Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

coastal plain   (planicie costera)

The coastal plain consists mainly of sand dunes and polders.

There are relatively few temples along Lebanon's coastal plain.

flood plain   (llanura de inundación)

The entrance to the Garden is an open space, like the Sepik flood plain.

It is set on slightly higher ground in the flood plain of the upper Bristol Avon.

The Howse River is a corded river, with several streams crossing in its flood plain.

plain text   (Texto sin formato)

HTML, PDF, or plain text), et cetera.

For example, suppose an HTML document is saved as plain text (*.txt).

If a scribe writes the song as plain text, then the scroll is invalid.

just plain   (simplemente llano)

All furniture was homemade and consisted mostly of just plain bench seats.

In an interview Jones stated that “I just plain didn’t care to put that much energy into promoting.

Just one day before Hunt's suicide, Senator McCarthy had accused an unnamed Senator of "just plain wrong doing".

plain white   (blanco puro)

Pants were plain white with a black belt and socks.

Pants were plain white with a red pipe down the outer leg sides.

Home-made Cantonese dishes are usually served with plain white rice.

alluvial plain

The southwestern part of the district is low alluvial plain.

An alluvial plain begins north of Baghdad and extends to the Persian Gulf.

Campo dell’Oro, before aviation, was an alluvial plain at the mouth of the Gravona.

plain between

In the middle of the region is the Záhorská nížina, a plain between the towns of Senica and Malacky.

Bushat is located in Zadrima, a fertile plain between Adriatic Sea, Shkodër and Mirditë, through which Drin river.

At the same time, first settlements appear on the coast of the Black Sea and on the plain between the Kuban and Bolshaya Laba Rivers.

walled plain

To the west-northwest is the large walled plain Blackett.

It lies to the east-northeast of the large walled plain Gauss.

This crater is of the type traditionally termed a walled plain.

plain sight   (simple vista)

Pearls are hidden in plain sight.

She then comes up with a plan for them to hide in plain sight like Wolverine did.

Savile's celebrity status meant that he was considered to have been "hiding in plain sight".

plain language

It is written in plain language to ensure accessibility to the average citizen.

In plain language a reader model is used by corporations to predict who will buy the better mousetrap.

Scholars appreciated Cowper's poetry somewhat more than Newton's plaintive and plain language, expressing his forceful personality.

plain clothes   (ropa simple)

The robot is puppeteered by a single operator in plain clothes.

But the third one knows Jimmi is actually a CBI officer in plain clothes.

Instead, random inspections by plain clothes ticket inspectors are conducted.

flat plain

The mountains have since been uplifted and folded erosion has beveled them into a nearly flat plain.

During a post-dive press conference Cameron said: "I landed on a very soft, almost gelatinous flat plain.

In the millions of years since, the mountains were uplifted and folded erosion has beveled them into a nearly flat plain.

fertile plain

Bursa has rather orderly urban growth and borders a fertile plain.

Jelgava is situated on a fertile plain rising only above mean sea level on the right bank of the river Lielupe.

Bushat is located in Zadrima, a fertile plain between Adriatic Sea, Shkodër and Mirditë, through which Drin river.

plain black

In some countries, priests wear a pellegrina of the same colour as their plain black cassock.

The color of this sea hare is very often brown with paler spots, but it can be various other shades including plain black all over.

They are expected to bath twice in a day and visit the local temples regularly and only wear plain black or blue coloured traditional clothing.