İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

pioneering work   (öncü çalışma)

He also did early pioneering work in machine translation.

Schumann, due to their pioneering work on Burke–Schumann flame.

This pioneering work heralded the start of the modern era of PNS.

pioneering research   (öncü araştırma)

The two later took part in pioneering research on radar.

However, the most productive and pioneering research was carried out by physicist M.S.

Haggard was involved in pioneering research into the causes and treatment of alcoholism.

pioneering role   (öncü rol)

The three partners continue to play this pioneering role.

The house of Duval-Leroy is also known for its pioneering role in promoting a sustainable development model for its viticulture.

In August 2014, he was awarded the CEAL Founders' Award for his pioneering role in promoting business between Latin American nations.

pioneering contributions

Caloz has done pioneering contributions to the field of electromagnetic metamaterials and smart antennas over the past decade.

She was the lead vocalist in the UK acid jazz band the Brand New Heavies and made pioneering contributions to the genre of acid jazz.

He was also awarded the 2012 IEEE Edison Medal for "pioneering contributions to imaging devices including CCD Imagers, cameras and thermal imagers".