Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

original plan   (Plan original)

Much of the original plan was implemented by 1955.

This original plan would have generated over 1,000 jobs.

Presumably the original plan and elevation were symmetrical.

master plan   (plan Maestro)

In 1975, he created a master plan for Bhavnagar.

Jauharabad was developed in 1953 under a master plan.

In July, the master plan was passed by the Council of State.

floor plan   (Planta baja)

The building uses a triangular floor plan.

The floor plan was for commodity housing.

The convent church has a Latin cross floor plan, with a dome.

development plan   (plan de Desarrollo)

Work on the development plan started in 1992.

By July 1989, the amphitheater was removed from the development plan.

The Governor asks for a balance in the development plan of the two zones.

plan called   (plan llamado)

The plan called for corollary units at 107 locations.

The final plan called for the building to contain 58 stories.

Hastings' plan called for two courts.

new plan

The Americans drafted a new plan on February 10, 1813.

Kidde decided to develop a new plan for a new transfer.

Goring had by now formed a new plan.

business plan   (plan de negocios)

Vero's business plan is also distinct from similar social media apps.

However, the business plan has been reviewed and approved by funders.

That is not my business plan."

management plan

Regeneration has been a natural process as part of the management plan since 1960.

The management plan for the north Thousand Islands is currently (April 2013) under revision.

In education, reality therapy can be used as a basis for the school's classroom management plan.

strategic plan   (Plan estratégico)

The five-year strategic plan was adopted in November 2001.

A new strategic plan was also introduced.

"The Spark" is the first comprehensive strategic plan in AAM’s recent history.

plan to build

This led to the plan to build a second minor seminary.

In July 2017, the Government of India approved a plan to build 35 MMLPs.

Eventually the village council agreed a plan to build an observatory on the mountain.

action plan   (plan de ACCION)

A final action plan is expected in fall 2019.

CDKN supported the creation and roll-out of the action plan.

The book provides advice to organizations in the form of a 10-point CEO action plan.

initial plan   (plan inicial)

The order for the attack and initial plan were issued 17 November 1942.

The initial plan of the infrastructure is to cater "1500 students" into "44 classrooms".

ITV's initial plan to broadcast the programme an hour earlier at 6pm was blocked by Sky.

rectangular plan   (plan rectangular)

The forum is supposed to have had a rectangular plan.

It has a rectangular plan and a ridge roof.

The rectangular plan has a projecting transept to the south.

not plan

Vancouver's Critical Mass does not plan its routes.

He did not plan to interview her at a later date.

She did not plan to stay, but Alice Paul convinced her to do so.

plan included

The plan included a complete replacement of the sea wall.

The plan included new entrances, sponsor lodges and parts of the stands.

The plan included shops, offices, libraries and parking areas within the complex.

announced a plan

The following day he announced a plan to construct a demonstration of the concept.

In November 2018, the Hard Rock announced a plan to launch both online and retail sportsbooks in 2019.

The minister also announced a plan to rebuild infrastructure that had been destroyed due to the conflict.

plan consists

Its plan consists of a nave, north aisle, chancel, and northeast tower.

Its plan consists of a four-bay nave, a three-bay chancel, a north transept, and a south porch.

The plan consists of a nave, a south aisle, a south porch, north and south transepts, and a chancel.

plan to use

Doraemon and Nobita plan to use Doraemi's Phone Booth to return to the real world.

Moen did not plan to use the song, thinking that he would "never put it on a Hosanna!

Washington refused to support Churchill's plan to use Eisenhower's army for political maneuvers against Moscow.

plan to get

Henry gets fed up and devises a plan to get rid of her.

Ghatotkacha hatches a plan to get Vatsala and Abhimanyu married.

Both the Volfonis and Théo resent the newcomer and plan to get rid of him.

plan to take

The rest of the group plan to take over the ship.

The government has considered a plan to take over Meralco, to reduce electricity bills.

Newly married couple Linda and Allen plan to take a trip to Acapulco for their honeymoon.

plan failed

His plan failed and he was stuck with Wendy.

Roger tells Bob that their plan failed.

The plan failed because very few liberals prepared to help Weber.

expansion plan   (plan de expansión)

As part of this expansion plan, the Doha Metro will be extended to the airport.

An expansion plan which is in proposal, is the opening (or reopening) of a line S4.

The Breslau station received further approval in an official expansion plan in June, 2016.

plan to kill

Cecile tells Camille about Marie's plan to kill her.

Bharat overhears this and goes along with Ram's plan to kill him.

Anu and Yashoda plan to kill Roja, but Roja only loses her eyesight.

devised a plan   (ideó un plan)

The Persians devised a plan to enter the city via the river.

Rubin and Gavin devised a plan to create a three-dimensional action-platform game.

Martin devised a plan whereby Pedro was to go to the store and attempt to buy medicine for a cold.

plan to make   (plan para hacer)

The track was part of a plan to make Dijon an automotive centre.

Democrats plan to make family separation a big issue in the election.

This was a part of Agrippina's scheming plan to make her son Lucius the new emperor.

plan to create

In 2004, a plan to create the Dongshi Forestry Cultural Park was unveiled.

A group of college students plan to create the "perfect student" as a joke.

Rubin and Gavin devised a plan to create a three-dimensional action-platform game.

plan to close

The plan to close GTE Entertainment outright came after it was unable to find a suitable buyer.

The mall's Sears location closed in early 2019 as part of the retailer's plan to close 40 stores.

On May 31, 2018, it was announced that Sears would be closing as part of a plan to close 78 stores nationwide.

plan was approved

Ultimately this plan was approved by the school board.

In 2011 this plan was approved by the NDRC.

The plan was approved by New York City Board of Estimate in February 1959.

ambitious plan   (plan ambicioso)

The intention of this ambitious plan is twofold.

The park's ambitious plan faced obstacles.

The company has an ambitious plan.

ground plan

The castle has an amygdaloidal ground plan.

It is a one-and-a-half-story house with main ground plan .

It has a rectangular ground plan.

plan was not

The plan was not viable due to the British naval blockade.

The 1934 plan was not implemented due to opposition from the local communities.

However, that plan was not workable as it did not allow for townspeople to have farming land.

pension plan

There were no benefits and no pension plan.

Trujillo also carried out an important housing construction program and instituted a pension plan.

They managed a portion of the IBM pension plan but IBM also kept a large portion of the assets and investment team in-house.

plan of action   (plan de acción)

With his new-found confidence, he comes up with a plan of action.

The plan of action in transforming the space is in the preliminary stages.

The three officers agreed on the plan of action and relayed it to the Allied force HQ at Caserta.

developed a plan

ATO command has developed a plan for the release of units at the border.

The two developed a plan to modernize the state government, making it more efficient.

Knud Holmboe, however, developed a plan to travel from Morocco across the Sahara to reach Egypt.

did not plan

He did not plan to interview her at a later date.

She did not plan to stay, but Alice Paul convinced her to do so.

Moen did not plan to use the song, thinking that he would "never put it on a Hosanna!

numbering plan   (plan de numeración)

In the 1925 numbering plan only locomotive 90 116 was left.

By area, it is one of the smallest numbering plan areas (NPAs).

The area code was created on March 22, 1998 in a split of numbering plan area 919.

plan includes

The five-year plan includes both organic and inorganic growth.

The plan includes signatures by fifty-eight prominent Americans as endorsers.

The plan includes an economy-wide carbon tax starting in 2017 and a cap on emissions from the oil sands.

approved a plan

In July 2017, the Government of India approved a plan to build 35 MMLPs.

In March 2009, Nebraska Department of Roads approved a plan for a new bridge, which would be south of the current bridge.

In 2000, after 5 years of strong advocacy, the City approved a plan to redevelop and revitalize Regent Park over the next 15 years.

according to plan

Unfortunately, things didn't go according to plan.

All goes according to plan.

Steve's actions do not go according to plan when Michelle blames him for Ryan's departure.

comprehensive plan

Kaunas expanded rapidly and the need for a comprehensive plan became evident by 1922.

1 and set up a comprehensive plan for asbestos decontamination in industry and housing.

This restoration, however, has occurred on a case-by-case basis, without a comprehensive plan.

flight plan   (plan de vuelo)

This altered the flight plan.

19:45 – McClellan called for flight plan and altitude required from last position to Mather.

A valid flight plan must include a legal flight level at which the aircraft will travel the airway.

plan did

This plan didn't work as he forecasted.

The rebuilding plan did not include the wildlife park and those animals were relocated.

Some Democrats who voted "no" believed the plan did not go far enough to restore funding.

square plan

The Masjid has a square plan and is covered by one big dome.

The manor has a square plan, each side measuring 19.55 metres.

The earlier one has a square plan, the later one a rectangular.

escape plan

An escape plan is agreed, should Theseus survive.

Giuseppe commits to Arcangeli's escape plan.

Dean tells them his escape plan.

plan was abandoned

However, the price of coal fell soon afterwards and the plan was abandoned.

The plan was abandoned after Jagger met the potential director, Nicholas Ray, and disliked him.

In 1975 the plan was abandoned in favour of the "A+" version that will reach production in 1980.

redevelopment plan   (plan de reurbanización)

A redevelopment plan for the area is under discussion.

The two communities have an area redevelopment plan in place, revised in 2009.

The chairman presents an unveiling ceremony for Cain and Delta City, their redevelopment plan.

began to plan

Rare began to plan "Grunty's Revenge" in August 1999.

In 1988, the Committee began to plan for opening night.

At the age of fifteen, he began to plan an ambitious novel cycle.

plan to destroy

Soon, the lead Heike general comes up with a plan to destroy the Genji.

Chase's and Olivia's daughter Eve (Tiffany Hines) arrives with a plan to destroy the Devils.

Rom faces execution for attempting to foil the plan to destroy the self-replicating mine-field.

rectangular in plan

They are approximately rectangular in plan.

The building is rectangular in plan with a veranda along the south façade.

It is rectangular in plan and features a bell tower projecting from the gable front.

health plan   (plan de salud)

Bush supports a free-market health care system, and opposes a universal health plan.

The new health plan extends health benefits to unmarried heterosexual domestic partners of city employees.

Typically this means that if employees retire before the age of 65 they can remain on their employer's health plan.

cruciform plan   (plan cruciforme)

It has a cruciform plan with chancel, north transept and nave.

The new chapel, which had a cruciform plan, was consecrated in 1746.

It is a single-story masonry structure, with a cruciform plan and a central cupola.

plan to move   (planea mudarte)

It has yet to plan to move this new digital channel frequency.

The club plan to move to a new stadium, though this is yet to start construction.

In time, however, Jenny and Johnny forgive Aidan and plan to move to Spain for a new life in the sun.

devises a plan

Henry gets fed up and devises a plan to get rid of her.

Spock devises a plan to place a force field around the Guardian.

The group devises a plan to defeat the Red Bamboo and escape the island.

hall plan

The main house has a Georgian center hall plan.

In about 1814, two side bays were completed, converting the house to a center hall plan.

The house has a gambrel roof, is built on a central hall plan and has some unusual features.

recovery plan

In September 2019, the FTA accepted the recovery plan.

The bank drew up a comprehensive recovery plan for the Pakistani government.

They work together as a team to ensure the best recovery plan for the individual.

game plan

Florida's postgame celebration was about as conservative as its game plan.

Unfortunately, SONICblue did not have a clear game plan with how to promote the Rio Car.

He also connected the team's game plan, K-I-S-S or "Keep It Simple Stupid", with the band.

city plan

In 1620 made Olof Bure a city plan for Öjebyn/Piteå.

The company retained Nolen to complete a city plan in 1926.

Patras was the first city of the modern Greek state to develop a city plan.

peace plan

She has also covered the peace plan process in Northern Ireland, the Women's World Cup Championship and the 1994 Northridge earthquake.

The British cabinet sent Sir Stafford Cripps to India with a specific peace plan offering India the promise of dominion status after the war.

In August 1959 he made a visit to Russia and later visited Vietnam in 1965 where he travelled to Ho Chi Minh where he presented an outline for a peace plan.

no plan

The Confederacy had no plan to expand, protect or encourage its railroads.

Barber revealed "He is devastated - becoming a surgeon is the most important thing to him and he has no plan B.

Originally, the AUDL had no plan to add a team in Utah due to their belief that there was low interest in Ultimate Disc for the area.

plan to meet

The three witches plan to meet with Macbeth later, and leave the cemetery.

The state requires each district to have a three-year special education plan to meet the unique needs of its special education students.

treatment plan   (plan de tratamiento)

It has also been proposed as part of a treatment plan for Riedel's thyroiditis.

A hallmark of her research was incorporating family members into the treatment plan.

This takes up to two weeks and each participant leaves with an individual treatment plan.

plan did not

The rebuilding plan did not include the wildlife park and those animals were relocated.

Some Democrats who voted "no" believed the plan did not go far enough to restore funding.

However, this plan did not come to fruition and none of the other stations ever signed on the air.

contingency plan   (plan de contingencia)

Before the war, Iran had a contingency plan to attack the plant.

Shortly after his inauguration, Nixon had ordered the preparation of a contingency plan, one that would hopefully bring the Vietnam War to an end.

Foremost at the club's priorities was creating a contingency plan to raise approximately $50,000 for the construction of the tower and broadcast equipment.

education plan

The UN's Special Committee on Decolonization has agreed to endorse the Governor's education plan.

The state requires each district to have a three-year special education plan to meet the unique needs of its special education students.

s plan

Stilicho’s plan failed, and soon after, on 1 May 408, Arcadius died.

Shivaji’s plan was successful.

As shown by the architect’s plan, the pulpit projects outward into the congregation.

plan to bring   (planea traer)

Cain wants to use spanner's powers to speed up his plan to bring Satan to Earth.

They plan to bring down Vetvix's ship using the antenna on top of a tall tower nearby.

I plan to bring all of that to the table to allow Michonne to be as rich and complex as possible.

develop a plan   (desarrollar un plan)

They develop a plan to get out, however, in which they set up fun mini-games in their cabins to earn party favors.

They develop a plan with Slim to seek revenge, but their plans fall apart when Hank and Jed kill Slim at their rendezvous point.

Determined to get the love of her eternal crush, Renata will have to develop a plan to separate the couple, complicating everything in this hilarious comedy.

s plan

Stilicho’s plan failed, and soon after, on 1 May 408, Arcadius died.

Shivaji’s plan was successful.

As shown by the architect’s plan, the pulpit projects outward into the congregation.

devise a plan   (idear un plan)

Therefore, partners have to devise a plan to balance between paid and unpaid work.

To find their suspect, they devise a plan whereby they will stage an attack on each man's wife.

With the train racing to Mumbai, Keshav must devise a plan to win back his freedom and expose Yadav.

grid plan

Roadways in the urban district are laid to make a grid plan.

The central part of the city is laid out on a rectangular grid plan.

Through Florida City, it acts as the city's grid plan's latitudinal baseline.

plan fails

However, his plan fails, and the Heike are captured.

The plan fails, and the guys have to kill the bandits.

His plan fails when the two clerks slash their prices by 75%.

general plan   (plan General)

A new general plan for Sätra was drawn up in 1962.

As part of the ceremony, the president got acquainted with the general plan of Bicycle Park and met with members of the bicycle team.

The four founders, Lucy Gray Gatling, Frances Gatling, Bernice Wheeler, Anna Pessel met to organize a general plan for the new society.

up a plan

Zhang Zhizhong drew up a plan of burning the city.

Finally, Vijay, Dayashankar, and Amar begin to cook up a plan to retrieve Vijay's son from Kailashnath.

Kira and Mencheres eventually set up a plan to expose Radjedef's corruption and put an end to the rivalry.

plan to expand

The Confederacy had no plan to expand, protect or encourage its railroads.

Both India and Bangladesh plan to expand onshore and offshore oil and gas operations.

A plan to expand the Port of Tottori and straighten the lowest reaches of the river was made in this period.

proposed a plan

He then proposed a plan to attack Qaghan along with the Baximi, Xi, and Khitan.

This was not a problem in the Indian tradition, but the British proposed a plan for unifying laws.

She proposed a plan called "Fresno's First Steps Home," which will battle chronic homelessness in the city.

plan to develop   (plan para desarrollar)

Brower came to Georgia in order to stop Fraser's plan to develop Cumberland Island.

Rajgarh Fort was sold to Oberoi Group and they plan to develop a tiger resort there.

Eventually researchers plan to develop HI-MEMS for dragonflies, bees, rats and pigeons.

approved the plan

Regulators approved the plan in October 2016.

The Monterey County Board of Supervisors approved the plan in 1984.

Shareholders approved the plan on Friday 31 July 2015 in a special meeting.

plan involved

The plan involved an attack on the smaller bases and suspected bases east of Chetequera.

The plan involved creating more than seventy storage reservoirs to reduce Ohio River flood heights.

The plan involved a mechanised assault across the border utilising armoured cars, trucks, and several buses.

body plan

Humans have the overall body plan of a mammal.

Such developing vertebrates have similar genes, which determine the basic body plan.

In the "Exocoetus" or monoplane body plan, only the pectoral fins are enlarged to provide lift.

insurance plan   (Plan de seguro)

The population is covered by a basic health insurance plan provided by statute and optional insurance.

The insurance could include a multi-pet insurance plan so that multiple pet policies are covered in a single plan.

plan proposed

This plan proposed the line to access Rockingham CBD by tunnel.

The plan proposed constructing a 15,000-seat performance amphitheater, and a water park.

The plan proposed attacking "fourteen synthetic plants and thirteen refineries" of Nazi Germany.

town plan   (plan de pueblo)

Wandanooka town plan

The town plan was adjusted by the Town Technical Office of Chianciano in 1958 and passed in 1961.

The original Spanish town plan and regular street grid, with many of the Spanish street names, remain.

economic plan

It has an economic plan target known as the "Ghana Vision 2020".

The Government economic plan also promoted confidence in investors.

The first five-year economic plan promoted consumer substitution industries.

street plan

To this end, they laid out a plat and street grid that became the basis of Berkeley's modern street plan.

Gillette favored circular buildings, even for residences (25-floor apartment complexes), and a hexagonal street plan.

They provide a unique promenade to view the layout of the original town which still preserves its Renaissance style street plan.

final plan

The Queens final plan is expected in mid-2020.

The final plan called for the building to contain 58 stories.

Nero's final plan was to get her in a boat which would collapse and sink.

restructuring plan   (plan de reestructuración)

On October 16, 2014, AMD announced a new restructuring plan along with its Q3 results.

The government then ordered the implementation of a new restructuring plan before the end of the year.

The Finnish government and STX made a restructuring plan together with a consulting company in June 2013.

overall plan   (plan General)

A stone jail and brick jailer's house extend to the rear, making the overall plan T-shaped.

The cave's ceiling collapse likely affected its overall plan, caused it being left incomplete.

Plato is hailed by Akadiel as the one who perceives most clearly God's overall plan for humanity and the coming of Christ.

care plan   (Plan de cuidado)

The High Court backed an end-of-life care plan drawn up by medical specialists attached to Alfie Evans' case.

[...] All that could be offered by the Bambino Gesu Hospital in Rome was an alternative palliative care plan."

Before attendance at a centre, an assessment is made and a care plan agreed, enabling staff to work towards mutual rehabilitation objectives.

open plan   (plan abierto)

It has an open plan around a fireplace core.

These coaches were built with an open plan format, double-glazing and air conditioning.

It follows an open plan layout common to startups, with rows of long work tables for staff to share.

plan calls

The plan calls for two main routes.

The plan calls for raising the priority given to NCDs in international development work'.

The Culgaith Parish plan calls for the re-opening of Culgaith station with an adequate provision for parking.

reorganization plan   (plan de reorganización)

A "reorganization plan" affected 150 employees in 2017.

In 1990 due the "Jedinstvo 3" reorganization plan, 781st Squadron was disbanded.

If the judge approves the reorganization plan and the creditors all agree, then the plan can be confirmed.

plan backfires   (planear fracasos)

Although initially successful, the plan backfires later.

The plan backfires and he accidentally punches Ned Willis (Ben Hall).

His plan backfires, as he ends up creating instead a new supervillain.

detailed plan

A detailed plan for Mõisaküla private area was created with E. Habermann (1947).

Umar then would send them a detailed plan of how he wanted the region to be captured.

Vaamonde drew up a detailed plan of the impact of the bombs, with photographs, the next day.

helped plan

Emerson wrote a eulogy, and Alcott helped plan the preparations.

He helped plan military offenses.

In this capacity, he helped plan for the coming National Action, also known as the "Days of Rage."

plan was never

However, this plan was never implemented.

However, the plan was never carried out.

However this plan was never put through.

plan developed

The cabins were laid out according to a plan developed by Park Service landscape architect Merel S. Sager.

It is one of several similar structures built to a modified version of a plan developed by the U.S. Forest Service.

In February 2011, the Pleasanton City Council voted to ratify the EBRPD master plan developed based on these meetings.

first plan

Even with this, the first plan of architect J.W.

The first plan was taken as the default course of action.

Harrison's first plan on taking command was to march his men north and recover Detroit.

plan to establish   (plan para establecer)

However, there is no current plan to establish the U10.

The plan to establish a school publication was initiated in 1927.

After his return to New York, Baldridge presented Governor Bellomont with a plan to establish an English colony at Île Sainte-Marie.

battle plan   (Plan de batalla)

Chow set up a battle plan for Hong Kong and to protect his Canton base.

Lee's battle plan for July 2 called for a general assault of Meade's positions.

He attempts to make a battle plan in the storage room, but he is unable to concentrate.

plan of attack

Roberts informs Masterman of his plan of attack.

The third part of the plan of attack was a frontal assault on the German positions behind the Sloe dam.

Guderian hastily put together a plan of attack for his and Hoth's forces for August 1, the Roslavl-Novozybkov Offensive Operation.