

new piece

It is common for new piece to spring up overnight quite frequently.

He also had a commission to write a new piece for Milton Schlosser in Edmonton, Alberta.

As well as this rebuilding a new piece of art was commissioned for the exterior of the building.

last piece   (最後の作品)

This is the last piece of information on Mizse.

The surgeons later removed one last piece of shrapnel from that eye.

This was the last piece where Michelangelo helped him with a drawing.

short piece

Essay (disambiguation) An essay is a short piece of writing.

Her first short piece of writing appeared in the "Sunday Magazine" in May 1869.

An inscription above the scene reads: Above the words is a short piece of laurel wreath, bound.

piece of information   (情報の一部)

This is the last piece of information on Mizse.

If so, that would be the last piece of information we have about him.

For example, the same piece of information may be ambiguous in one context and unambiguous in another.

final piece

She began work on the final piece in the tetralogy, "The Train", in 1988.

At first, it appeared that Ruth was the final piece the team needed in 1935.

Cumberland Gap, the final piece of Johnston's line, finally fell to Union forces in June 1862.

important piece

One important piece of this theory is the misattribution of arousal.

They are an important piece of battle literature from the twilight of the Carolingian Renaissance.

One important piece of advice Yamamoto gave Kurosawa was that a good director needed to master screenwriting.

artillery piece

Each column marched with one artillery piece.

These improvements dramatically reduced the weight of an artillery piece.

Additionally, the lone French artillery piece was destroyed by the Germans.

set piece

His second goal would come 22 minutes later, when he headed in a Kenny Mansally set piece in the 37th minute.

It has appeared as a set piece on the TV shows "Beverly Hills, 90210", "As the World Turns", and on a Disney pilot.

In Budapest, special effects supervisor Neil Corbould created the film's largest set piece: the fuselage of the C-5.

piece entitled

This resulted in a piece entitled "TOSBAC Suite", influenced by the "Illiac Suite".

In 1994 she collaborated with Montano on a piece entitled "Day without Art", performed at the University of Texas.

Coates wrote a piece entitled “The New Abolitionism: Monetary Reform and the Future of Civil Rights,” which is in the book “Mr.

every piece

Technically, for him, every piece of music could contain a program.

Sun Quan, however, did not accept every piece of advice from Bu Zhi.

Thus, every piece of evidence will be viewed against the total picture.

piece of cloth   (布切れ)

The safseri is composed of a large piece of cloth covering the whole body.

After a piece of cloth was woven, it still contained oil and dirt from the fleece.

A piece of cloth, a wallet, gel, or fitted rings made of mylar are common objects.

wrote a piece

In 2003, Irene Khan wrote a piece titled Security for Whom?

Jacob Druckman wrote a piece for solo double bass entitled "Valentine".

As late as 1985, Duarte wrote a piece in Ida Presti's memory, "Idylle pour Ida", Op.

piece titled

In 2003, Irene Khan wrote a piece titled Security for Whom?

WNYC has a piece titled, "A Gay Muslim Filmmaker Faces his Fatwa."

In 2008 Greenpeace made a spoof based on the piece titled "Dove Onslaught(er)".

period piece   (時代物)

She explained, "Suddenly it didn’t feel like it should be a period piece anymore.

the gender role-playing puts spine in this period piece that is vital to the here and now."

But a woman never wins in a Western and there's just so much you can do with this period piece."

performance piece   (パフォーマンス作品)

In 1983 he created a performance piece with Alain Derbéz and Rockdrigo González at the Museo de Arte Moderno in Mexico City.

Siebens' performance piece "Orange Magpies" was commissioned by Vancouver's Burrard Arts Foundation and Vancouver Art Gallery in 2017.

These performances evolved into "Chris Cunningham Live", a 55 minute long performance piece combining original and remixed music and film.

same piece

She appeared in the same piece each night till 26 June.

(So, Black should have on a8 the same piece type White has on a1.)

The same piece noted his usual playing style, "playing hard but always with a sense of fun".

instrumental piece

The Ox (instrumental) "The Ox" is an instrumental piece by the Who.

Sometimes the term canzonetta is used by composers to denote a songlike instrumental piece.

Grohl wrote an instrumental piece for the meeting, which he pledged to include on the band's next album.

piece by piece

The design of Unix was modular, so it could be reimplemented piece by piece.

She read and studied Nietzsche's works and, piece by piece, took control of them and their publication.

Montag obeys the chief, destroying the home piece by piece with a flamethrower, but Beatty discovers Montag's ear-piece and plans to hunt down Faber.

piece of metal

The device was a bent piece of metal to form a trough.

It is made from one piece of metal, either gold, or bronze and gold.

Some froes are made of a single piece of metal with no perpendicular haft.

piano piece

This piano piece is taken from the 1992 movie Poison Ivy.

"Black & Blue" is a blue-eyed soul and electronica piano piece.

Their romance started at the piano while practicing a piano piece for four hands.

piece of furniture

Couch (disambiguation) A couch is a piece of furniture.

Every piece of furniture disappears; only the food remains, which the termites devour.

Since at that point only exterior shots needed to be filmed, they burned nearly every piece of furniture left.

piece of software

a piece of software's disposition to support acceptance criteria.

SPDX describes the exact terms under which a piece of software is licensed.

It was also the first piece of software to be released on a gold-coloured cassette and box.

piece band

Chris Colepaugh rounded out the 5 piece band on drums.

Parie was the lead singer of the five piece band Losing Sight.

Originally a twelve piece band that later grew to become a 28 piece big band.

piece written

The term is also used to refer to a piece written for one of these ensembles.

Cliff Goodwin's biography is the only piece written about the comic star that mentions this theory.

The titular march is used throughout the film and is perhaps the most memorable piece written for it.

original piece

Mauss's original piece was entitled "Essai sur le don.

The series uses the song "Ikaw na Sana", a Vehnee Saturno original piece.

Her original piece for this was Rachel’s Brain, with music by Stephen Nachmanovitch.

musical piece

It can be either a whole musical piece or part of a larger musical arrangement.

He also praised the detailed graphics, controls, and the use of a different musical piece for each track.

She sings in the opening musical piece "Renaissance", in "", a Netflix original series released in October 2016.

piece of property

You can go out and rent a piece of property.

The site at 347 Yonge Street was a valuable piece of property and was purchased by Ryerson University in early 2008.

In early 1958 Cojuangco purchased the Hacienda Luisita, the second biggest contiguous piece of property in Luzon island.

piece of writing

altogether a delightful fresh piece of writing and thinking."

Essay (disambiguation) An essay is a short piece of writing.

Her first short piece of writing appeared in the "Sunday Magazine" in May 1869.

piece of silverware   (銀器)

Cao Xiandong soon gained his first piece of silverware when Beijing won the 1996 and then 1997 Chinese FA Cup.

Harris picked up his first piece of silverware in his career when he won the FA Trophy with Wrexham in March 2013.

The team won their first piece of silverware when the defeated PSV/FC Eindhoven 2–1 in the final of the KNVB Women's Cup.

orchestral piece

Pepper's, each linked by a short orchestral piece).

It was originally an orchestral piece, written for a theatrical production that was abandoned.

For Abrahamsen, this meant adopting an almost naive simplicity of expression, as in his orchestral piece "Skum" ("Foam", 1970).