İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

sugar plantations   (şeker tarlaları)

In the latter he was engaged on coffee and sugar plantations.

They worked on sugar plantations on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Lanai.

From the 1820s, Indian workers started coming into Mauritius to work on sugar plantations.

coffee plantations   (kahve tarlaları)

His father managed rubber and coffee plantations.

In the 1930s, coffee plantations covered the hotel site.

The volcano is covered with forest and coffee plantations.

rubber plantations   (kauçuk tarlaları)

They performed manual labour in the rubber plantations.

As per the data Vembayam is thick with rubber plantations.

Vembayam was an ideal place for Rice farming and rubber plantations.

plantations and irrigable   (tarlaları ve sulanabilir)

1,856 dunams were allocated for plantations and irrigable land, and 548 for cereals.

Of this, 7 dunams were for plantations and irrigable land, 4,258 for cereals, while 30 dunams were built-up land.

484 dunams were for plantations and irrigable land, 2,111 for cereals, while 62 dunams were built-up (urban) land.

cotton plantations

It was chartered to help finance local cotton plantations.

He eventually sold the cotton plantations, and invested in banking.

Growing numbers of cotton plantations increased the settlement's population greatly.

tea plantations

Haputale is surrounded by hills covered with cloud forests and tea plantations.

Elappara is predominantly a plantation township with its abundant tea plantations.

Nandi county is endowed with a scenic topography that is dotted with numerous tea plantations.

sugarcane plantations   (şeker kamışı tarlaları)

Rice, jute, mustard and sugarcane plantations are a common sight.

The cane toad was introduced into Fiji to combat insects that infested sugarcane plantations.

In 1928 the company opened a Manila branch and expanded with sugarcane plantations in the Philippines.

large plantations

Tea was cultivated only in large plantations.

Around thirty large plantations surrounded the settlement.

In Brazil, large plantations and fincas are often worked by several families.