originally planned   (当初計画された)

Elmwood Cemetery was originally planned in 1846.

Two satellites were originally planned for operation.

He originally planned to work in New York City.

initially planned   (最初に計画された)

HRC had initially planned to send out about 300 kits.

Filming was initially planned to start in autumn 2014.

The mall was initially planned to be renovated in 2014.

planned to use   (使用する予定)

The Pirates had planned to use Kim exclusively in the bullpen.

He planned to use the same tactics with Hancock's entire corps.

He planned to use Deng Xuanzhi to trick Hao Pu into surrendering.

planned to build

Uzbekneftegaz planned to build eight UTT-3000 plants in Uzbekistan.

This project planned to build large tunnels in the centre of Marseille.

ORCO initially planned to build a luxury hotel and luxury shopping mall.

planned to take

Romania planned to take an offensive action on 16 April 1919.

Van Pelt said he planned to take an accounting job in Chicago.

He planned to take her to a cabin to help her begin to recover.

planned to release

1", planned to release in 2001; however, it was cancelled.

It was initially planned to release the film in December 2017.

Initially, Ciara planned to release five video snippets for five of the album's songs.

planned to open   (開く予定)

After several delays, it is planned to open October 25, 2019.

Dillards planned to open in late 2019.

A venue was planned to open in Saint-Denis, Réunion entitled .

planned community   (計画されたコミュニティ)

Lippo Karawaci, a planned community, is located here.

a half-built sixteen-acre planned community.

The completion of this planned community was scheduled to be in 1970.

planned to make   (作る予定)

Countrywide also planned to make 90% of its loans conforming.

Bound for Betio, the ferry was planned to make the voyage in two days.

Later he planned to make a script for Vijay by the same for Dulquer Salman.

planned to run

For 2001, Childress planned to run Harvick in the No.

He also planned to run some K&N East races.

The line was planned to run between Crémazie and Place-d'Armes.

first planned

He first planned a world cruise for the winter of 1902.

His first planned act was to occupy the west bank of the Severn.

In 1964, Killearn Estates became Tallahassee's first planned community.

planned for release

A third expansion is planned for release in 2017.

The film was planned for release during Dussera 2019.

This is planned for release in 2016.

planned to start

Construction is planned to start in 2018 at Atucha.

Filming was initially planned to start in autumn 2014.

Construction was planned to start in 2021 and finish in 2025.

planned to begin   (開始予定)

The construction works are planned to begin in 2019.

The COSSAC staff planned to begin the invasion on 1 May 1944.

Construction of the new building is planned to begin in the fall of 2018.

not planned

The death of Zoe was not planned until after 9/11.

However, the line is not planned to have a station in Shizuoka.

These cities, with the exception of Gama and Sobradinho, were not planned.

carefully planned   (慎重に計画された)

They were carefully planned events, full of ceremony and splendour.

Everything was carefully planned.

Every step was carefully planned, every calculation meticulously done.

planned to move   (引っ越し予定)

After 2014, NASA planned to move the White Room to a museum.

The festival was planned to move to Bicentennial Park in Miami, Florida.

Juan de Oñate had planned to move the capital south to the Santa Fe River valley.

planned invasion   (計画侵略)

Angered by these acts, Philip II ordered a planned invasion of England.

The United States came close to drafting women into the Nurse Corps in preparation for a planned invasion of Japan.

It was feared that the refinery would provide the Wehrmacht aircraft fuel, and help thwart the planned invasion of Lebanon and Syria.

company planned   (会社予定)

The company planned to employ 50 workers during the first year.

The company planned to provide small payload launch and space tourism services.

In 2008 the company planned on expanding to 14 units with a targeted goal of 100.

planned economy

One view of mercantilism sees it as a planned economy.

The Soviet-style planned economy started with war communism (1918–1921).

As a result, the town became a showcase of Czechoslovakia's planned economy.

planned to launch

Emerson planned to launch the console with 19 games.

The ARIEL spacecraft with CASE on board is planned to launch in 2028.

planned route

A map has been released showing the planned route.

Railway committees were established in all the cities on the planned route.

However, the player is free to deviate from the planned route and select their own path.

planned to become   (になる予定)

"I'd never planned to become a writer," Baker said in 1999.

She planned to become a teacher, until a family friend encouraged her to consider law.

This class was planned to become the new generation workhorse of the fleet of the JMSDF.

planned to continue

The tour is planned to continue into 2013.

I-295 was originally planned to continue further south to JFK Airport.

They planned to continue to tour throughout 2013 to support their new record.

planned attack

It was a planned attack, not a protest."

Rommel reluctantly decided on 20 November to call off his planned attack on Tobruk.

On the day of the planned attack, his accomplices are not at their planned meeting place.

government planned   (政府が計画した)

The Indian government planned to reintroduce cheetahs to India.

As for the Democracy Monument, the government planned to demolish it.

The government planned to call 34 witnesses, and to pay each $500 for their time.

planned to go

The film is planned to go into production in 2018.

He planned to go to medical school in Philadelphia.

All lines were planned to go underground in the city center.

planned to return   (戻る予定)

Norman planned to return to Palestine following his military discharge.

They planned to return to Stars on Ice for their fourth season with the tour.

He planned to return to Flamingo Las Vegas on February 6, 2016 to perform his show.

planned to sell   (販売予定)

They planned to sell the product for less than half the prescription price.

Originally, the DCCA planned to sell bonds immediately, but delays abounded.

In 1995, it was reported that Parisian had planned to sell its store to Dillard's.

already planned

The next section, already planned by the Province, will reach the area Podargoni.

LaRosa said in August 2018 that he had already planned out a potential fifth season.

In the early 1970s, the West Coast Mainline Electrification Scheme was already planned.

planned to include

The song had also been cut by Garth Brooks, who planned to include it on his 2001 album "Scarecrow".

Initially, the team planned to include only VFR flight, but they later enabled IFR to "ease navigation".

The game was not originally planned to include voice work, as at the time, the install base for CD-ROM was too low.

planned release

A planned release for the Sega Saturn was cancelled.

However, planned release dates were repeatedly pushed back.

The planned release by Reprise Records was cancelled after Hendrix's death.

previously planned   (以前に計画した)

The extent of this demolition process was far bigger than previously planned.

Before meeting Charlie, they had previously planned to use chloroform to knock him out in their car.

In 2016, an even more ambitious masterplan, expanding the previously planned 20 lines to 32, was unveiled.

then planned

The gang had then planned to escape via the Thames in a speedboat.

The facility was then planned to be built on the grounds of York University but that too failed.

Coalition and Afghan commanders then planned Operation Mar Kardad to recapture Musa Qala from the Taliban.

planned city

Jauharabad was established in 1953 as a planned city.

NOIDA is a planned city and IT hub.

Rourkela Rourkela is a planned city located in the northern part of Odisha, India.

planned to attack

Zhu Li informed everyone that Kuvira planned to attack Republic City in two weeks.

Dearborn planned to attack Fort George next, but his army required rest and reorganization.

They had carried explosive, bomb-tipped arrows and allegedly planned to attack the Brimob headquarters.

planned and executed

Moffit agreed to help, and they planned and executed a second summer event.

Lashkar-e-Taiba, a Pakistan-based terrorist group, planned and executed the Mumbai attacks.

The Bollywood movie India’s Most Wanted is based on how the undercover team planned and executed his capture.

planned to kill

Arsaces II planned to kill Tirit in return for Gnel's murder.

Or so the latter believed, and he planned to kill his younger brother.

Sarathy goes to meet Suji, but Reddiyar has planned to kill Sarathy on the way.

well planned   (よく計画された)

The curriculum was well planned.

It was well planned."

New Mirpur was well planned, and modern buildings and ample roads serve each part of city.

planned to replace

It is planned to replace all the electro mechanical meters with static ones.

In late 2001, however, the station announced that it planned to replace Kerley.

Another deal with Fiat was planned to replace the Ferguson tractors distributed by BFE.

planned development   (計画的開発)

In short, why does so much planned development fail?

The final type identified by Milder is called conservation-oriented planned development projects.

The planned development has expanded from 69 to and includes properties between Michigan and Indiana Avenues.

planned new

The initially planned new line was calculated to cost 3.5 billion Deutsche Mark (DM).

There were a total of five planned new stations: Pie-IX, Viau, Lacordaire, Langelier and Anjou.

The Skytrain will be extended to planned new Terminal 4 and Sky Hub (commercial area) in Phase 2.

planned to create

Then, Krishna planned to create an eclipse much before the beginning of the war.

ASF planned to create a large Swedish chemical group rivaling those in continental Europe.

Broome stated that the organization planned to create new on-air content 52 weeks per year.

planned to leave   (去る予定)

In other words, she planned to leave her family on purpose.

They planned to leave the house if no action was taken against him.

In other words, she planned to leave her family on purpose, something that Vaughn did not know until that point.

planned expansion   (計画的拡張)

- were founded as a reaction to the planned expansion.

Season passes may cover all planned expansion content for a game and represents a one-time purchase.

On 5 October 2011, the Government of Gibraltar announced the planned expansion of the cruise terminal.

earlier than planned

However, the game released a day earlier than planned.

It reopened on June 27, 2018, a day earlier than planned.

The government has withdrew its contingent a month earlier than planned.

centrally planned

The U.S. Export-Import Bank defines a Marxist–Leninist state as having a centrally planned economy.

From its founding in 1949 until late 1978, the People's Republic of China was a Soviet-style centrally planned economy.

Marx's schemata were used to identify the sources of inflation and the shortage of goods in the centrally planned economy.

planned to expand

It is believed that the Margraves of Baden planned to expand Mühlburg.

Currently there are 31 children and planned to expand for 100 children.

At the time of the original announcement, the nine schools planned to expand to at least 12 members.

planned to develop   (開発する予定)

McCord planned to develop Willowick Place on the former Willowick Court site.

The company planned to develop four to five ventures per year, ranging from stand-alone web destinations to social media applications.

Zappa planned to develop an international consulting enterprise to facilitate trade between the former Eastern Bloc and Western businesses.

planned to extend   (拡張する予定)

NFISD planned to extend the school's metal detector hours to 10 AM.

MSEDCL has planned to extend it further to district headquarters, taluka headquarters and so on.

The opposition of the freeway grew as it was planned to extend the freeway toward the downtown area.

planned project

The Kalpasar is planned project in the Gulf of Khambhat.

The undesignated funds are not committed to any planned project.

planned and built

The "Ōshio" was planned and built to replace the aging "Kuroshio".

His father was a civil engineer who planned and built the Belfast Water Works.

They are now generally described as any town planned and built as a single unit, by a single founder.

planned to retire

Washington resigned as commander-in-chief once the Treaty of Paris was signed, and he planned to retire to Mount Vernon.

However, in January 2008, Selig agreed to a three-year contract extension, announcing he planned to retire after the 2012 season.

Originally Washington had planned to retire after his first term, while many Americans could not imagine anyone else taking his place.

planned to produce   (生産予定)

Nippon TV also planned to produce its own original content for the service.

In fact, they originally planned to produce another movie as the first one of the company.

Cavanagh had planned to produce a commercial version of the game for release later in 2018.

planned but never

Electric railways planned but never completed.

A second unit was planned but never built.

A 32X release was also planned but never released as well.

planned to connect

Commuter rail lines in Santiago are planned to connect to Melipilla and Batuco.

Subway system construction was planned to connect with the els at various points.

A parallel trans-harbour road link is planned to connect Mumbai's two ports as well as to reduce rush on this bridge.

go as planned

As might be expected, all did not go as planned.

Things, however, do not go as planned.

He decides to open a bakery with her but things do not go as planned.