power plant   (発電所)

The power plant could also receive power from TVA.

Afterwards, the power plant will be decommissioned.

A Small hydro power plant is situated on the creek.

flowering plant   (開花植物)

Over 80 species of flowering plant occur.

The name "Cempaka Putih" derived from flowering plant white champaca.

Blueberry (disambiguation) A blueberry is a flowering plant and its fruit.

plant species   (植物種)

Similar laws may operate to protect plant species.

Regel described and named over 3000 plant species.

The marsh is also home to more than 140 plant species.

species of plant   (植物の種)

Aloe elegans Aloe elegans is a species of plant.

Very few species of plant are rodent-pollinated.

P. seemannii P. seemannii may refer to a few different species of plant.

host plant   (宿主植物)

The host plant of the caterpillar is "Loranthus".

Pupation takes place at the stem of the host plant.

The species overwinters as an egg on the host plant.

treatment plant   (処理プラント)

Its water treatment plant is located at Selep.

The odour treatment plant was also completed.

A new water treatment plant opened in 2001.

manufacturing plant   (製造工場)

He set up his manufacturing plant on Northfleet creek, Kent.

The manufacturing plant in El Salheya employs c. 2500 people.

In April 2005 TCL closed its manufacturing plant in Türkheim, Bavaria.

nuclear power plant   (原子力発電所)

India's nuclear power plant development began in 1964.

The MKER-1500 was also proposed for the Leningrad nuclear power plant.

Godzilla attacks the Ihama nuclear power plant in Shizuoka Prefecture.

plant material

Other plant material includes grasses, sedges and tubers.

It has also been found in plant material.

plant and animal   (動植物)

It is home to a variety of plant and animal species.

Overall, 41,493 plant and animal species are present.

There is a diverse number of plant and animal communities.

plant life   (植物の生命)

This would affect plant life and solar energy.

It can also damage plant life on land and in the ocean.

The latter is needed to encourage plant life and insects.

processing plant   (加工工場)

His father worked in a coal processing plant.

It was then given over to serve as a fish processing plant.

There is also a woodworking and a dairy processing plant in the settlement.

ornamental plant   (観葉植物)

"Eucomis autumnalis" is grown as an ornamental plant.

is an ornamental plant of Crassulaceae family.

"Crocus speciosus" is cultivated as an ornamental plant.

plant pathogen   (植物病原体)

It is a plant pathogen, causing long smut of "Sorghum" spp.

Lophodermium aucupariae Lophodermium aucupariae is a plant pathogen.

Physopella Physopella is a genus of fungal plant pathogen in the family Phakopsoraceae.

new plant

Stanley opened a new plant in Aurora, Colorado.

He identified and published several new plant species.

C.V. Snyder bought the new plant and grounds.

plant growth

Alkaloids are also known to regulate plant growth.

It also increases yields and speeds up plant growth generally.

No appreciable plant growth takes place at temperatures below 4 °C.

assembly plant   (組立工場)

BMW's complete knock-down (CKD) assembly plant in Kedah.

Lovech has an automotive assembly plant.

The assembly plant located in Enugu started production in 1980.

perennial plant   (多年草)

It is an evergreen, sod-forming perennial plant.

This perennial plant reaches a height between .

"Saccharum barberi" is a perennial plant with a short robust rhizome.

plant communities

Diverse plant communities cover this area of steppes.

It is widespread among the plant communities of alpine heath and fjaeldmark.

Alder woodland and plant communities typical of marshy grassland are also present.

plant grows

This plant grows wild in savanna and other habitat types.

The plant grows to , and averages about .

The plant grows on rocky ledges and in fine gravel on slopes.

plant genus

Arum (disambiguation) Arum is a plant genus.

The plant genus "Ebermaiera" (family Acanthaceae) is named after him.

Elsholtzia Elsholtzia is a plant genus in the Lamiaceae (mint family).

other plant   (他の植物)

Anthocyanins are other plant pigments.

"S. magnificus" feeds on small algae and other plant material.

In the moister areas, the Ericas predominate over the other plant groups.

hydroelectric plant   (水力発電所)

The hydroelectric plant generates of power.

The two designed a hydroelectric plant at Waterloo, New York.

Water diverted from the dam also powers a small hydroelectric plant.

native plant

She identifies native plant species of British Columbia by name.

There are notable oak and native plant collections and a small redwood grove.

Generally, it is not an invasive plant and coexists well with native plant species.

production plant

It is home to the Fiat Cassino Plant production plant.

The company's production plant is a popular tourist attraction.

Nemak operates a production plant in the Hungarian city of Győr.

plant family   (植物科)

Tageteae Tageteae is a tribe of the plant family Asteraceae.

Pilea elegans Pilea elegans is a species in the plant family Urticaceae.

Corytoplectus Corytoplectus is a genus in the plant family Gesneriaceae.

plant located

The assembly plant located in Enugu started production in 1980.

Prison Industries operate the Braille Program and Furniture plant located at Huttonsville.

Scania will manufacture the buses in its plant located in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo.

plant was built

The second plant was built from 1976 to 1979.

In 1907 the first cold storage plant was built in town.

The first plant was built from 1936 to 1940.

plant matter

About 33 percent of all plant matter is cellulose.

Its diet consists primarily of plant matter and seeds.

Coalification starts with dead plant matter decaying into peat.

herbaceous plant

"Roscoea wardii" is a perennial herbaceous plant.

"Roscoea scillifolia" is a perennial herbaceous plant.

"Roscoea ganeshensis" is a perennial herbaceous plant.

nuclear plant

By 1972, the plan for the nuclear plant was dropped due to environmental concerns.

1 nuclear plant".

It was the first nuclear plant in the world to generate more than 1 gigawatt of power.

water treatment plant   (水処理設備)

Its water treatment plant is located at Selep.

A new water treatment plant opened in 2001.

The community is currently building a brand new water treatment plant.

plant native

It is a plant native to the area of the pampas of South America.

The strategy has been to plant native shrubs in connecting corridors.

Chenopodium nuttalliae Chenopodium nuttalliae is species of edible plant native to Mexico.

hydroelectric power plant   (水力発電所)

The first, and still the largest, is Buksefjord hydroelectric power plant.

Centerville Power Plant is a small hydroelectric power plant in the community.

The site was discovered in 1999 during the construction of a hydroelectric power plant.

plant produces   (植物が作り出す)

This plant produces tall colorful flowers in season.

The plant produces numerous flower heads in loose arrays.

The plant produces about 18 TWh per year.

chemical plant

This shipment was coming from a US chemical plant to the IIBR under a US Department of Commerce license.

They also perform functions in the areas of environmental quality control and the operational phase of a chemical plant.

In 1965, the Agano River running through Niigata was polluted with methylmercury from the chemical plant of the Showa Electrical Company.

animal and plant   (動植物)

Chad's animal and plant life correspond to the three climatic zones.

It surveyed the distribution of both animal and plant species on islands.

Ultimately, it would cause a massive extinction of various animal and plant species.

plant cells

Not all plant cells will grow to the same length.

The bacteria will attach to many of the plant cells exposed by the cuts.

Unlike plant cells, animal cells have neither a cell wall nor chloroplasts.

steel plant

The steel plant in Nanjing was founded in 1958.

The steel plant is also proposed to be established in the town.

In 1926, when 17, he moved to Lecco where he found employment at a steel plant.

food plant

Larval food plant is "Axonopus compressus".

The species' larval food plant is "Dichapetalum gelonioides".

The pupa is also the overwintering stage, among leaves at the base of the food plant.

plant near   (近くの植物)

She also built the "Kakanj" plant near Zenica and the "Velenje" plant in Slovenia.

SEAT is still continuing to install solar panels in its Martorell plant near Barcelona.

There is a wastewater treatment plant near the dam for effluent from the park, airport, and some private homes.

rare plant   (珍しい植物)

A nearby site (Wotton Hill SSSI) supports this rare plant also.

"titi, is a rare plant treated as an endangered species on the federal level.

This protected area is known to support at least eight rare plant and animal species.

bottling plant

In 1983 the company launched their new bottling plant.

His first job was as a driver at the local Coca-Cola bottling plant.

The company operated a bottling plant in the community before the company moved operations.

genus of plant

Lopus Lopus is a genus of plant bugs in the family Miridae.

Taedia Taedia is a genus of plant bugs in the family Miridae.

Semium Semium is a genus of plant bugs in the family Miridae.

sewage treatment plant   (下水処理場)

Its lower , however, were grossly enriched due to flows from a sewage treatment plant.

Additionally, a new 30 million litres per day (MLD) sewage treatment plant on the Picket Nalla is planned.

For instance a German sewage treatment plant plays Mozart music to break down the waste faster, reports the UK "Guardian".

carnivorous plant   (食虫植物)

While everyone else became sidetracked, Ray was left to fend off a gigantic carnivorous plant.

Another play in which he appeared was "Little Shop of Horrors", giving voice to the carnivorous plant.

Neither of these names were validly published, but again they remain in use among carnivorous plant growers.

plant began

In 1901, a cast-iron plant began to operate.

Production at the plant began in May 2012.

Construction of the plant began in 1970.

desalination plant   (脱塩プラント)

In 2009, a large desalination plant was built adjacent to the power station.

produces potable industrial water at the world's third largest desalination plant.

He also highlighted that he observed economic development projects, including a desalination plant.

physical plant

In 2003, additions to the physical plant enabled the vocational programs to also relocate.

Alrutz supervised the project; the university physical plant and outside volunteers helped.

The PFI remained closed for a year as the board spent $10,000 on improvements in the physical plant.

annual plant

Galium album Galium album, the white bedstraw or hedge bedstraw, is a herbaceous annual plant of the family Rubiaceae.

The watermelon is a large annual plant with long, weak, trailing or climbing stems which are five-angled (five-sided) and up to long.

Galium mollugo Galium mollugo, common name hedge bedstraw or false baby's breath, is a herbaceous annual plant of the family Rubiaceae.

cement plant   (セメント工場)

In the mid-1970s the base was converted for a short time to a cement plant.

The community was named for a hydraulic cement plant which operated at the site.

By 1931 the only remaining buyer of Grass Creek coal was the cement plant at Croydon.

aquatic plant

The site contains some of the most diverse aquatic plant communities in the country.

The Fish and Game Department manages New Hampshire's fish, game, and aquatic plant resources.

This aquatic plant has rounded or oval leaves 1 to 3 centimeters long with several longitudinal veins.

plant roots

The larvae eat plant roots and other matter near the soil surface.

An example is the nitrogen-fixing bacteria in certain plant roots.

Larvae feed on plant roots.

plant community   (植物コミュニティ)

Introduced species of plants have altered the local plant community.

When this occurs, grazing rights must be relinquished to allow for adequate rest of the plant community.

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi can be influenced by small scale interactions with the local plant community.

plant bug   (植物のバグ)

Other common names include the bordered plant bug and red bug.

This leaf-footed plant bug is elongated and about long and wide.

Lygus shulli Lygus shulli is a species of plant bug in the family Miridae.

printing plant

Greene at that time was the owner of a job printing plant in Hollywood.

In 1981, the News offices and printing plant moved to Dunmore Road, where it continues to operate today.

The area was home to a printing plant for "The New York Times" between 1959 and 1975, as well as ABC television studios.

thermal power plant

English Station English Station is an abandoned thermal power plant.

The Nandikoor thermal power plant also known as Udupi thermal power plant is nearby.

plant pathogenic   (植物病原性)

Some species are plant pathogenic foliar nematodes.

The plant pathogenic fungus "Mycosphaerella mucunae" is named for being first discovered on "Mucuna".

The fungicidal activity makes "T. viride" useful as a biological control against plant pathogenic fungi.

pilot plant

In 2013 the first pilot plant was acquired by VNIIGAZ Gazprom LLC.

Johnson built a pilot plant for the new process at the Nash Building.

In 1978, a 12.5-tonnes pilot plant was built in Verkhne-Sinevidnoy, Ukraine.

pitcher plant

Most pitcher plant mosquitoes tend to frequent a pitcher plant younger in age.

The purple pitcher plant uses the mosquito for nutrients once the mosquitoes die off.

wastewater treatment plant   (廃水処理プラント)

There is a wastewater treatment plant near the dam for effluent from the park, airport, and some private homes.

Today, the goal is that sewers route their contents to a wastewater treatment plant rather than directly to a body of water.

It is also sometimes used in part of the process on a wastewater treatment plant if a small head is required (typically around 1 foot head).

plant is located

Its water treatment plant is located at Selep.

The plant is located in Nuclear Regulatory Commission Region IV.

The plant is located at Safi, South Aghwar Department, in the Karak Governorate.

plant tissue   (植物組織)

The female lays eggs in dead or dying plant tissue only.

Energy enters the system through photosynthesis and is incorporated into plant tissue.

Ants react to their infection by climbing up plants and sinking their mandibles into plant tissue.

garden plant

It is grown as an ornamental garden plant and can also be used as a cut flower.

It is used as an ornamental garden plant, requiring moisture and shade in the summer.

"Phuopsis stylosa" is native to the Caucasus and Iran, and is widely grown elsewhere as a garden plant.

different plant

The first is a different plant, a tropical tree.

Suicide tree Suicide tree may refer to at least two different plant species:

Spur (botany) The botanical term “spur” is given to outgrowths of tissue on different plant organs.

plant is native

The plant is native to northern and central Turkey, the Caucasus, northern Iran, Crimea.

This plant is native to the Tequila area so this version of mescal was named after the town.

When Snodgrass and Heller visited in 1898, they reported that "no land plant is native to the island".

plant cell

Only when the plant cell is ruptured by cutting, chewing, etc.

The plant cell cytoskeleton is reorganized around the arbuscules.

Chloroplasts are one of many types of organelles in the plant cell.

plant growing

This is a small plant growing up to 30cm in height from an underground caudex.

"Rheum rhaponticum" is a robust perennial herbaceous plant growing from a woody rhizome.

"Campanula latifolia" is a clump-forming perennial herbaceous plant growing to a height of .

plant breeding

Significant advances in plant breeding ensued after the work of geneticist Gregor Mendel.

He thus ensured that the PBI's pre-eminence in the application of science to plant breeding.

Many of the sites where it has been found are next to plant breeding stations and botanical gardens.

same plant

Subsequently, buses, light trucks and cars would be assembled at the same plant.

It is monoecious, meaning that both male and female flowers appear on the same plant.

The flowers are unisexual, with male and female flowers occurring on the same plant (monoecious).

variety of plant

It is home to a variety of plant and animal species.

The site held springs and a wide variety of plant species.

It feeds on a variety of plant taxa.

plant specimens

Beadle Herbarium which holds c.100,000 plant specimens.

In addition its herbarium contains 10,000 preserved plant specimens ranging from algae to flowering plants.

Benzodiazepines have been detected in plant specimens and brain samples of animals not exposed to synthetic sources, including a human brain from the 1940s.

medicinal plant   (薬用植物)

Chrysanthemum was first appreciated in China as a medicinal plant.

Deltoid balsamroot has been used as a food and medicinal plant by Native Americans.

"Salvia microphylla" is grown in central Mexico as a medicinal plant, and used for making tea.

fungal plant   (真菌植物)

Physopella Physopella is a genus of fungal plant pathogen in the family Phakopsoraceae.

The warmer, wetter winters are promoting fungal plant diseases like soybean rust to travel northward.

plant materials

These plant materials come from agricultural non food crops.

Three greenhouses are still used for the production of period and specialty plant materials.

Jamaican Maroons are said to have used plant materials as camouflage in the First Maroon War ().

plant closed

The power plant closed in May 2015.

The company had employed 460 workers when the manufacturing plant closed.

The plant closed in 1986.

generating plant

The fluorine generating plant (K-1300) generated, bottled and stored fluorine.

Electricity had two disadvantages: firstly it required an on-site generating plant.

In some cases, the use of a semi-portable engine could provide a generating plant more quickly.

invasive plant   (侵入植物)

It is a major invasive plant species in parts of the Eastern United States.

The mycorrhizal status of invasive plant species often varies between regions.

Generally, it is not an invasive plant and coexists well with native plant species.

succulent plant   (多肉植物)

Other succulent plant species are also named after Nel, including:

"Cylindrophyllum comptonii" are small perennial succulent plant that form dense cushions.

Kalanchoe millottii Kalanchoe millotii is a succulent plant that is native to the arid parts of Madagascar.

plant physiology   (植物生理学)

His research focuses on plant physiology, molecular biology, and biotechnology.

It is studied in plant anatomy and plant physiology as well as plant morphology.

Čelakovský was a professor of plant physiology at the Czech Technical University in Prague, and was a specialist in research of slime molds.

gas plant

In addition to the natural gas plant, there is a 1 MW solar farm on site.

These sounds lead to one man thinking that a nearby gas plant had exploded.

McGuinty changed his mind however, and resigned on June 12 amid the "gas plant scandal".

fungal plant pathogen   (真菌植物病原体)

Physopella Physopella is a genus of fungal plant pathogen in the family Phakopsoraceae.

first plant

Its first plant was the Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant.

The first plant was built from 1936 to 1940.

TMMC is the first plant outside Japan to produce a Lexus brand vehicle.

plant nursery   (植物園)

By the mid-20th century, the property served as a plant nursery.

The plant nursery has now closed.

Built in 1876, the Hinds Hotel is a former hotel, antique store and plant nursery.

plant collector

Species is named for plant collector William L. Kennedy.

He was known as a plant collector, plant curator, nursery owner, author, and conservationist.

Its specific epithet "tuerckheimii" commemorates Hans von Türckheim, a 19th-century German plant collector.

plant species native

Aralia stipulata Aralia stipulata is a plant species native to China.

Fennel, an imported plant species native to Italy, can be found growing on some areas of the southern range.

Calamus rotang Calamus rotang, also known as common rattan, is a plant species native to India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar (Burma).

many plant

As a result, many plant workers moved to eastern North Lawndale.

Apomixis appears in many plant species and also in some non-plant organisms.

Benzoic acid occurs naturally as do its esters in many plant and animal species.

solar power plant

As of 2018, it is the largest solar power plant in the region.

The solar power plant originated from the former military airport called Alteno.

A 33-megawatt solar power plant in Zagtouli, near Ouagadougou, came online in late November 2017.

plant tissues

When Richter left, she worked under Dr. Robin Hill and studied plant tissues.

More volatile short-chain alkanes are also produced by and found in plant tissues.

Ethylene is a gaseous hormone that is produced in all higher plant tissues from methionine.

plant families

While TMV is capable of infecting many plant families these are primarily herbaceous dicots.

They are found in many plant families, including Betulaceae, Fagaceae, Moraceae, and Salicaceae.

Onagraceae and Rosaceae (mainly "Rubus") are the dominant host plant families for Holarctic species.

vascular plant   (維管束植物)

The water contains vascular plant debris, new grass shoots, and/or sparse cattail.

The main axes bear whorls of branches in a superficial resemblance to "Equisetum" (a vascular plant).

These forests host 370 vascular plant genera, which are vital to the survival of the surrounding fauna.

power plant located

The Armech Thermal Power Station is a waste-to-energy (W2E) power plant located in Tema, Ghana's largest sea-port.

Herne Power Plant Herne power plant is a coal-fired power plant located at Herne in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Allen Fossil Plant The Allen Fossil Plant was a 741-megawatt (MW), coal power plant located south of Memphis, Tennessee.

plant hardiness   (植物の丈夫さ)

According to the USDA plant hardiness level, Woodbridge is 5a.

The city lies within USDA plant hardiness zone 6a, transitioning to 5b in the suburbs.

The plant hardiness zone is 6a with an average annual extreme minimum air temperature of .

when the plant   (植物が)

The lower leaves wither away when the plant is flowering.

Only when the plant cell is ruptured by cutting, chewing, etc.

Approximately 300 people will be without jobs when the plant closes.

plant pathogens   (植物病原菌)

Many species in this family are plant pathogens.

A number of species in this genus are plant pathogens.

They have also been shown to have an effect on plant pathogens.

plant remains

All appear to be saprotrophic, growing on dead wood or plant remains.

To date, the Lachine plant remains closed and ADF is looking for a buyer.

Species appear to be saprotrophic, growing on dead wood or plant remains.

plant known

Graptopetalum bartramii Graptopetalum bartramii is a species of succulent plant known as Bartram's stonecrop and Patagonia Mountain leatherpetal.

Today, with the addition of a second and larger desalination plant known as the Tuaspring Desalination Plant, desalinated water can meet up to 25% of Singapore's current water demand.

Nymania Nymania capensis is a species of plant known in English as "Chinese lantern" because of the shape of its bright, colourful fruit, and in Afrikaans as "klapper" (meaning "firecracker" because children sometimes pop the capsules for fun).

plant parts

Eggs are laid on dried-out plant parts, for example on dry sorrel stems.

The plant parts used for the dry powder or the extract are the bark, leaves or pods.

Many plants and plant parts are eaten as food and around 2,000 plant species are cultivated for food.

plant produced

The MAN plant produced half the U-boat engines in use.

This plant produced glues from animal hides.

In 1949 the plant produced the first dragline excavator.

plant pathology   (植物病理学)

There he obtained his doctorate degree in plant pathology and was offered a job to work at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.

It had departments for crop sciences, fruit and citrus, soil and irrigation, entomology and plant pathology, post-harvest, food technology and farm economics.

The journal publishes original research and reviews in all areas of plant pathology, with special attention to the phytopathological problems of the Mediterranean region.