pine trees   (松の木)

"Bay boletes" may be found beneath the pine trees.

The summit of the hill features a grove of pine trees.

10), the Mission's Norfolk pine trees (VHL No.

pine forests   (松林)

It is surrounded by pine forests and vineyards.

On dry "islands" there are areas deciduous pine forests.

The species prefers settled pine forests.

pine forest   (松林)

Vegetation includes grasslands and pine forest.

— Pablo, Pilon and Jesus Maria sleep in the pine forest.

It features a number of historic sites and a native pine forest.

white pine   (ホワイトパイン)

), but rarely near maple and white pine.

western white pine, sugar pine).

Forest cover includes red cedar, white pine, red pine, and yellow birch.

pine tree   (松の木)

"below the pine tree") is a Japanese surname.

The gable features the USFS pine tree logo.

The line "Ever eat a pine tree?

ponderosa pine

), ponderosa pine ("Pinus ponderosa"), grasses, and sagebrushes ("Artemisia" spp.).

In Colorado in 1977, American badgers were common in grass–forb and ponderosa pine habitats.

Habitat parameters important for eastern cottontails in ponderosa pine, mixed species, and pinyon ("Pinus" spp.

lodgepole pine

The high elevations of the Canadian zone allow the Jeffrey pine, red fir, and lodgepole pine to thrive.

Beaverslides were originally of all-wooden construction, usually lodgepole pine, and could last 10 to 15 years.

The mountain pine beetle is a destructive pest of mature or weakened lodgepole pine, sometimes affecting large areas of Canada.

pine nuts

Mataero is often served on a bed of pine nuts.

Provinces in the east of the country are famous for pine nuts.

The inner filling includes butter, onion, lamb mince, pine nuts and spices.

longleaf pine

The state tree is the longleaf pine, and the state flower is the camellia.

The longleaf pine, the favored tree for heart pine, nearly went extinct due to logging.

Florida longleaf pine sandhills are woodlands dominated by longleaf pine ("Pinus palustris").

yellow pine

The forest is mainly composed of broadleaf trees with some yellow pine.

With yellow pine pilings and matai flooring, it opened on 17 December 1954.

The forest is composed mostly of broadleaf deciduous species with some yellow pine.