İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

announced plans   (ilan edilen planlar)

He also announced plans for a world tour in 2009.

Tingelmann announced plans to add another 300 stores.

In 2018, Volbeat announced plans for a seventh album.

plans to build   (inşa etmeyi planlıyor)

In 1900 there were plans to build a synagogue.

In 1977, John initiated plans to build a new restaurant.

3 has plans to build a new Ultrafast mast.

no plans   (plan yok)

There are no plans to release the novela on DVD.

There are no plans to allow them in the future.

His family has no plans to appeal the sentence.

made plans   (plan yaptı)

The SWAT members quickly huddled up and made plans.

The monarchists made plans to send agents into Russia.

Auchinleck therefore made plans for a defensive battle.

original plans

The Yellow Line was not part of the original plans.

This increased the size of the project to twice the original plans.

So AMC's original plans to develop a 750 cc desert racer version were abandoned.

plans to expand   (genişlemeyi planlıyor)

The hospital plans to expand to 150 beds in the future.

It plans to expand to Houston in late 2018.

In 2009, Union Bank opened a branch in Texas, with plans to expand.

plans were made

Post-2003, plans were made to renovate the stadium.

In 1988, plans were made for a mall to come to Hazard.

In 1973 plans were made to build houses and apartments in Houtwijk.

plans to use

NASA plans to use it in the manned Mars mission.

Jersey City plans to use the house as a museum.

He plans to use Juliana to gain entrance into Camelot.

plans to release

There are no plans to release the novela on DVD.

No plans to release it on DVD have been stated.

The band plans to release a series of EPs over the next few years.

plans to open   (açmayı planlıyor)

The company plans to open a new coal mine, Ugljevik-Istok.

Boliviana de Aviación also plans to open new service to Lima, Peru.

The school has plans to open a purpose-built Well-being Centre in 2019-2020.

plans to make   (yapmayı planlıyor)

The municipality plans to make Ulft the local centre.

There are also plans to make NaCl available on handheld devices.

There was plans to make an animated series featuring Batman and Superman.

future plans   (gelecek planları)

I have to be smart and make sure I think about my future plans."

Regular wugmeets are held to discuss network issues and future plans.

Further on, the chapter tells about future plans for the Vistula river.

plans to move   (taşınmayı planlıyor)

Out of fear, the family plans to move to England.

Ahluwalia plans to move to India in the future.

The academy has plans to move back to the city center.

development plans   (imar planları)

Pune's development plans were put on hold till normalcy was achieved.

In August 1999 the local government put a stop to any development plans.

The course was created as a part of the development plans of club founders K.T.

up plans

Kenji G. Taguma drew up plans for it.

Wright drew up plans for the building with his close assistant, John Howe.

By 1895, the government had drawn up plans to modernize Gibraltar Harbour.

plans to develop   (gelişme planları)

The Nepal government plans to develop it as a model city.

The organization plans to develop public access to the site in 2018.

Neither tribe has plans to develop the site in the foreseeable future.

plans to create   (yaratmayı planlıyor)

Rizwan plans to create a rift between Zara and Kabir.

She plans to create tension in the house.

Miller and Ocelot discuss Big Boss' plans to create Outer Heaven.

plans to extend   (genişletmeyi planlıyor)

There are plans to extend the route in future years.

There are plans to extend the trail past Welsh road into Norristown.

At the end of 2012, RCI Banque announced plans to extend ZESTO to Germany.

plans to take

After seizing these cities, the Fascists made plans to take Rome.

Meanwhile, the Decepticons awaken and start plans to take over Earth.

In the later months of 2000, DC Talk, announced plans to take a hiatus.

plans to construct   (inşa etmeyi planlıyor)

By 1910, plans to construct a new temple were being devised.

There are plans to construct a deep-water port at Bahía Solano.

In 1957, Arizona made plans to construct a new capitol building.

plans called   (planlar çağrıldı)

The plans called for the project to take 10 years.

The plans called for Venetian blinds in all rooms.

The plans called for a boat that displaced surfaced and submerged.

expansion plans   (genişleme planları)

Future expansion plans call for a 15,000 sq ft two-story clubhouse.

The City of Edmonton has focused on LRT expansion plans in recent years.

The expansion plans have been delayed due to the 2007-2010 financial crisis.

making plans

He and his friends started making plans to join the movement.

Hammond had started making plans for his skyscraper in the early 1880s.

By October 1558, Elizabeth was already making plans for her government.

initial plans   (ilk planlar)

The initial plans were to erect a cottage in the middle of the backwaters.

Many of the initial plans featured narrow networks of doctors and hospitals.

In 1864 initial plans were drawn up, and William Lambie Moffatt was appointed architect.

make plans   (planlar yapmak)

They make plans to go out again and then begin kissing.

They make plans to continue their work and resurrect Hester.

Jackson wanted his son, Jonah, back and began to make plans.

plans were announced

In 2011, plans were announced to renovate the shopping center.

In November 2011 plans were announced to erect a memorial to him in Najaf.

In 2004 plans were announced to open a Busy Bee Café at Historic Paschal's.

plans to sell   (satış planları)

In 2008, IÉ announced plans to sell off the Mark 3 fleet.

Hudson also insisted the club had no plans to sell Warren.

Nissan announced plans to sell the vehicle in 170 countries.

plans to launch   (başlatma planları)

FlyWestair plans to launch its frequent flyer-programme on 1 February 2020.

The Afghan government then plans to launch AFGHANSAT 2 after seven years later.

The Afghan government plans to launch Afghansat 2 after the lease of Afghansat 1 ends.

plans include

Business plans include 2 phone numbers as standard.

Future plans include putting a satellite into orbit.

The plans include 15 new warships and submarines by 2020.

plans to kill

So, he plans to kill Mohan using a time-bomb.

Gino becomes obsessed with Bobby and plans to kill him.

Thus she plans to kill Lata by burning her.

other plans   (diğer planlar)

None of Rich's other plans were carried out.

However, Martin the Warrior has other plans.

But destiny has other plans for the two.

plans to leave   (ayrılmayı planlıyor)

Mariel plans to leave the next day, alone.

He plans to leave the city to his hometown along with Anandhi.

Theresa plans to leave the Village but Myra tries to change her mind.

plans included

At one time renovation plans included removing the NC Mutual signs.

Early plans included the use of real water in scale rivers and lakes.

Future plans included expanding into China, but those plans were never realized.

plans to return   (geri dönmeyi planlıyor)

Afterward, they make their plans to return to Africa.

While in his late fifties, Bloch had plans to return to physics.

Odona now plans to return to Gideon to supply the virus herself.

new plans

Not until about 1560 new plans were developed.

Doctor reportedly did not agree with the new plans, and opted to leave.

According to new plans, in 2009 the school will be moved to the center of Sandnes.

plans to continue

The government plans to continue providing subsidies.

They make plans to continue their work and resurrect Hester.

As of February 11, 2019, Bryant plans to continue acting on the show.

plans to add

Tingelmann announced plans to add another 300 stores.

The Victorian Government has plans to add extra tracks on the service.

The college plans to add more sports as the support grows for its teams.

plans were drawn

Architectural plans were drawn up and approved by the government in 1963.

However, age took its toll, and in 2000 plans were drawn up to replace it.

In 1864 initial plans were drawn up, and William Lambie Moffatt was appointed architect.

plans to establish   (kurmayı planlıyor)

There were plans to establish private operations along the line.

In 1940, he strongly supported Egyptian plans to establish the grand mosque in London.

The state-owned company has ambitious plans to establish plants totalling 63 GW generation capacity by 2032.

plans to marry

He resolves to separate the lovers and plans to marry Priya.

He opposed plans to marry Władysław IV Waza to a Calvinist princess.

In April 2014 Attal confirmed that they were still unwed with no plans to marry.

floor plans

Students are able to choose from multiple floor plans.

People wrote the magazine asking for the floor plans, but none existed.

Inside, the floor plans reflect the two sections' separate construction.

plans to convert   (dönüşüm planlıyor)

It also plans to convert its UHF stations that operate TV5 and AksyonTV, to DTV transmitters.

In 1982, the government announced plans to convert civilian reactors to low-enriched uranium.

The Punjab government has plans to convert the Lal Sohanra National Park into a wildlife safari park.

health plans   (sağlık planları)

and also served as spokesperson for Medicare advanced health plans in Puerto Rico.

He targeted the American Medical Association in their anti-competitive efforts against health plans.

Burdick had joined WellCare as national health plans president in January 2014 and was promoted to president and COO in July 2014.

insurance plans   (sigorta planları)

The introduction of health and pension insurance plans has expanded the private insurance industry.

The December spending bill delayed the onset of the "Cadillac tax" on expensive insurance plans by two years, until 2020.

With the passage of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, WellCare began offering Medicare beneficiaries private health insurance plans.

government plans   (hükümet planları)

The government plans to continue providing subsidies.

The Nepal government plans to develop it as a model city.

He also spoke against government plans to downsize the military.

plans to replace

The band has no plans to replace him.

This is a development of earlier plans to replace them, known as HST2.

In the late 1980s, Lamborghini made plans to replace the aging Countach and Jalpa.

plans to go

They make plans to go out again and then begin kissing.

The band plans to go on tour later this year.

She plans to go to university after modeling.

plans to close

In 1993, the federal government announced plans to close K. I. Sawyer Air Force Base in 1995.

In 2016, the restaurant announced plans to close and to become primarily a special event venue.

In June 2016, PG&E announced that it plans to close the two Diablo Canyon reactors in 2024 and 2025.

plans to introduce   (tanıtmayı planlıyor)

It plans to introduce the multicamera tool.

In 2019 Toyota revealed plans to introduce an EV HiLux within six years.

Sales were strong, and the company discussed plans to introduce more similar stores in the future.

management plans   (yönetim planları)

Program management plans are created to implement the individual solutions.

There are no national management plans for the Amazonian Manatee, except in Colombia.

For the conservation of this species habitat management plans were created or adjusted.

own plans   (kendi planları)

El Cid returned to Alfonso, but now he had his own plans.

But Plughead, who has tangled with Danner before, has his own plans.

The Furies have their own plans, though, and are only using Hercules to get to Cassandra.

action plans   (eylem planları)

Because it is stable there are no conservation action plans.

Two action plans were devised.

Based on a review of these data, CTC boards revise their action plans as needed.

approved plans

In August 2018, the International Cricket Council (ICC) approved plans for the tournament.

Waterloo Region, Ontario has also approved plans for a light rail extension to the Ainslie St.

In September 1918, the New York City Board of Estimate approved plans for Cross Bay Boulevard.

plans to run

They argue when he sees that she plans to run out on him with the money.

Louise confides in Enoch Jr. that she plans to run away from home with an acting troupe.

For 2009, there were plans to run 3 groups of 28 entrants, but ultimately this did not come to pass.

ambitious plans   (hırslı planlar)

In 1909, Hannah purchased the lease of the hotel and undertook ambitious plans to expand.

The state-owned company has ambitious plans to establish plants totalling 63 GW generation capacity by 2032.

They probably first received their surnames Helios and Selene here as part of Antony and Cleopatra's ambitious plans for the future.

plans to increase

Since 1859, there had been plans to increase the width of the bridge.

There are also plans to increase the seating capacity of the stadium in the future.

This was followed by plans to increase Armenian defense spending to purchase more weapons and ammunition.

drew up plans

Kenji G. Taguma drew up plans for it.

Wright drew up plans for the building with his close assistant, John Howe.

Meanwhile, he drew up plans for the ideal city he planned to build on Bermuda.

pension plans

In 2015, Leclair was appointed the official opposition critic for labour and pension plans.

Illinois' pension obligations are made up of five pension plans for public sector employees.

In the early 1970s, as corporate pension plans were implementing ERISA, investment consulting firms came of age.

revealed plans   (ortaya çıkan planlar)

Sawyer revealed plans for a new record in summer 2018.

Lanning revealed plans for expansion packs to accompany "New 'n' Tasty!"

In 2019 Toyota revealed plans to introduce an EV HiLux within six years.

announced its plans

The following year, Emaar announced its plans to build Dubai Marina.

In June 2015, Pornhub announced its plans to make the first pornographic film in space.

Emaar Properties first announced its plans for a large-scale development project in Syria in 2006.

current plans

There are no current plans for a continuation.

There are no current plans for the removal of the rectory or the old church building.

GO has considered adding the station to the Milton line, but it is not in current plans.

detailed plans   (ayrıntılı planlar)

Models of the islands were prepared and detailed plans worked out for the invasion.

In late 2012, detailed plans to redevelop Del Amo on a much larger scale were unveiled.

Both groups have developed detailed plans, but by 2008 it was still unclear which would succeed.

construction plans

The construction plans were finalized in 1991.

In the following two years Ladovsky personally led the design team, producing detailed construction plans.

Other major nuclear construction plans included the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (units 1, 2 and 6).

plans to get

Gowri plans to get married to a cricket player Guru.

Bharani plans to get Sakunthaladevi and Saravanan united.

William II devised plans to get his way.

plans to start

MITT plans to start launching again in early 2022.

Relativity plans to start commercial launch service by early 2021.

Besides sugarcane, the Nigerian Government plans to start processing cassava as well.

lesson plans   (ders planları)

Teachers can access the website and create lesson plans for their classes.

In 2017, Infobase acquired The Mailbox lesson plans and "Learning" magazine.

The teacher can create lesson plans based upon the interests and inquiries of the students and their needs.

contingency plans   (acil Durum planları)

Montgomery ordered all contingency plans for retreat to be destroyed.

All the officers were briefed at 3 a.m., the day of the raid, on the contingency plans in place.

The U.S. Navy had also been updating its own contingency plans for just such a mining operation since 1965.

plans to turn

The council unveils plans to turn the flats into bed and breakfast accommodation.

, the factory site sits abandoned, however there are plans to turn it into a museum.

Moses, Dennis, and others discussed plans to turn their positions over to local leaders.

plans to bring   (getirmeyi planlıyor)

In it, he talked about his plans to bring the "bloodied message" to America.

She plans to bring John with her, and use her research to develop instruments of peace.

The event was eventually officially discontinued in 2016, and there are no known plans to bring it back.

such plans

Gilgun later indicated he currently had no such plans.

He denied any such plans.

Small coastal SSKs like the Natsushio did not fit into such plans for the future.

plans to demolish   (yıkmayı planlıyor)

In Madryn Street alone, residents voted 33-1 against plans to demolish the houses.

In May 2018, it was announced that Blackbird Investments plans to demolish the K-Scope.

Northwestern University announced plans to demolish it and replace it with a medical research facility.

company plans   (şirket planları)

The company plans to fill remaining space with retail.

The company plans to open a new coal mine, Ugljevik-Istok.

The company plans to eventually 3D-print a complete launch vehicle within 60 days.

makes plans

Zain makes plans to escape with Sahar and begin a new life.

They are able to barely escape, and Lo makes plans to disappear to mainland China.

Homer even makes plans to marry Wally, despite the fact that she has fallen for Steve.

announced his plans

At Wimbledon, Agassi announced his plans to retire following the US Open.

Prasad announced his plans to retire ahead of the general election in September 2014.

On May 14, 2018, co-founder Reich announced his plans to step down as the company's CEO.

plans to restore

There are plans to restore the destroyed sections.

225, 227, and 228 and plans to restore no.

George and fellow investors began plans to restore and enhance the original theater.

according to plans

The building was enlarged during 1931-1932, according to plans by E. M. Miles.

It was significantly altered according to plans by Fuller & Delano in 1897 for William Hogg.

The building was completely remodeled in 1908, according to plans by noted architect Elmer C. Jensen.

plans to produce   (üretim planları)

IAI plans to produce conformal fuel tanks.

Tajikistan plans to produce 2,441 kg of gold by the end of the year 2012.

In June 2019, NXP announced plans to produce a line of Azure Sphere-certified chips.

plans to become   (olmayı planlıyor)

Costa Rica plans to become a carbon-neutral country by 2021.

Anne accepted his proposal, and made plans to become the newest Mrs. Martin.

Also, he lists positioning as one of his strengths and plans to become a coach.

plans were put

Pune's development plans were put on hold till normalcy was achieved.

On the cessation of hostilities plans were put in place to decommission HMS "Valkyrie".

Various plans were put forward to concentrate all Dundee's railway facilities in a new central station.

further plans

Paxton died in 2017, making any further plans uncertain.

There are further plans for the restaurant to visit Switzerland and Russia.

In early 1991, the government announced further plans to improve Accra's international airport.

business plans   (iş planları)

More narrow price indices can help producers with business plans and pricing.

Love Library with an entrepreneurship-related indexed collection of business plans.

Megan tells the contestants are asked to design business plans to make Megan's dog, Lily, marketable.

war plans

The theory encouraged all belligerents to devise war plans to strike first to gain the advantage.

Parliament voted to grant a subsidy of £140,000, which was an insufficient sum for Charles's war plans.

The various national war plans had been perfected by 1914 but with Russia and Austria trailing in effectiveness.

plans to acquire

In May 2015, WAY-FM announced plans to acquire the station.

The JGSDF plans to acquire 70.

In July 2018, Logitech announced plans to acquire Blue Microphones for $117 million USD.

plans never

These plans never came into fruition.

These plans never materialised mainly due to the Great Depression.

Since many Jews were then leaving the town, however, the plans never came to fruition.

unveiled plans   (açıklanmamış planlar)

In February 2019, the City of Green Bay unveiled plans for the renovation of Whitney School.

The creators of Gigantor have unveiled plans for another updated design, a "Gigantor for the New Millennium."

In 2013, Tom Ricketts and team president Crane Kenney unveiled plans for a five-year, $575 million privately funded renovation of Wrigley Field.

plans to begin   (başlamayı planlıyor)

They made plans to begin the transatlantic flight from the Dominion of Newfoundland.

The Pentagon plans to begin replacing the aircraft with the Northrop Grumman B-21 Raider after 2025.

Italian carmaker Fiat has also announced of plans to begin production of its Siena sedan in Iran in 2008.

plans fell

However, plans fell through and the track was never built.

In 1965 attempts were made to resume its construction to complete it by 1967, though plans fell through.

Payne was to be the club's head coach, however plans fell through and the relocation did not take place; the team instead folded.

architectural plans

Land, building materials, and architectural plans are provided to the self-builder through public grants.

The sacristy was begun in 1621 based on architectural plans by Mario Arconio and completed by Paolo Maruscelli in 1629.

In addition to this, architectural plans are being made for the roof of the new centre to be used as a base for an air ambulance used to transport patients to and from the hospital.

developed plans

He developed plans for a "torpedo plane", which is why he is considered ahead of his time.

This address CIM strategies by department developed plans and assess the skills by the district calendar.

initiate Lady Frieda Harris, Crowley developed plans to produce a tarot card set, designed by him and painted by Harris.

building plans

This was done to convey alleged poor building plans.

The Library Association of Portland paid for the building plans.

Around this time, Lamb held a press conference on the building plans.

first plans

The first plans for refurbishing the building were announced in April 1998.

Homer first plans to spend the money on the Spinemelter 2000 vibrating chair.

In November 1871, the first plans for the tunnel were deposited with Parliament.

plans to redevelop   (yeniden geliştirme planları)

There were allegedly plans to redevelop the theatre and the surrounding areas.

The city plans to redevelop the rest of the golf course into a new public space.

In late 2012, detailed plans to redevelop Del Amo on a much larger scale were unveiled.

plans were approved   (planlar onaylandı)

These plans were approved in June 1928.

His plans were approved in 1823, but again in a simplified form.

In 1963, the building plans were approved at the World Conference in Denmark.

redevelopment plans   (imar planları)

In the current redevelopment plans, Barrington Street would form a continuous street once again.

The manufacture of luminous watch dials in the building left behind several toxic substances that have thwarted redevelopment plans.

The name "London Docklands" was used for the first time in a government report on redevelopment plans in 1971 and has since been almost universally adopted.

began plans

In the 1990s, the company began plans for Turnberry Place Las Vegas.

In 2009 the Seattle city government began plans to move the reservoir underground.

George and fellow investors began plans to restore and enhance the original theater.

plans to retire

He plans to retire at age 50.

Barnes plans to retire to Dadeville, where he purchased family property.

At Wimbledon, Agassi announced his plans to retire following the US Open.

retirement plans   (emeklilik planları)

For instance, women must be afforded the same hiring, job training, promotion opportunities and retirement plans as men.

Her policy columns have addressed matters of top concern to citizens, including investor protection, health insurance, Social Security, and the sufficiency of retirement plans.

Symetra Symetra is a United States-based family of companies providing retirement plans, employee benefits, annuities and life insurance through independent distributors nationwide.

plans to relocate   (taşınma planları)

This where the university plans to relocate the main campus in the future.

In response to this, Dudley council drew up plans to relocate the school to a new site.

In 1996, Buyers announced plans to relocate the company's headquarters to Hilo in 1998.

plans to invest   (yatırım planları)

Phandeeyar also plans to invest around $2 million into startups in the near future.

CP plans to invest $300 million in capital improvements to the former DM&E lines by 2011.

The city also plans to invest billions to bringing frequent public transit within one-fourth of a mile of most of its residents.

s plans

Mil Máscaras learns of the mummy’s plans and is determined to thwart him.

A few days later, Jack is distraught to learn from Sadie of Anne’s plans to marry the Governor.

Horatio’s plans for the estate were jeopardised in 1724 when a fire swept the house destroying the structure.