pioneer settler   (開拓者入植者)

Rowe Lake has the name of John Rowe, a pioneer settler.

Jeal Point was named after Herbert Jeal, a pioneer settler.

Eaton Creek has the name of Nathan Eaton, a pioneer settler.

early pioneer   (初期の開拓者)

Edward Lorenz was an early pioneer of the theory.

Boutan was named to the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame as an early pioneer in 2010.

In-flight Music: He was an early pioneer in creating in-flight music with compositions for Indian Airlines.

aviation pioneer   (航空のパイオニア)

The village was the hometown of aviation pioneer Dan McIvor.

Aurel Vlaicu (disambiguation) Aurel Vlaicu was an aviation pioneer.

It is named after the Brazilian aviation pioneer Alberto Santos Dumont (1873–1932).

considered a pioneer   (先駆者と見なされた)

Vander Zaag is considered a pioneer of digital media.

He is considered a pioneer of Gujarati short stories.

Guy-Blaché is also considered a pioneer in the business.

became a pioneer   (開拓者になった)

In 1990, Woolley became a pioneer of digital publishing.

Jacob Hawn moved to Oregon and became a pioneer settler of Yamhill County.

He became a pioneer of a new style of yoga influenced by physical culture.

helped pioneer

Jeanneney specialized in media history, an area which he helped pioneer.

These two physicians helped pioneer human dissection for medical research.

With over 1,900 citations, it helped pioneer the study of f(R) gravity in cosmology.

pioneer citizen   (先駆者)

Childers Creek has the name of a pioneer citizen.

Ward Lake was named after Ira Ward, a pioneer citizen.

Murray Run has the name of a pioneer citizen.

pioneer settlers

Fiander Lake has the name of Richard and Betsy Fiander, pioneer settlers.

Her grandparents were among the pioneer settlers in that part of the country.

This forest industry provided year-long employment for the pioneer settlers of Metis.

pioneer of modern

Zainul Abedin was the pioneer of modern Bangladeshi art.

Ivan Dziuba called Buzina the "pioneer of modern Shevchenkophobia".

François Pompon was a pioneer of modern stylized animalier sculpture.