artillery pieces   (砲兵の駒)

Mountain artillery pieces were of 12 pound caliber.

Mountain artillery pieces were of 12 inches caliber.

The VRS held an advantage in artillery pieces as well.

other pieces   (他の作品)

He composed the bolero "Ausencia", and other pieces.

alongside other pieces by Bacon, Klimt, Rembrandt, Rodin and Picasso.

Half round wire is often wrapped around other pieces of wire to connect them.

several pieces

The Crown's case rested upon several pieces of evidence.

Billson's also retains several pieces of original equipment.

The station has 6 entrances: This station contains several pieces of art.

small pieces

Charred small pieces of wood indicating a fireplace.

Matzah farfel is simply matzah broken into small pieces.

In small pieces, this might be the same thing as a repeat.

many pieces

He has sculpted many pieces for the Twin Cities Metro area.

Feedback is equipped with many pieces of technology and several superpowers.

There are many pieces of the MM5 modeling system, each with different functions.

set pieces

He sometimes took the set pieces for Al Ain FC.

Four of Lincoln's goals came from set pieces.

On that day, Lángara scored twice from set pieces around 50 metres out.

pieces of legislation   (立法案)

These pieces of legislation, i.e.

Over the course of his tenure, Runyan had sponsored 15 pieces of legislation.

From time to time the Ombudsman makes submissions to Parliament on proposed pieces of legislation.

art pieces

Mu Xin used both ink and paint to create art pieces.

The art pieces are all within walking distance of each other.

In 2008 he left EA and began to sell his own fine art pieces.

piano pieces

In 1925, he arranged some more piano pieces, from Vol.

Szymanowska composed around 100 piano pieces.

Arlen also wrote some songs and piano pieces.

opinion pieces

He now writes opinion pieces for Haaretz.

The first issue published three clinical trials and several opinion pieces.

Boyle writes satire and opinion pieces for the British newspaper The Guardian.

pieces of music

Vangelis also created several new pieces of music for the production.

Each year, one or a couple of pieces of music are selected for publication.

It is the best-known piece by Alfvén, and also one of the best-known pieces of music in Sweden.

pieces such

She has contributed opinion pieces such as "Why don't women win Nobel science prizes?"

Sonata form was also used in other movements and in single, standalone pieces such as overtures.

Major pieces such as the stage musicals and the score for "Paris Burns" ("Paris brennt") are lost.

pieces of art

It’s hundreds of pieces of art as it is affected by the sun.

The school has artists who come in and produce pieces of art.

This is demonstrated in numerous pieces of art adorning the cathedral.

various pieces

There, the two collaborated on various pieces.

There were various pieces of local memorabilia framed on the walls.

The fortresses contain 16 squares and various pieces are placed inside.

number of pieces   (個数)

Wright designed a number of pieces of furniture for the house.

He designed a number of pieces, some of which remain in the family.

Also the number of pieces differ.

smaller pieces

Components are designed to be smaller pieces of the overall project.

Broken into smaller pieces, Edgeworth Ready-Rubbed was introduced in 1912.

The pulper chops the paper to smaller pieces; water and chemicals are added.

short pieces

In contrast to previous work, it consists of sixteen short pieces.

They are short pieces, the longest being 53 measures, not counting repeats.

She also wrote several short pieces for periodicals including Punch (magazine).

pieces of theme

Two pieces of theme music are used for the series.

Four pieces of theme music were used in the series.

Three pieces of theme music were used in the visual novel.

few pieces

He wrote a few pieces specifically for her voice.

But only few pieces of furniture were made there.

Today, only few pieces have survived.

new pieces

Around 250 new pieces have been premiered in ascolta concerts.

Vangelis also created several new pieces of music for the production.

He performed many of his new pieces himself on the piano during films.

large pieces

Initially Studio WIRESELF operated on large pieces of equipment, both analog and digital.

After malting, barley is milled, which finally removes the hull, breaking it into large pieces.

Each sculpture is made of several large pieces of Wisconsin red granite arranged in a different formation.

pieces of wood

Charred small pieces of wood indicating a fireplace.

Inside were 1,224 pieces of wood, the longest long, the shortest .

Traditionally the mahangu is pounded with heavy pieces of wood in a 'pounding area'.

pieces of information   (情報)

This typically puts up four pieces of information.

These small pieces of information were enough to have conversations of considerable detail.

If both of these pieces of information are not known for each force, the situation is ambiguous.

individual pieces

However, the individual pieces of the planet are still habitable.

Experts' chunks contained more individual pieces than those of novices.

It is made up of 109 sections and contains 30,000 individual pieces of glass.

pieces of evidence   (証拠の断片)

The Crown's case rested upon several pieces of evidence.

Three major pieces of evidence were left on the plane when D.B.

However, three significant pieces of evidence refute this theory.

bits and pieces

It also depended on Leyland of U.K. for bits and pieces for production.

When a reporter asked if it exists, he responded, "I've seen bits and pieces."

He describes it as a collection of "all sorts of bits and pieces I have written".

pieces of equipment

At a minimum, an atom probe will consist of several key pieces of equipment.

In addition, over 3,000 pieces of equipment were deployed from Fort McCoy by train.

Initially Studio WIRESELF operated on large pieces of equipment, both analog and digital.

musical pieces

Acosta wrote over 844 musical pieces, including 127 hymns.

Every real story begins with a note" (2018) contains nine musical pieces.

Also for the first time, signature musical pieces are produced for NFL coverage.

pieces of furniture   (家具)

But only few pieces of furniture were made there.

Various pieces of furniture are still in the family.

The rest of us were just pieces of furniture to her.

pieces of artillery

The attackers were supported by a cavalry and two pieces of artillery.

In addition, Marye’s Height contained twenty-four pieces of artillery.

The British concentrated 231 pieces of artillery, including heavy 8-inch howitzers.

pieces together

The tee bridle joint is very strong and good for joining 2 pieces together.

Meanwhile, the police have since identified the body of Dr. Heller and put all the pieces together.

In arc welding, an electrode is used to conduct current through a workpiece to fuse two pieces together.

original pieces

Cleworth and other members of the group have developed several original pieces.

It also contained original pieces of fiction in serials and a story or two in each issue.

In later years he directed the Don Janse Chorale and wrote many original pieces for choir.

instrumental pieces

The couple of instrumental pieces add more embellishment" giving a rating of 2.5 out of 5.

Subtitled "A Journey in the Key of Space", it is a collection of instrumental pieces, weaving synthesizers and various background sounds.

Craig Safan composed cues for the film's original score, however, the film tends to rely on actual songs as opposed to instrumental pieces.

pieces of paper

The pair had to collect silver and gold pieces of paper being blown around in a glass dome.

From the notes in these books Kafka extracted 109 numbered pieces of text on "Zettel", single pieces of paper in no given order.

From the notes in these books, Kafka extracted 109 numbered pieces of text on "Zettel", single pieces of paper in no given order.

numerous pieces

He has numerous pieces in the National Portrait Gallery in London.

This is demonstrated in numerous pieces of art adorning the cathedral.

Hofstadter has composed numerous pieces for piano, and a few for piano and voice.

gold pieces

The Jews of Cairo were compelled to pay 75,000 gold pieces.

The pair had to collect silver and gold pieces of paper being blown around in a glass dome.

In the early 2000s, accusations arose that a vast majority of gold pieces in the museum were false.

chess pieces

Each player controls a standard army of chess pieces.

In 1967, chess pieces were found in the citadel of Dvin, the medieval Armenian capital.

The week's photoshoot is for a DNA campaign in which the girls are dressed as chess pieces.

different pieces

Tobin approached managers thirteen times with different pieces without success.

Players should also be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the different pieces.

Each year it prepares and exports a theatrical play on different pieces by classical French authors.

more pieces

Jumping over two or more pieces in a hop is not allowed.

Iceberg B-15A then moved farther up north and broke up into more pieces.

"Special Experimental Tests: more pieces of the "City of Truro" puzzle".

pieces of land   (土地片)

Once lush green paddy fields are now dry barren pieces of land.

Environment Southland manages two pieces of land in and adjacent to the reserve.

Between 1952 and 1962, 18 pieces of land were purchased as part of the lease-back program for a total of $29million.

separate pieces

It is constructed from two separate pieces that are bolted together.

They remain as separate pieces, which in many teaching scenarios, may be more ideal.

The road has two separate pieces in Virginia, joined by a relatively short section in West Virginia.

first pieces

In May 2019, the first pieces of the bridge were delivered to the site and installed.

Soon after her marriage, her first pieces were published with Lengnick and with Oxford (1948).

The first pieces of the rock were found by Ellen Milley, a University of Calgary Master's student on November 27, 2008.

pieces include


His better known pieces include: "A river runs through it", "Mapou tree" and "The walking tree".

Other musical pieces include "We Are the First Brigade", which is the march of the Polish Land Forces.

classical pieces

Cannon sounds have sometimes been used in classical pieces with a military theme.

The orchestra played some classical pieces and some musical scores of Filipino films.

They specialised in rock music, mostly instrumental versions of pop and classical pieces.

important pieces

One of the most important pieces is the Hueyapan Head, a 20-ton colossal head in volcanic stone.

It is considered one of the most important pieces of software in terms of improving graphics capabilities.

His coworker says that Saçan had a habit of making copies of important pieces of evidence for safe keeping.

pieces written

The oldest literary pieces written in Florentine go as far back as the 13th century.

They have commissioned and performed more than 700 pieces written by some of the most established composers in the world.

He translated various works from European languages, but most specifically he worked on classical pieces written in Latin.

all the pieces

When all the pieces were dried, they were cooked.

Hershy Kay orchestrated all the pieces except for the overture, which Bernstein did himself.

Meanwhile, the police have since identified the body of Dr. Heller and put all the pieces together.

music pieces

Selected music pieces can be found at www.georgedavidkieffer.com.

She is the author of several vocal, symphonic and chamber music pieces.

From 1952, he composed tape music pieces for a comedy film, a radio broadcast, and a radio drama.

orchestral pieces

In the 1920s, she also wrote some 20 light orchestral pieces for her own ensemble.

"Musical Marvels" features new animated footage of Wallace and Gromit that are shown between the orchestral pieces.

There are also cello concertos, which are orchestral pieces that feature a solo cellist accompanied by an entire orchestra.